Oscar by Oscar de la Renta EDT

This was released in 1978 and is the first fragrance from him. And as you know Oscar is a famous fashion designed who passed away last year but the brand still lives on. And it is arriving in SA only now though. This fragrance, to me, is like all the good parts of women’s fragrance put together to form a very classic fragrance.

Some of my faves of his designs
Some of my faves of his designs
My favorite quote from him
My favorite quote from him

oscar de la rente edt 1 oscar de la rente 2 oscar de la rente edt 3

Bottle wise: Sharp green and a bit powdery. I get a lot of the herbs in the bottle with a faint trace of florals in the back.

How it smells: This fragrance actually smells a lot like Chanel no. 5 it has the same musky and powderiness to it.  Really strong and last the entire day. A bit of a strange mix but not at all unpleasant with the rosemary and sandal wood being the most dominant note. It’s interesting and definitely smells like a classic fragrance. As Oscar settles down the perfume heads into more floral territory with a smattering of herbs and green rosemary while still retaining that classic powder scent. The fragrance uses florals in a sheer way with a hit of spicy carnation to give those flowers a bit more sway. The dry down is probably my favorite part that sees Oscar head into this warm amber and spicy powder finish with a dash of full-bodied patchouli. I know a lot of younger people who will be turned off by the powderiness of this and I will warn everyone that this does smell very much like a classic. But if you’re looking to smell sophisticated, this is good stuff.

Bottle Design: Oscar’s eau de toilette bottle is a tall glass with a black cap. The shape of the bottle is a bit interesting and sets it out from other perfumes by not being a big tall rectangle. Haven’t actually seen a fragrance bottle that looks like this it really stands out on a shelf. The design is simple yet elegant just like his designs.

Fragrance Family: floral aromatic

Notes: Orange blossom, basil, coriander, galbanum, peach, gardenia, ylang-ylang, jasmine, tuberose, rose, rosemary, cyclamen, lavender, orchid, opoponax, carnation, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, amber. The strange thing about this scent it doesn’t change much from the moment you spray it and I found it quite tough to put my finger on the 3 levels of the scent but i’m loving that notes list and marvel at how well the notes actually work in this fragrance.

Rihanna rouge love EDP review

rihanna rouge love 2 Rihanna rouge love 3 rihanna rouge love

This is the second addition to Rihanna’s Rouge range and I must say I absolutely loved the previous version but if you didn’t like the original one definitely give this one a sniff as it smells completely different the original smelt quite musky and powdery and rouge love smells more sweet and fruity. It smells a lot like Juicy couture’s viva la juicy.

Concept wise Rihanna was trying to capture that moment when love first hits you with a wild rush that goes through your whole body.
Note wise:

Top: Mandarin, red berries and peach

Heart: jasmine, sambac, honey suckle, coconut and orchid

Base: creamy woody, amber, caramel and vanilla

Packaging wise it comes in the same sleek packaging just with a white cap this time.

Lasting power of this is pretty good sitting at 6 hours but it depends on where you spray it.

Retail price: R495 (30ml EDP) | R645 (75ml EDP) Available at selected Stuttafords, Edgars, Red
Square, Foschini, Clicks and Dischem stores.

3 new fragrances from the oh so sexy Agent Provocateur

For those who are unfamiliar with Agent Provocateur, it is a luxury London originated lingerie brand with designs that are not only elegant and sexy, but playful and empowering. Who wouldn’t feel good knowing you have that kind of sex appeal underneath all those layers! Although we don’t get them here in SA we now have access to their fragrances. It’s basically the equivalent to a victoria’s secret.

Agent provocateur group Agent provocateur group2


agent provocateur signiture Agent provocateur signiture1 Agent provocateur signiture2

This is the first scent. Encased in a wonderfully pink ostrich egg shaped bottle in a frame type box.

Note wise we have:

Top: Indian Saffron, Russian Coriander

Mid: Moroccan Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, French Magnolia, Ylang,

White Gardenia

Base: Haitian Vetiver, Amber, Musk

The scent defiately oozes seduction, pleasure and the provocation of the senses. I would classify this as an oriental. Heavy, boozy, strong and spicy almost masculine and I definitely a man could get away with wearing this. Use sparingly as it is very strong and lasts the whole day the scent won’t change much during the day. Deep, edgy, dark and alluring more suited as an evening scent not something I would wear during the day… Not for the faint hearted I see more for attention seeking, adventurous dare devils wearing this. This is a really dark, floral-spicy and complex scent, and needs to be experienced. There’s nothing girlish or sweet or coquettish about it – it’s bold and aggressively sensual and a bit filthy. I think this one has the makings of a very long term “scarlet-woman” classic, and it’s in mighty fine company. Paper-y woody note of amber and vetiver combined with warm musks, but it is the saffron along with the upbeat coriander that bring a rather animalic and weirdly “dirty” quality to the fragrance making it the olfactory equivalent of an aged Hollywood star the morning after she has had a rampant night out. I would describe the heart as a smoky, resinous, floral, amber with a touch of powder. As befits a lingerie manufacturer this is a scent with a distinct tang of the boudoir. To best describe it is powdery and spicy at the same time kind of like incense most likely from saffron. This is more aimed at more mature woman the reason I say this is because they haven’t incorporated any fruity notes in it which is associate with playfulness. You can see that they were trying to make a classical timeless scent like a YSL opium or Chanel no. 5 and when I smell it kind of smells like a combination of the 2.

Available at selected Stuttafords Retail price: R1095 (100ml) | R795 (50ml) |R545 (30ml)


Agent provocateur fatale 1 agent provocateur fatale group 1 Agent provocateur fatale group agent provocateur fatale

The fatale collection definitely seems to be more youthful and more like your usual scents on the markets the box kind of reminds me of a leather like feel. The bottle is quite pretty too reminds me of a crystal. A sleek, multi- faceted bottle with a fishnet pattern on the cap and the famous logo.

The fragrance gains inspiration from the 1940’s Hollywood femme fatale – an incredibly mysterious, seductive, and charming woman with an aura that can’t help but draw you in. It speaks to the modern day woman who goes to work during the day time, but still has the time and energy to be free whether it’s going out with friends, on a date, or heading home and taking care of a family.

Note wise we have:

TOP: Pink Pepper, Mango, Blackcurrant

MID: Gardenia, Orris, and Patchouli

BASE: Musk, Vanilla Orchid, Chocolate, Labdanum

Mango- juicy and ripe, in a bed of vanilla, and chocolate, hinting at seduction but not as sultry and distinctive as expected. Pink pepper fizzes with the mango. Blackcurrant, tart with a dollop of cream. Patchouli? I’d say a touch candy floss in there too. Musk and orris come out to play after 30 minutes or so.

Referred to as a “floriental” or ‘Fruitchouli’ (known in the fragrance world as a spicy floral that transitions to a heavier base), Fatale, is just the right amount of sweet and spicy! Fatale is sweet and floral at first, but as time passes and the scent settles into your skin, you can begin to smell the mid and base notes that are heavier and muskier. Lasting power of 4 hours.

It’s fun, I suppose it’s sexy, but not in the way Agent Provocateur’s first fragrances were- they were naughty and daring. Agent Provocateur has stepped into mainstream terrain. Within an hour I am reminded of Coco Mademoiselle somehow it nods in that direction… fresh, fruit and sweet. Fatale is seductive, sweet, addictive, and charming. It is fun and playful that I can wear it any time of the day.

Available at selected Stuttafords Retail price: R1095 (100ml) | R795 (50ml) | R545 (30ml)


Agent provocateur fatale pink 1 Agent provocateur fatale pink 2 Agent provocateur fatale pink last

Sexy sexy!
Sexy sexy!

Note wise:

Top: Tangerine, pear blossom, yuzu, whipped cream

Heart: Datura flower, white camellia, pink lotus

Base: Bamboo, musk, black saffron

This fragrance was released for the Asian market which is why they most likely chose these notes Pear blossom, yuzu, camellia, lotus and bamboo are all notes which are popularly found in Asia.

I would wear this on a hot humid day, it’s watery and light. The most prominent notes are the pear and the musky. The other notes give a pretty, white cream floral and fresh blur. Tangerine gives soft citrus. Hours later there is a surprising sudden floral peak. There is a “thinness”- I think pink lotus has that effect, but with cream, and interesting sounding notes like saffron and datura I would expect a denser scent. Enigmatic and glamorous could describe this, but seductive? Introverted, innocent seduction- a hugely new direction for this usually racy brand.

Available at selected Stuttafords Retail price: R1095 (100ml) | R795 (50ml) | R545 (30ml)

Balmain extatic EDP review

Balmain, the Parisian fashion house, are launching a brand new fragrance for women this February called ‘Extatic’. Balmain designs with a very specific woman in mind sophisticated with a rocker touch. Glamorous, trendy, feminine, sensual and rebellious. Superb looking yet brazen, a charismatic fashion addict who knows how to combine boldness and elegance. Along with just a bit of a tendency to flirt with provocation…naturally leaving not one person unmoved. “Extatic is the perfect reflection of Balmain fashion: sexy, glamorous, daring… It’s like one of our gowns: able to reveal the sensuality of the woman who wears it.”Extatic is the olfactory metaphor of the Balmain woman, who captivates through a certain lightness combined with an assertive character, not to mention an ‘aristo-rock’ offhandedness which makes her the irresistible centre of attraction for all eyes…


THE BOX The box has a chain-mail effect borrowed from an authentic Balmain jacket, gold on the front, black on the sides, the box plays with light and shadow like a true couture fabric and recalls the Balmain fashion silhouettes in chiaroscuro. THE BOTTLE I like the simple black and gold design of the bottle – it’s very classic and feels very Balmain. There are details in the flacon which contribute to a sense of classic designer quality reminiscent of the olden days and also of qualitative accessories and costume jewellery. As in fashion, a subtle blending of materials signs the attitude: the contrast of glass and metal, with shiny and brushed surfaces, instantly captures attention. A mass of glass and heart of the gold-coloured liquid. Engraved with the name of the house, the cap is chiselled with ribbing which evokes both jewellery and silken drapery. The black rod  inside is actually supposed to remind you of a black high heel. THE SCENT Balmain Extatic is a feminine and sparkling fragrance full of daring and sensuality. Described as a oriental floral edible. Extatic opens with a twinkling floral fruity note of nashi pear, rose and osmanthus. It also contains chocolate-scented orchid, iris and night jasmine. And the scent ends with notes of amyris, cashmere wood and a touch of Barenia leather, a nod to the flagship material of the Balmain wardrobe.The perfume which already smells arresting and sexy from the chic bottle, opens on a candied, caramelized fruit opening which lightens up thanks to some light floral osmanthus accents.The perfume is intense enough yet does not club you on the head. What is most pleasurable to experience in this composition is the contrast of delicacy and strength.What I really like about this fragrance is that it is soft and feminine enough to wear during the day but also sexy and glamourous enough to carry you through into a night out. This fragrance is available from Stuttafords and Truworths for R695(40ml), R995(R60ml) and R1195(90ml)

Balmain Extatic EDT

Balmain the famous fashion house has released a new fragrance called Extatic Eau de Toillette. Described as a crystalline refined and elegant EDT which is luminous and sophisticated. Described as a day fragrance whereas the EDP version is described as the night version and I can totally understand why the EDT is more fresh whereas the EDP is more sweet and strong.

Balmain EDT
Balmain EDT

The fragrance comes packaged in a gorgeous soft metallic pink box that has the print of a shimmery sheet of metal circles. Described as rock and sophisticated with it’s bright and mat contrast. I like how femininity meets strongness, just what Balmain is all about. The box of a product is usually designed to satisfy the first impression of consumers, luring them to pick them up at first sight. And I have to say that, the shiny ‘metal’ has definitely caught my eye.

The bottle is really beautiful described as architectural, graphic and modern with a mix of silver and white contrasts confers it a luminous and chic style. The bottle design is really different usually fragrances have a space or border around the edge of the bottle but this one the liquid seems like it meets the edge of the bottle creating a very seamless look. Curves of the bottle meets straight lines of the cover. The play around of such contrast is exactly what Balmain is all about.

Approaching the most important part of a fragrance, the scent is basically the essence of what consumers are purchasing for. We all want to smell good. And we certainly do not want to spend good money on just a beautiful bottle but do nothing scent wise. But good news! The scent of Balmain Extatic is one of the more amazing ones that I have ever come across.A mixture of floral, fruity and woody notes. The fragrance smells like a fruity version of Issey miyake’s l’eau d’issey florale. Fragrance was made for the elegant, self confident and sophisticated Balmain woman in mind and I definitely feel that this has been encapsulated in the fragrance.

Balmain EDT

When you take the 1st whiff hello fruits!, the top notes explodes into your senses. A combination of lychee, blackcurrent and green mandarin. After 20 minutes (perhaps longer or shorter for others, depending on individuals and other surrounding factors), the top notes subsides a little and the middle notes emerges.

The middle notes are towards the floral side.Jasmine, magnolia and turkey rose fills in the middle notes space and diffuses a beautiful feminine scent.

Ammbroxan, musk and cedarwood linger on skin for hours and emits the strong side of this amazing perfume. Arousing the senses, you could be sure that it balances out the femininity of the top and middles notes of lighter scents to create the perfect balance within a bottle. In order to balance a fruity or floral scent and prevent it from being over floral or fruity it is always a good idea to include a strong base.

Avaliable at Stuttafords and Truworths.




Repetto EDP and EDT review

Repetto EDT
Repetto EDT
Repeto EDP
Repeto EDP

The cult brand of ballerina shoes the world over is without doubt the French Repetto, they’re prized for being as comfortable as wearing nothing on your feet without sacrificing style.

“My goal was to create a handmade effect and bring together luxurious and authentic bases, such as powdery musky rose, which is the spirit of femininity. The result is a purified formula with essence of rose and vanilla”, elaborates Olivier Polge. The fragrance also includes pear, cherry tree flowers and orange blossom notes, underscored by vanilla and amber woods.

Whereas Michel Almariac chose to instill an inedible element into the scheme of the powdery musky floral in See by Chloe, opting for the bitter sheen of soap, even though the brand could do with sweetness, Polge, armed with his recent experience in La Vie Este Belle, looked into cupcakes. In fact cupcakes are part of the promotion of the fragrance (I kid you not!) In that regard, it sounds like sacrilege but Guerlain presented a better “contemporary taste” perfume with La Petite Robe Noire.

Powdery woody florals are a direction that is ripe for the picking, judging by recent releases such as Love, Chloe, See by Chloe, Esprit d’Oscar, Burberry Body perfume and the like, but in Repetto the direction is tilting the scales into gourmand  fragrance nuances

It opens up with the tart pears and mandarin juice before falling onto a bed of pale pink rose petals and soft suede. There is a candy-like hint of orange blossom, but the main sweetness comes from creamy vanilla and gourmand patchouli lacing the drydown. It has good presence and the sweet finale goes on for hours. The effect is powdery with the characteristic almond “fluffiness” of heliotrope and macaroons (if I were blindfolded and hadn’t received info of the launch I would have pegged it as a Ladurée fragrance more than Repetto), soft, sweet with Frambinone, maybe rather heavy if you’re sensitive to sweet notes; heavy like an overweight ballerina in the unfair, politically incorrect world of classical dance where teachers are routinely drawing their nails along tender backs to make you stand straight. Could the Repetto-scented ballerina personification survive in that environment? Not if she shed her Dawrinian advantage, she would not…  But the crux of the matter is that Repetto isn’t but a ghost of ballet. It is a brand divested of its reality, it’s fantasy.

The bottle itself is rather beautiful a satin ribbon with the repetto charm delicately wraps the bottle like a ballet shoe around the ankle. To me it appears to be a very feminine yet playful scent. The EDT and EDP are pretty much the same just that the EDP uses more expensive ingredients making it stronger scented whereas the EDT is a bit more light.

You find a bottle at Dis-chem and Truworths at the following prices: EDT for R595 (30ml), R795(60ml) and R995(80ml) or the EDP for R695(30ml), R895(50ml) and R1195(80ml)

One direction fragrance you & I review

Yet another fragrance from the boy band this one being named after one of their songs.

New Images

Now looks wise this bottle I always give props for how nice the bottles look. A huge selling point to this perfume was that lovely little charm around the neck I always love little details like this and it is recommended to be worn on a necklace but I prefer it as a statement ring. I do recommend you remove the charm once you start using it as the cap doesn’t lock properly if you don’t and the top will come off easily in your handbag. It’s a lovely sentiment- I’m just picturing many younger fans wearing the charm on a necklace. But it is a flaw to the product.

The Fragrance is described as: “Bright splashes of mango and refreshing grapefruit are combined with a heart of creamy osmanthus, exotic orchid and soft peony to offer a romantic signature that captures the peak of nature in bloom. Background notes of musk, indulgent praline and sandalwood blend to wrap the fragrance in smooth, seamless harmony.” When I spritz it I do feel it definitely has the younger ladies in mind as it smells quite playful a lot like a fruit salad as the mango and grape fruit are very prominent and kind of overpowers the rest of the notes I get a slight hint of sandalwood undertone hours later but still very fruity.

Lasting power on this one is great since it’s a EDP so it is good value for money.

Definitely directed perfectly towards it’s fan base though and I’m sure every fan probably owns this. You can grab yours at clicks, dis-chem, edgars, Foschini, red square, stuttafords and truworths for R495(30 ml) and R595(50 ml)

Fleur Fatale by Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian fleur fatale

Translated the name in French means fatal flower. The fragranced was inspired by Kimmy’s love for white roses.

The bottle is absolutely stunning it’s a white rose opening up with rose gold detail.

Since my recent love for the previous fragrance by Kimmy the pure honey I was very anxious to see what her new scent smelt like and I was definitely not disappointed and as you know I love florals especially rose notes.

Fleur Fatale is a floral musk fragrance with vibrant hints of rose that’s sophisticated and very feminine. The fragrance starts off with a fruity burst of blackcurrant, bergamot, and violet as the top notes, which then develops into heart notes including iris, peony and tea rose, finally settling into a warm musky dry down formed of sandalwood, white musk, blond wood and amber.

Can’t explain it but the notes are combined in such a way that the dominant scent is the white rose but it’s not so overly floral that you smell like you’ve been basking in a rose garden all day. It is classified as a floral oriental. The middle notes are definitely the most prominent with the base notes just hinting underneath it. The top notes are definitely detected when spritzed but quickly disappear sort of opening the fragrance.

Fleur Fatale is definitely one of Kim’s most elegant fragrances to date. Her previous fragrances were mainly party and evening fragrances but this one is perfect for use during the day. I think Fleur Fatale will be very popular in the Spring/Summer seasons.

Fleur Fatale is available exclusively at Foschini as we speak 30ml for R545 and 50ml for R645

New launches from Avon

New launches from Avon

Always love Avon as a brand who always comes out with so many new products at such affordable prices. All these items can be found and purchased from the new April brochure which has Avon cherish fragrance on the cover.

  1. Avon colour correcting pearls (R159.95)

Avon cc pearls

The pearls mix together to give a colour combination that corrects all your skin concerns. It is a possible dupe for Guerlain Meteorites pearls except these are shimmery and the Guerlain ones are matt but it’s a fraction of the prices.  It gives a nice glow and doesn’t dry out the skin it can be used as a setting powder over foundation or just on the cheeks as a blushes as the red colour tends to dominate the other pearls. It gives a nice subtle glowy sheen and is not over-shimmery( which is something I tend to avoid as it makes my face look larger and too shiny) It has a light subtle scent which you barely notice once it is applied.

  1. Avon darby earings and bracelet (R109 and R119 respectively)
Pretty Pretty
Pretty Pretty

I am always amazed at the quality of the Avon jewellery collection they look beautiful and last ages without changing colour, falling apart or looking like a cheap piece of plastic. I would even go as far to say they are better than the overpriced Zuri’s costume jewellery.

  1. Tinted lip balms(R129.95)

avon lipbalm

These lip balms aren’t like other tinted lip balms on the market that only offer a hint of colour which you can hardly see this one really does pack a lot of colour. It contains bees wax which seals in moisture. The one I received is the shade reviving raspberry which is a hot pink. It doesn’t offer as much colour as a lipstick would but is really nice for a hint of colour that actually shows up on the lips plus the lasting power is amazing like with many Avon lip product.

  1. ColourTrend Glossy lip pencil ( R89.95)

avon glossy lip pencil

These lippies come in a very convenient crayon packaging but although it does offer a high gloss finish I do feel that the colour payoff is rather sheer.

  1. Bright start fresh look foundation SPF 15 (R189.90)

avon bright start foundation

Contains super foods like pomegranate and orange extract and contains collagen and elastin which instantly boosts skin’s moisture. All Avon foundations I’ve tested are more aimed for oily skin types and this is no exception which is probably why it is oil free. When applied it does give a glowy effect without the use of shimmers(which as you know I loathe in foundations) It gives quite a sheer natural coverage so I would rather think of it as a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. The nice air tight pump packaging does preserve the active ingredients for longer. My skin is more on the normal side so it did dry out my skin after a while if you are like me I would suggest you first apply a moisturiser underneath.

  1. Avon supreme oils range


This range consists of 5 oils which restore elasticity, revive radiance, provide nourishment and salon worthy softness. Lately all brands are about the hair oil fad and hair oil is great for dry hair the best oil being argan oil which I’m disappointed isn’t in the ingredients. I pick up on macadamia, grape seed and almond oil in the ingredients list. The duo treatment spay is particularly nice as you just give your hair a few spritz to freshen it up and tame frizz.

  1. Intensive relief range


Just in time for winter this range is specifically designed for extremely dry and sensitive skin

  1. Silky moisture tissue oil (R139.95)


This gorgeous pink tissue oil contains argan oil. I like to add a few drops of this to my bath.

  1. Avon cherish EDP (R370)

avon cherish

Avon is a brand with makes it pretty simple to layer and amplify scents as they come in a body lotion variant too. So basically how layering works is you apply the body lotion then the perfume as moisturised skin holds on to fragrance molecules better but it is tough sometimes to find a scentless moisturiser to pair with other fragrances.  In my opinion the two notes that I smell the most are musk and orange blossom. The last one does give it a bit of floral scent to it, but the musk makes it very strong and creamy.

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Cherry Blossom.

Middle notes: Tiare Flower, Jasmine Sambac.

Base notes: White Musk, Sandalwood.

It’s soft and sweet (but subtly so), and, to me, smells very French.It’s got a musky base that gives it an edge and jasmine and sandalwood are also in the mix. Lasting power is not as great so be prepared to reapply during the day. The bottle looks beautiful but the cap is more decorative then practical as the scent can still spray without removing the cap and it is pretty open so the scent evaporates more quicker. I imagine this to be more of an autumn kind of a scent.

April rubybox

This month I will be showing you 2 variants of the April box. This month they arrived nice and early and saw the release of yet another exciting rubybox beauty product exclusive. So let’s get down to content.





1.Ordinary Moisturising Balm-9ml (R329.00-50ml)
Produced with just five ingredients to give a lasting moisturizing effect even for the driest most hypersensitive skin. Safe for use in eczema and psoriasis. Without fragrance, mineral or essential oils, Plain Ordinary Moisturising Balm is fit for the most difficult task. It can be applied anywhere on the body from head to toe. It is safe enough to use on a baby, and to soothe irritated and inflamed skin. Try it as a lip balm, or a make up primer.Natural balm beads may form; they dissolve into the skin as soon as it is applied, gently relieving dryness, without being greasy.Vegetable wax, olive wax, grape seed oil and beeswax.There are essential oils, no preservatives, no petrolatum derived products, no SLES products, and no frangrance. Which makes it safe to use in eczema, psoriasis and other related skin conditions.A little goes a long way. Use a small amount and massage gently into the skin. The balm sinks in and leaves a long lasting silky feel.Try it on your lips, as a make up primer, on cracked heels and elbows, baby bottoms, after shave rashes, when exposed to the elements, skiing, surf and sand, sunburn, wind chapping, or as a all round must have moisturiser. This was very impressive as a great multi tasker and made from all natural ingredients. I enjoyed using this as a face moisturiser and lip balm.


2.Yves Rocher Active Sensitive Derma-Soothing Cleansing Milk-50ml

The ultimate in gentle cleansing. Its super mild, milky-lotion texture eliminates all traces of make-up and impurities, while respecting your skin’s natural protective moisture barrier. In one simple step, your sensitive skin and eye area are perfectly cleansed, without any itching or tightness. Instantly, your skin feels soothed and comfortably fresh.The plus: a fragrance developed to minimise risk of allergy. Very nice gentle cleanser.


3.Hydrating Micellar Water Face & Eyes-50ml

Eliminates impurities and makeup as it tones the skin.A light and fresh water specially developped for normal to combination skins that eliminates impurities and makeup in a simple step without drying skin.Result: face and eyes are free from makeup and skin is luminous and moisturized.The Plus: two benefits in a single product.Tested under dermatological and opthalmological supervision.No paraben, no mineral oil, no coloring, no silicon. This could easily replace my bioderma sensibio H20 makeup remover. This is so gentle and doesn’t dry out the skin as it does not contain any alcohol.


4. rubybox Beauty Nailed It! (R74.95)

Long lasting, chip resistant colour. Creates a flawless finish with the unique, precision brush for professional results, more shine and nourishing care.I received “Lacquer in Siren” A sheer nail lacquer in a bold red shade and “By The Seaside” A shimmery nail lacquer in a glittery sea blue shade.


5. Salvatore Ferrgamo incanto bloom

This is an amazing fruity floral that smells exactly the same as my favourite fragrance Issey miyake l’eau d’issey florale. So I was very pleased to receive this.


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