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For those of you who regularly follow my blog  you will know publish a blog on my rubybox every month so you ladies can get a rough idea of whats in the boxes and hopefully help you decide whether you would like to also be a ruby. But what some of you may not know is they also have a online boutique where you can order many luxurious branded products. The prices of the products are pretty much the same as what you would pay at the store and delivery is R50 standard but if your order is over R300 or if you are an existing subscriber they offer delivery absolutely FREE. And online shopping is the new fad with the petrol price increases every week(welcome to SA ppl). So why not hop over to and see what catches your eye. They add new items every week and sell out pretty fast.

Just last week they added Stila products to the boutique which is an international brand that has just arrived in SA and has probably not even been stocked yet at retail stores! For those of you who haven’t heard of Stila cosmetics to give you a bit of background it was first created in Los Angeles Stila cosmetics have spread its wings  worldwide from America to London and now to South Africa. Derived from the  Italian word “stilare” which means “to pen”, the name Stila was so chosen to  embrace their vision that every woman’s makeup should be as individual  as her own signature.

Below I have compiled just a little collage of the many items you can find at the rubybox boutique.


Just some of the many amazing products

REN tonic moisture mist

A cooling and hydrating facial spray that revives and tones the complexion.This is the perfect little guy to keep in your hand bag to help combat the effects of in-air flight/air-conditioned dryness and fatigue.


•Skin feels fresher, more awake
•Skin looks more toned, radiant and smoother
•Improves hydration
•Combats the effects of in-flight/air-conditioned dryness and fatigue

How to use:

Spray over the face, neck and décolleté to revive the complexion. Can be used over make up.

I was rather fascinated as i havent had much rest during the week and just coming out of cold winter months my skin was left rather dry and dull looking so i sprayed it on my face and it felt amazing.This mist comes in a nice glass bottle which is a perfect size although for portability sake to carry around in my handbag i would have prefered it to be made out of plastic so as not i run the risk of it cracking even though i find plastic packaging cheap looking.I find that the misting part sprays just a tad bit too much being more of a squirt than a mist which covers the whole face in one spray so i end up having to spread the product with my hand. I use it when i need a refresh before make up or after make up or before serum as a prep.Spraying my face before make up helps to prepare the surface for make up. Spraying my face after using powdered foundation helps to set it, and keep it looking fresh and radiant throughout the day. It’s also very refreshing. It has a light rosy scent which i love and is pretty prominent throughout the day.

Fig extract cools and refreshes the skin, ginseng root boosts energy and decongest, while wonder ingredient hyaluronic acid binds water to the skin, boosting hydration and plumpness. This last ingredient is essential in a hydration spray.

i use to just spray water on my face but i found that when you spray water on your face it dries, or evaporates, effectively taking your skin’s own moisture with it. It feels like an additional moisture barrier has been formed on the skin which also makes the skin look perfectly radiant. i really recommend this product to anybody this is great for summer when the skin can easily feel dehydrated from the heat. It’s suitable for all skin types so no need to worry whether it is right for your skin too. my skin is super sensitive so i have to be cautious about the products i use and i have had no problem with it.

September rubybox

This box was really exciting as it was the first box with the now merged glambox and rubybox and it was fabulous I started jumping up and down as soon as I opened it. And it is also rubybox’s birthday this month so a very happy birthday to the rubies and here’s to many many more years.

Because this was my first rubybox I was really surprised at how such an eco-friendly packaging could look so glamorous and chic. The cardboard is really thin making it easily recyclable with these glamorous metallic rubybox logo on a matt black box(giving a new meaning to little black box lol)also when you open the box you are greeted by the cutest pink tissue paper and card.

From the contents of the box you definitely can see the rubybox and glambox element if you look at the brands. All products were of great quality and contained a few luxury brands. So let’s get down to the contents.

1. Camilla nail polish- full size (R25.99-10 ml)

There were a variety of colour choices selected by the rubies I was thrilled at the shade I received as I don’t yet have this and was actually hunting it down as it looks exactly like tip top’s watermelon jello (which has now been discontinued from the brand). When I saw this I immediately painted my nails. It goes on really smoothly is very glossy, sheer on 1 coat but after a second coat it looked pigmented, dried really quickly and I am on my 5th day and it still hasn’t chipped yet and the brush is really easy to hold making using it a great pleasure

2. Givenchy very irresistible l’intense-1ml (R945-50ml)

This is edgier than the original with notes of purple plum, Turkish rose, patchouli and white musk. This fragrance is intense and I pick up the white musk and floralness. It lasted me the whole day. I absolutely love changing my perfume all the time and the perfume samples have seemed to become a staple in the monthly boxes which I fabulous because then I get a different perfume to use each month.

3. Jean d’Aveze white lotus cream-15ml (R560-50 ml)

It is packed with white lotus extracts and plumping hyaluronic acid which helps to eliminate dark spots and imperfections for an even tone and glowy, healthy looking skin. This is a very high end product which comes from France. This product smells amazing and is really easily absorbed into the skin. I get rashes from quite a lot of products because I have sensitive skin but this product is suitable for sensitive skin and I have not had any reaction to it.

4. Palmolive Thermal spa Turkish bath-full size (R34.99-250ml)

This is a shower/bath gel which contains a combination of stress-relieving eucalyptus and circulation-boosting steam to recharge both body and mind. Perfect for a long day and to feel pampered like you are at a spa.

5. (New) Piz Buin tan & protect SPF15 lotion-15ml (R190-150ml)

A super moisturising lotion which is non-sticky and sweat-and water-resistant and helps to helps to prevent peeling and to be protected whilst still getting a tan. A lotion with a SPF is so important due to harmful rays of the sun causing premature aging and skin cancer so I never go anywhere without applying some form of SPF. This is great as it protects from both UVA and UVB rays. It smells amazing and is easily absorbed into the skin without the annoying sticky feeling or the fear of it coming off after I have had a swim.

Rubybox is so amazing and I really couldn’t imagine my life without it now. Am officially hooked it makes you feel like it’s your birthday each month. Really is such a spoil for yourself so if you haven’t signed up yet I really think you should(. For more info and to sign up head over to

Rubybox and Glambox join forces

And the cat is finally out of the bag glambox and rubybox are now merged as one. I think this is fabulous as now there is no more dilemma of which box to pick as both boxes from my perspective where amazing and differed very much from month to month so I don’t blame the sane ladies of this tough choice. I’m sure this now means better service and great content as 2 heads are better than one and that being especially true from 2 very powerful woman owned companies. Glambox is also going eco friendly so to speak as they will be using the rubybox packaging so thumbs up for the environment 🙂

Here’s a quote from their facebook page:

What do you get when three talented businesswomen meet? The most exciting collaboration of the year – rubybox and GlamBox are sharing the love and teaming up to bring you a bigger and better beauty offering!

In honour of Women’s month, we’ll be joining forces under the rubybox name. What does this mean for you? A wider selection of beauty editor-endorsed products, more of your favourite beauty brands and awesome monthly specials and savings!

If you would like to know more about this or have any question here is the page you should visit: and if you still have questions you can email or call 076 886 2636 or send inbox message on the Glambox or rubybox facebook page 🙂

In celebration of this they are running a fabulous competition on the rubybox facebook page at

u all know and love, will still be very noticeable in your beauty boxes.
– If you are subscribed to both Glambox and rubybox you will either be refunded by choosing to buy great products from the rubybox boutique or your money will be refunded. Unfortunately we can not refund your Glampoints.
-Your Glampoint will be transfered to rubypoint, but this takes some time and will be done so in the next week.
-By joining forces, Glambox and rubybox will strive to bring you an even better and a wider selection of beauty goodies, both trial and full size.

Your questions and feedback is important to us and we try to respond to everyone as fast as possible 🙂

We hope everyone has a great weekend x

The aim of the game is to share the love and fill up the rubybox heart until we’ve
reached 15 000 fans. Once the heart is full, everyone who has liked and shared
the love will be entered into the grand draw where 1 Facebook fan will win a
5 star getaway with 3 BFFs to La Residence in Franschhoek worth R50 000!

Plus, while you’re sharing the love, and filling up the heart, we’ll be doing the same with surprise giveaways (open to Facebook fans only).

Look out for fantastic lucky draws at the following milestones:
10000 fans
12 500 fans
15 000 fans THE GRAND DRAW

Wow wait a great prize! So ladies if you havent gone over and liked the rubybox page what are you waiting for?

Also I would really advise you if you havent got an existing subscription with glambox or rubybox to quickly order one at as I am sure it will be a good one which you won’t want to miss out on

July glambox-Special edition woman’s day box

This month’s glambox was brought out just in time for woman’s day and was a special edition to mark the occasion. First thing that deserves a mention which I was trilled about was the beautiful powder pink box with silver engraving “limited edition” as opposed to the normal metallic black box. This month’s box was amazing as it was like no other box we have received from them as they were thinking outside the box so to speak (no pun intended lol). I saw many people complaining because glambox delayed the box in time for woman’s day and also boxes not arriving but I have never had any problems with regards to deliveries and service my box always gets delivered to me before I even expect it and the guys from fastways I have actually made good friends with them and we always end up having a big chat. I have been a subscriber ever since they launched with no problems J.Ok so let’s get down to the content:


1. Grazia Magazine (RSP R20)

More indulgence… 15mins to oneself browsing all the latest fashion, beauty and celeb news! Really enjoyed the read


2. 15ml Gatineau Melatogenine AOX Probiotics Cream (RSP R825-50ml)

Triple defence system containing patented Melatogenine molecule to help visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus powerful anti-oxidants to intensively moisturise and probiotics to help protect and balance skin. There was a wide choice of 4 products the ladies could receive being Gatineau or Elizabeth Arden skin care I was happy with mine as I have not yet tried gatineau face cream range so this should be interesting.


3. Full size Candy Girl Black Twist-Out Eyeliner Pencil (RSP R29.95)

This versatile beauty item can be used to recreate a multitude of looks from the smoky eye to high drama or just to subtly enhance the eye and make them look bigger or smaller. Endless possibilities! I can’t remember when I last picked up an eyeliner pencil as I have become so use to my liquid and gel liner but this will work great for if I want to do a smoky eye as it smudges very easily but has good staying power.


4. 15ml Ultrasun Medium 20 Sensitive Glimmer Formula (RSP R109.98-100ml)

The waterproof sun-glare liposome-gel consists of SOD for a rapid recovery of the skin. It is a white emulsion and consists of reflecting pigments, which makes the skin glitter. The sun-glare is greaseproof, non-perfumed and has no emulators. Great for something to have in my handbag and also great timing since I have just run out of sunscreen.


5. A Selection of Two Beauty Tools

A mix of 2 essential beauty tools to help with the application of lipstick, eye shadow, blush or to shape eyebrows. This was my absolute favourite in the box as a girl can’t have too many makeup brushes. They are I’m assuming glambox brushes since they have no name and I have never seen them before. They are the cutest brushes I have ever seen I got the blush and eyeshadow one and they have cow spotted handles and are so soft. I want to get my hands on the full set because they are just that great J


6. 87g huge slab of Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly (RSP 10)

We know this isn’t strictly a beauty product but its Woman’s month so who needs an excuse for chocolate? You glamgirls are the very first to try this as it’s only hitting stores next week. I felt really privileged to be one of the first to try this chocolate plus it paired really well with the grazia


7. A voucher for a PhytomerSea Water Pearl Facial

Pay just R350 for a 60min facial (Save R200)!


8. A 20% discount on NBAT cosmetics

A box for everyone

If you have been following my blog you will notice i always go on about Glambox. well if you don’t know already it is not just the one box they have many variations so their is something for everybody although they do not come out on a monthly basis like the original glambox you can be assured that every box then is amazing packed with lovely goodies. So here are the various alternatives.

The box for men

Yes guys even men can groom and look after themselves so why not get a box filled with amazing goodies especially for you. It’s not only woman who deseve to be spoilt you know 😉

go to for more info and to order

Bambino box

This is for all those mothers to be or new mothers filled with goodies for both baby and mom. What better way to indulge as we all know pregnancy during and after is not an easy thing

Go to to order and for more info

Teen glambox

This is for the younger people out their and with the amzing products inside it is all you need for a matric dance or any other special occasion.

For more info and to order go to |

What more could you ask for something for everyone. So what are you waiting for order yours 🙂



Soy wax candles are the “healthy” way to illuminate your life. Soy wax candles have numerous uses, are 100% all natural,biodegradable and completely non-toxic. Soy wax burns up to 50% longer than paraffin candles.
Our Soy candles are made from, Soy wax, Shea butter, Beeswax, Coconut oil and fragranced with essential oils and safe body fragrances.
These candles are truly organic and natural,derived from renewable resources using only the finest ingredients.Soy candles burn at only 2 degrees above the body’s temperature.
To fragrance a room
Use as a hand lotion
Cuticle treatments
Use on dry and damaged skin

As a system that works with colour therapy the Chakras of the human system benefit from the stimulation of massage, Benefits include: relief from emotional stress, fatigue and irritability;improved concentration and sleep. Massage with the Spa Valous candles increase circulation,facilitating rapid distribution of hormones effecting metabolism, growth, balance and removal of toxins and waste products which relieve sluggishness and headaches.

The Spa-ValousTM Premium Aromatic Body Massage Candles provides superior moisturising for the skin, aromatherapeutic benefits and balancing of mind, body and soul.
How are the aromatherapy oils working in the body massage techniques? Spa-ValousTM Soy Body Massage Candles are available in seven different fragrances relating to the Chakras of the body which in turn works with Colour Therapy.
These products are environmentally friendly and made using only the finest ingredients available;cosmetic grade Soy oil,Coconut oil, exotic Shea butter, and Vitamin E.
Soy oil is a natural product that provides nourishment and moisture to the skin. Only skin safe fragrance oils and only 100% pure essential oils are used to produce the Spa-ValousTM line
making it possible to achieve a true
aromatherapy experience.

The Spa-ValousTM Premium Aromatic Body Massage Candles provides superior moisturising for the skin, aromatherapeutic benefits and balancing of mind, body and soul.

How are the aromatherapy oils working in the body massage techniques? Spa-ValousTM Soy Body Massage Candles are available in seven different fragrances relating to the Chakras of
the body which in turn works with Colour Therapy.
These products are environmentally friendly and made using only the finest ingredients available;cosmetic grade Soy oil,Coconut oil, exotic Shea butter, and Vitamin E.Soy oil is a natural product that provides
nourishment and moisture to the skin. Only skin safe fragrance oils and only 100% pure essential oils are used to produce the Spa-ValousTM line making it possible to achieve a true aromatherapy experience.
Spa-Valous candles can treat a wide range of disorders, such as:
1. Insomnia
2. Muscular tension
3. Headaches and migraines
4. Work related stress
5. Repetitive strain injury
6. Depression
7. Arthritis
8. Pre-natal pregnancy conditions
9. Frozen shoulder
10. Whiplash
11. Sports and dancing injuries
Using the Spa-ValousTM Body Massage Candles Spa- ValousTM Body Massage Candles:
Eco-friendly made from the finest 100% biodegradable,toxin-free, natural soy wax derived from easily renewable soybeans South African made hand
poured and packaged in South Africa
Artisan quality never mass produced; individually hand poured and packaged
Petroleum free and Carcinogen- free
no paraffin means no petroleum; non-toxic &environmentally safe
Lead-free all cotton wicks
Clean burning
soot-free so there’s no messy black residue on walls or furniture
Dye free
no dyes or colourings, just the natural creamy-white colour
Water soluble
easy soap & water cleanup
non-irritating for allergies, asthma and breathing difficulties
Scented with premium fragrances and essential oils high-end candle fragrances only achieved through the use of the finest, most-complex
essential oils and fragrance oils available; we compound using full-strength oils (never diluted)for maximum scent throw for the life of the candle Scented top to bottom we thoroughly saturate the entire candle with fragrance (not just the top layer like many other candles companies do to cut costs) Longer lasting burn
cooler and last up to 3 times longer than paraffin candles Evenly burning for less waste no waxy leftovers on sides of glass; burns evenly to bottom Recyclable/reusable glass wash and
reuse our candle glass for drinks or decor
Eco-friendly packaging, multi-purpose candles
Gift packaging can be reused in many ways.
Spa-ValousTM candles offer an aroma
therapeutic experience, relaxing atmosphere
and moisturising body massage oil. The body
lotion that masquerades as a candle!.
Bergamot and Coriander
Lavender and Ginger
Mimosa and Cedar wood
Patchouli and Jasmine
Mandarin and Neroli
Sicilian Orange and Patchouli
Rose and Sandalwood

I really love that It is such a eco friendy and multi purpose type of product every part of the products has many uses from the beautiful box to the wax. It is amazing!

IF you would like to get hold of one or find out more info:

Facebook page:
Phone: +27 11 4405643

X0X0 queen C

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