New fragrance launches


There is always new news in the fragrance department and here’s the latest scoop.


  • Repetto Eau florale EDT



My new all time fav scent! Love love love! The bottle design is the same as the previous 2 except this one is a bright sorbet pink emphasize the more lively and fresh take to the originals.

A floral Fruity Woody Fragrance: Notewise we are looking at:

Top Notes:          Pink Grapefruit & Cherry Blossom

Middle Notes:    Violets & Rose Bud

Bottom Notes:   Grey Amber & Cedarwood

Rose is a common note in all but smells totally different. It smells very similar to Issey Miyake L’eau D’issey florale EDT but weirdly enough the notes aren’t the same. Compared to the prior 2 this one is more playful and fresh the previous 2 were more sophisticated and elegant they were very powdery and sweet. Now that it is getting so cold I can’t wear it anymore but I will be sure to be wearing this a lot during the warmer seasons. What I love about this scent is that Repetto has actually managed to add just the right amount of fruity notes to complement the scent and not overpower the floral notes which some perfumers seem to get wrong all the time.

Available from: Stuttafords & Dis-Chem for 50ml at R895 and 80ml EDT R1095.

  • Riri by Rihanna EDP


This is the 5th scent from this singer. Riri describes this scent as flirty and femine. The scent opens with a strong opening chorus of feminine burst of passion fruit, sparkling cassis and Italian mandarin. Then transforms into a bridge of musky, sandalwood with final chorus of sensual vanilla to warm things up. This fragrance is part of the fruity floral family. It smells very sweet and candy-like which is actually the route most celebs tend to take, think Britney Spears and Katy Perry. When I look at this bottle and smell the scent songs like “we found love” and “only girl in the world” start to play in my head. I love the bottle design it doesn’t look like any perfume bottles on the market it combines iconic glamour with a sleek finish.

Pricewise we are looking at R745 for 50ml and R545 for 30ml.


  • Sofia by Sofia Vergara EDP


Sofia Vergara is an actress her most popular roles playing Gloria in the series modern family. This fragrance is in the floriental family. Her favourite flowers being orchids and roses she wanted to incorporate those into her scent. I really like the design of the bottle it’s a simple yet elegant designs and not over the top with the rose gold accents and diamond cut compact bottle. It smells very similar La Vie est Belle by Lancome. It smells like fruity, rosy candy floss.

Note wise we are looking at:

Top: juicy blackberries, cassis buds and plum nectar

Mid: Colombian rose, violet, Columbian luna musica orchid

Dry: earthy woods, toasted praline, vanilla, sandalwood

This retails at R795 for 50ml and R595 for 30ml.

  • Adam Levine for her EDP


Previously I reviewed the male version but this is the woman’s one. The design is exactly the same except the colour of the fragrance is different. Smells powdery and woody quite a strong scent. I give props on the fact that it is very unique and doesn’t smell like any perfume I have smelt before it takes spicy, woody florals to the next level. Also this fragrance is pretty worth the price considering the quality and expensiveness of the ingredients that have been used in this fragrance.

Notewise we are looking at:

Top: Saffron, crisp citrus, marigold and spice

Mid: Indian jasmine petals, Australian sandalwood, rose petal

Base: benzoin, tears (ya I’m not sure about this one either), creamy vanilla.

Pricing wise: 50ml for R695 and 30ml for R495

  • Agent Provocateur fatale intense EDP


British lingerie brand Agent provocateur has launched a new fragrance this is the latest addition to the fatale family but this one being more intense the difference being previously they used a selection of mix of floral and oriental Fatale intense is a spicier more seductive scent containing things like black liquorice and spiced red chilli. The bottle itself is more mysterious in a cherry red. The scent makes me think of a woman who is mysterious, enticing, fierce and sexy. It’s a heavy scent, spicy but balanced with the sweetness of vanilla, rose and amber. The scent is too sexy for the office but perfect for a night out or hot date.

Notewise you are looking at:

Top: Black liquorice (Hint), Wild dewberry, spiced red chilli pepper

Mid: lush lotus blossom, divine champaca flower, rouge baiser rose

Dry: luxe amber, noir leather accord, Tahitian vanilla.

You can find this at dischem stores (100ml for R1395, 50ml for R995 and 30ml for R795).


3 new fragrances from the oh so sexy Agent Provocateur

For those who are unfamiliar with Agent Provocateur, it is a luxury London originated lingerie brand with designs that are not only elegant and sexy, but playful and empowering. Who wouldn’t feel good knowing you have that kind of sex appeal underneath all those layers! Although we don’t get them here in SA we now have access to their fragrances. It’s basically the equivalent to a victoria’s secret.

Agent provocateur group Agent provocateur group2


agent provocateur signiture Agent provocateur signiture1 Agent provocateur signiture2

This is the first scent. Encased in a wonderfully pink ostrich egg shaped bottle in a frame type box.

Note wise we have:

Top: Indian Saffron, Russian Coriander

Mid: Moroccan Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, French Magnolia, Ylang,

White Gardenia

Base: Haitian Vetiver, Amber, Musk

The scent defiately oozes seduction, pleasure and the provocation of the senses. I would classify this as an oriental. Heavy, boozy, strong and spicy almost masculine and I definitely a man could get away with wearing this. Use sparingly as it is very strong and lasts the whole day the scent won’t change much during the day. Deep, edgy, dark and alluring more suited as an evening scent not something I would wear during the day… Not for the faint hearted I see more for attention seeking, adventurous dare devils wearing this. This is a really dark, floral-spicy and complex scent, and needs to be experienced. There’s nothing girlish or sweet or coquettish about it – it’s bold and aggressively sensual and a bit filthy. I think this one has the makings of a very long term “scarlet-woman” classic, and it’s in mighty fine company. Paper-y woody note of amber and vetiver combined with warm musks, but it is the saffron along with the upbeat coriander that bring a rather animalic and weirdly “dirty” quality to the fragrance making it the olfactory equivalent of an aged Hollywood star the morning after she has had a rampant night out. I would describe the heart as a smoky, resinous, floral, amber with a touch of powder. As befits a lingerie manufacturer this is a scent with a distinct tang of the boudoir. To best describe it is powdery and spicy at the same time kind of like incense most likely from saffron. This is more aimed at more mature woman the reason I say this is because they haven’t incorporated any fruity notes in it which is associate with playfulness. You can see that they were trying to make a classical timeless scent like a YSL opium or Chanel no. 5 and when I smell it kind of smells like a combination of the 2.

Available at selected Stuttafords Retail price: R1095 (100ml) | R795 (50ml) |R545 (30ml)


Agent provocateur fatale 1 agent provocateur fatale group 1 Agent provocateur fatale group agent provocateur fatale

The fatale collection definitely seems to be more youthful and more like your usual scents on the markets the box kind of reminds me of a leather like feel. The bottle is quite pretty too reminds me of a crystal. A sleek, multi- faceted bottle with a fishnet pattern on the cap and the famous logo.

The fragrance gains inspiration from the 1940’s Hollywood femme fatale – an incredibly mysterious, seductive, and charming woman with an aura that can’t help but draw you in. It speaks to the modern day woman who goes to work during the day time, but still has the time and energy to be free whether it’s going out with friends, on a date, or heading home and taking care of a family.

Note wise we have:

TOP: Pink Pepper, Mango, Blackcurrant

MID: Gardenia, Orris, and Patchouli

BASE: Musk, Vanilla Orchid, Chocolate, Labdanum

Mango- juicy and ripe, in a bed of vanilla, and chocolate, hinting at seduction but not as sultry and distinctive as expected. Pink pepper fizzes with the mango. Blackcurrant, tart with a dollop of cream. Patchouli? I’d say a touch candy floss in there too. Musk and orris come out to play after 30 minutes or so.

Referred to as a “floriental” or ‘Fruitchouli’ (known in the fragrance world as a spicy floral that transitions to a heavier base), Fatale, is just the right amount of sweet and spicy! Fatale is sweet and floral at first, but as time passes and the scent settles into your skin, you can begin to smell the mid and base notes that are heavier and muskier. Lasting power of 4 hours.

It’s fun, I suppose it’s sexy, but not in the way Agent Provocateur’s first fragrances were- they were naughty and daring. Agent Provocateur has stepped into mainstream terrain. Within an hour I am reminded of Coco Mademoiselle somehow it nods in that direction… fresh, fruit and sweet. Fatale is seductive, sweet, addictive, and charming. It is fun and playful that I can wear it any time of the day.

Available at selected Stuttafords Retail price: R1095 (100ml) | R795 (50ml) | R545 (30ml)


Agent provocateur fatale pink 1 Agent provocateur fatale pink 2 Agent provocateur fatale pink last

Sexy sexy!
Sexy sexy!

Note wise:

Top: Tangerine, pear blossom, yuzu, whipped cream

Heart: Datura flower, white camellia, pink lotus

Base: Bamboo, musk, black saffron

This fragrance was released for the Asian market which is why they most likely chose these notes Pear blossom, yuzu, camellia, lotus and bamboo are all notes which are popularly found in Asia.

I would wear this on a hot humid day, it’s watery and light. The most prominent notes are the pear and the musky. The other notes give a pretty, white cream floral and fresh blur. Tangerine gives soft citrus. Hours later there is a surprising sudden floral peak. There is a “thinness”- I think pink lotus has that effect, but with cream, and interesting sounding notes like saffron and datura I would expect a denser scent. Enigmatic and glamorous could describe this, but seductive? Introverted, innocent seduction- a hugely new direction for this usually racy brand.

Available at selected Stuttafords Retail price: R1095 (100ml) | R795 (50ml) | R545 (30ml)