As featured in Elle
As featured in Elle

Hi I’m Candice Ying Sun and this is my world. I’m just a girl who loves beauty and trying new products and blogging about it 🙂 thanks for visiting. Blogging is something she likes to do in her spare time to express her obsession with all things beauty related. She is a self confessed shopaholic and has a weakness for lipsticks, hello kitty, shiny objects and cosmopolitans. Lipstick is one of her life’s pleasures and there is very little she wouldn’t do for the right bronzer and highlighter. She’s also been known to drive to shopping malls at any hour to get her fix of newly launched makeup. I specialize in beauty but I do food, fashion, travel, technology and lifestyle too

If you have any questions or wish to contact me for PR enquires you can email me on editor@pinkbeautyqueen.com or via any of my social media channels

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