Review: Yardley Stayfast Pro-UV Gel Nail Polish




Going clockwise we have Rebel, Classic Red, Magenta, Spring Sheen, Baby Pink, Mad Hatter, Nougat and Praline

If you have every tried gel nails or gelish you will know will be addicted to the lasting power and the glossy finish and the sight chipped nails or imperfect nail polish application will make you want to throw away all your bottles of normal nail polish but not to fear the nail polish industry has made really great advances and Yardley is at the forefront when it comes to these. Previously I discussed and loved the Yardley Gel Lac Nails which I discussed over here: but now Yardley have come up with even more advances with  the now Stayfast pro-uv gel nails. The only visible difference I can pick up is it is more glossy and because it is in the stayfast range it dries incredibly quickly.

Here I am wearing mad hatter
Mad Hatter on day 6 still going strong


The Stayfast Pro-UV Gel Nail Polish is as close as it gets to professional gels, with no lamp required. To be used as a system with dedicated top coat, so that the formula dries quickly to a film that is 30% harder and more resistant to breakage. Guaranteeing a week of staying power and shine!

You are pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to shades as they have covered all the basics. Available in 8 shades: Rebel (purple), Spring Sheen(pink with a hint of orange), Mad Hatter( red with a hint of pink), Magenta, Classic Red and the nudes…Praline, Nougat, Baby Pink.

My favorite of the bunch has to be spring sheen, it is the perfect colour for spring it is a pink with a hint of orange. With my constant hectic typing I can say the wear and shine does last 7 days.


RSP: R99.95

5 thoughts on “Review: Yardley Stayfast Pro-UV Gel Nail Polish

  1. I’m trying to make my nails healthier. I like Gel nail polish because I don’t want to change my nail polish as often as I usually do. I like to try different brands and sometimes I get disappointed because of some gel nail polish chip after 2 days. How did the nail polish hold up?


    1. These ones are amazing. Do you cap your nails first though (paint across the top of your nail and over). I get a week wear on this with the top coat and the shine also lasts the full time.


  2. Hi, I would like to find out if this polishes’ dry time can be improved with an LED or UV lamp? Is says Pro-UV what would they mean by that?


    1. Hi no not possible it is actually just normal nail polish with a better lasting power and shine than a normal nail polish. If you want zero drying and UV lamps it is best to use a gelish kit. Nailene sells a really nice one

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