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Review: Pilaten blackhead remover face mask


This is a china made product that pulls black heads and other skin impurities from the root basically the magic ingredient here is Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH).

The product itself is really easy to use it comes in a single uses 6g sachet and one sachet can cover your entire face. The first step is to heat or steam the face to open the pores this I find is best achieved by placing you face over a bowl of steaming freshly boiled water, then you apply the content over your face, wait 10 to 15 mins when it dries and peel off along with all those black heads and impurities. Probably the most satisfying part of it all is the peeling off you can actually see all the stuff that gets taken out ( see you blackhead bitches!)

before and after1-horz2 final

I didn’t notice any distinct smell and it did hurt a bit when I peeled it off as it really sticks onto your face and pulled some of my face hairs off but it wasn’t hectic and no pain no gain right?!

pilaten blackhead remover mask applied
So sexy!
This year’s Halloween mask?

Result wise I don’t really suffer from many visible blackhead but I did notice my skin condition was better and I did the mask looked like it did draw out impurities and my skin did feel smoother afterwards because it probably removed the dead skin cells too. All in all I would say it is a pretty good mask that does deliver.

You can purchase your own at Alpha Pharm click her to find a store or on the rubybox website here

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Ferrari man in red embodies the fast Ferrari lifestyle


The italian luxury car brand Ferrari describes this fragrance as a bold and intense scent that celebrates all that is thrilling about Ferrari. It captures the very essence of masculinity and embodies a new type of man, one who lives intensely: A new scent for a new breed of man.

The bottle is a master piece on it’s own with the double-lacquer finish of the classic Rosso Corsa Red trademark Ferrari colours.

Hello pretty!

The scent itself smells sweet and fruity but still manly due to the choice of fruits like bergamot and cedarwood.

The official notes are:

Top Notes – Red Apple, Bergamot, Cardamom

Middle Notes – Lavandin, Golden plum, Orange blossom

Base Notes – Cedarwood, Tonka bean, Labdanum

Available from: Foschini, Truworths, Edgars, Stuttafords, Dis-Chem, Red Square, Clicks & Markham. For 100ml for R1150

Review: Jimmy Choo Man Intense EDT


Jimmy Choo Man Intense by Jimmy Choo is a fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance. Jimmy Choo Man Intense was launched in 2016. Top notes are lavender, melon and mandarin orange; middle notes are artemisia, black pepper and geranium; base notes are tonka bean, patchouli and labdanum.

The new Jimmy Choo man is confident, masculine and daring. He is a thrill seeker, who lives for the moment embracing a zest for life that demands an equally compelling fragrance. Lots of confidence with touches of rock ‘n’ roll expression and a hint of a 1960s Mayfair playboy. Effortless attitude and an overtly masculine style. Refined sense for detail and a rebellious sense of humor.The Jimmy Choo Man Intense plays with fire and makes temptation his second nature.


This cologne opens with some light melon and sweetness. A bit fruity but doesn’t stick around for very long as we jump into the heart a softer light leather. Leather isn’t listed in the fragrance notes, so it seems to be a play on the patchouli. Several hours later the powdery, leathery note remained, but it was joined by some fresh woods.


100ml EDT           R1295

50ml EDT              R995





Review: Dunhill icon elite

The Dunhill man is a modern British gentleman, who loves the finer things in life and divides his time between country pursuits on the weekend and a city job in the week. It reminds me that successful hot boss you secretly have a crush on in that sexy Gucci suit. #ChristianGrey


Dunhill Icon Elite is masculine and represents the spirit and tradition of the Dunhill brand which celebrates the elegant man and his timeless style.


Top Notes: Bergamot, Kaffir Lime, Cardamom.

Heart Notes: Vetiver Absolute, Blue Sage, Black Pepper

Base Notes: Ebony Wood, Sandlewood, Black Suede

To best describe how this smells: It is a aromatic woody fresh scent which is warm and spicy. The heart and soul of the fragrance is constructed around a core blend of notes: Sicilian Bigarade , Vetiver and Sandalwood. This is the signature of the fragrance. The robust spicy accord of the Cardamon and Black Pepper adds depth and force whilst a Heart Blue Sage affirms elegance. Finally a masculine combination of Ebony Wood contrasts with a Black Suede to convey fine craftsmanship and exquisite quality of materials.


The Design of the bottle is inspired by it’s rich British motoring heritage, it is encase in a sleek onyx glass with engine-turned pattern.

Dunhill Icon Elite:

100ml EDP           R1595

50ml EDP             R1095

30ml EDP             R995


Sexy time with Agent Provocateur


UK’s premium lingerie brand Agent Provocateur recently released 2 exciting new fragrances: Aphrodisiaque and Pure Aphrodisiaque. The unique fragrance is a fine concoction reflects perfectly the brand’s ideology of sultry seduction. Defined by the Marquee as ‘sexy, curvy and voluptuous’  the bottles are designed to play on your naughty side with its controversial exterior that can easily be mistaken for a rather opulent looking sex toy.


Pure Aphrodisiaque

This is the one in the pink bottle.

Notes are:

Top Notes Mandarin, Anjou pear, Rum (yes rum!)
Heart Notes Jasmine, Wild orchid, Indian tuberose
Base Notes Woods, Musk, Amber

A mix of woody fruity floral. It evokes a sense of provocative, seductive, intoxicating and arousing feel.


This is the one in the gold.

Notes are:

TOP: Tempting Blackberry, Radiant Jasmine, White Pepper

MID: Black Honey, Blooming Cereus,  Gilded Vanilla Orchid

DRY: Sensual Musk, Bewitching Resin, Creamy Musk

An elegant, sexy, musky warm scent. The musk adds a bit of mystery making this more of a night scent.

Both are available from Dis-chem for 90ml for R1395






Review: Ponds pimple clear face wash and leave-on expert clearing gel





Pond’s has just launched the Pimple Clear range consisting of a face wash and clearing gel. Each product contains a ‘Thymo-T Essence’ which essentially consists of a blend of thyme and pine extract which targets a pimple causing germs and helps clear it away in just 3 days and salicylic acid which is also a great zit busting ingredient. Basically what makes this different is that it penetrates deep inside bacteria cells to clear pimples from the root and preventing it from coming back.


Packaging wise: Pond’s Pimple Clear face wash comes in a white squeezey tube packaging with a flip open cap. The flat tube packaging is very sturdy, hygienic and travel-friendly.

Price wise: Pond’s products are always on the affordable side. The pimple clear face wash is R52,99 and the leave-on expert clearing gel is R34,99. It is also easily to find as it will be in most stores and supermarkets.

My Experience: I have always been a fan of their predecessor Pond’s spot clear even tone multi action facial foam + scrub so I was quite excited to try this one. Pond’s face washes are a little harsher than most cleanser so not ideal for sensitive skin but great for oily skin. You only need less than a pea size and it forms rich lather and removes every trace of dirt and oil from the face. My skin feels squeaky clean and deeply cleansed.My skin does feel tight or dried after I wash it. And I don’t get breakouts when I use this. The leave-on expert clearing is great for using as a spot treatment to get rid of those pesky buggers.

Review: Mont Blanc Lady Emblem Elixir EDP

mont blanc




New flanker to Mont Blanc lady emblem creating a fresher take on the original. Ever scent from this jewelry designer oozes timeless sophistication and elegance.



The bottle firstly as I have mentioned before is the most beautiful perfume bottle I have ever seen so I love that they have kept this trade mark design. This one now just has a rose gold tint on the base.

Notes are:

Fruity top: Pepper, litchi and mandarin.

Floral heart: Damascus rose absolute, Iris, jasmine and Orange blossom

Woody base: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli

This musky, woody floral is a marriage of Mont blanc legend pour femme and Mont blanc lady legend. Love that they have kept the unique damascus rose consistent for both.

Avaliable Edgars, Red Square, Dis-chem, Truworths, Foschini and Clicks.

30m EDP – R745

50ml EDP – R995

75ml EDP – R1195