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Jimmy choo blossom

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“Every time I slip on my Jimmy Choo heels or pick up my Jimmy Choo handbag, I feel like a different person. When I was asked to work on Jimmy Choo Blossom, I immediately imagined a joyful fragrance that lifts your spirits, gives you great confidence and makes you feel beautiful and alluring. I tried to find the right balance between happy, uplifting and luxurious citrus and red fruits and very feminine ingredients such as beautiful addictive florals, sandalwood and a deeply sensual musk. I wanted to produce the sensation of an endless shower of petals that swirl around you forever.”

Louise Turner, Perfumer

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Described as – It is perfect for bold & bright young party girls. It this elements of sparkles and vivacious imagine the sip of a first cocktail, the clinking of glasses with the girls, the sexy soundtrack on the dance floor. The box speaks for it self, sparkling glitter pink box that wows my heart instantly. The bottle itself looks with fuschia ombré emphasizes the multi-faceted glass with a diamond cap. Looks like the flash range bottles. Jimmy choo really know how to make beautiful bottles just like their shoes. Probably the most beautiful in my book since it’s pink and I love all thing pink and glittery.

Top Notes: Sweet Pea, Rose

Heart Notes: Berries, Citrus

Base Notes: White Musk, Sandalwood

If you look at the notes per level you’ll notice they didn’t use many notes as a standard fragrance will usually consist of at least 3 but this makes the fragrance more pure as there is not too much going on.It smells sort of sweet and sour at the same time with a hint of flowers.

Initially as the name suggested I expected more of a floral scent but it is actually a fruity floral and because the florals are up top the fruit is actually more prominent. It’s a modern, feminine and delicate scent. This is a slightly sweet, girly and fruity fragrance that pairs great with hot weather. It is more light and sweeter compared to all the other Jimmy Choos which I find slightly overpowering and heavy. Jimmy Choo blossom is a perfect spring-summer fragrance. Lasting power is amazing it will last you the entire day.

Retail price: R1050 (100ml EDP) | R795 (60ml EDP) | R595 (40ml EDP)

Available at selected EdgarsRed SquareFoschiniTruworths,Stuttafords  stores.

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Sampar is back in town and painting it pink

Sampar is a French brand built around the lifestyle of the Parisian woman that wants no nonsense skin care. Sampar sent me a few goodies to celebrate some amazing news. Sampar has relauched at selected Edgars including their online Red Square store and Woolworths stores nationwide. Also exciting news…There will be activations within stores, whereby customers can have a free skin consultation, receive a personalised sample pack to the value of R150 and prizes could be won. The weekend activations will start from 6 August – 6 September. Visit their Facebook page to find locate a store nearest to you and take your SAMPAR selfie!

sampar 2 Sampar this

Packaging of these products just ooze luxury with its powder pink and silver accents you can already tell these are high end products.

sampar 3 day weekend

The SAMPAR 3 Day Weekend Healthy Glow (R250) is the best selling product in their range. The 3 Day Week End Creme is designed to provide the skin with the utmost protection from ‘urban’ and UV damage by acting as a sort of shield for the skin cells, to protect them at that level. It also works with your natural melanin production to boost that, and thus protect from the harmful (ageing) rays of the sun. Or UVA to you and me. This is a very unique product like nothing I have seen before it has no tint to it or any self tanning ingredients just some fancy concoction that speeds up melanin production. I was rather fascinated with this product to be honest. It is recommended for day use but I tend to like a bit more coverage during the day so I tried it in the evenings instead which is perfectly ok since it doesn’t contain any SPF. When I pumped it out it came out as a light gel silky like a primer kind of texture which concerned me a bit since I didn’t think it would deliver enough hydration to serve as a night cream. But was I surprised when I applied it I didn’t feel any tingling or tight feeling and I noticed a nice glow to my face the kind I just went to gym but not sweaty or oily skin kind of glow. I did notice a very slight more tanned complexion immediately but I am super pale I’ve been using it for roughly 2 weeks now and to be honest I haven’t noticed an extreme difference in skin tone only a slight colour change. They do disclaim that it may not work for everybody and I have read it not working for some people but even so I do think this is a great moisturiser and gives a beautiful glow to the skin.The gel texture makes it ideal for hot weather since it is lighter and more refreshing to the face.

sampar first hands cream

The SAMPAR First Hands Cream (R250) again this hand cream is in a totally different class of it’s own a very different texture than that of a normal hand cream it’s quite runny and not thick like all the others. This First Hands Cream is said to be the first cosmetic alternative to hand rejuvenation with a killer anti-aging formula containing hyaluronic acid and a cocktail of anti-oxidants. It promises to do all sorts of magic like diminishing wrinkles & pigmentation marks, but what I like most is how pleasant this is to massage in & how it sinks in really fast! My hands don’t feel greasy at all.

On the left is the 3 day weekend and on the right is the first hands cream
On the left is the 3 day weekend and on the right is the first hands cream