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Doesn’t the thought of Christmas shopping making you cringe? I know it does to me so many questions pop into my head like what should I buy and when should I buy it as just today I was stuck in a queue in Edgars and I wasn’t even Christmas shopping yet!

Well good news is rubybox has come to the rescue with a beautifully packaged box containing really luxurious brands it’s sure to be perfect for any woman. Wait there’s more the price comes with free delivery by a courier so you can deliver it straight to the lucky recipient if you wish.

At only R350 for over R1000′s worth of luxury, you can’t afford not to indulge in the gift of giving (and receiving) this season. Your gorgeous rubybox has samples of all the below treats:

♥ Bulgari Omnia Améthyste, Coral or Crystalline
♥ Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau de Toilette
♥ Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist24 Day Emulsion SPF15
♥ Sensai Prime Solution
♥ Guerlain Météorites Perles Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer
♥ Sensai Mascara 38˚C Volumising
♥ Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath & Shower

On sale on the rubybox website from 21 November for R350 each (stocks are limited, so don’t miss out).

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Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care

The shampoo and treatment conditioner

I was sent these to try a long while back so this post  is a bit overdue but anyways.

Product Description:

A unique blend with non-greasy natural almond and mineral oils that are so fine, they are rapidly absorbed to deeply nourish and replenish essential nutrients. It’s next generation nourishment for beautifully smooth, soft, shiny hair.

Overall rating 4.3
Price 5.0
Quality 4.0
Effectiveness 4.0

The packaging is a lovely gold and usual dove white. The information on the packaging is to the point and informative. My hair is oily at the roots and dry at the tip and is frizzy and has a lot of volume. after I washed my hair it felt silky and smooth and smelt amazing. Also it was great as it did not make my hair oily as I thought it would. I didn’t like the fact that it gave my hair so much volume as my hair is fluffly on it’s on so I want something that would weigh down my hair. The range contains very nice natural oils of almond an coconut as stated in their ingredients. I also noticed my hair being less fizzy as what it claimed to do. Its affordable and really does what it claims to do.The shampoo is a lovely gold liquid and is much thicker than other shampoos which is great as you can then use less product to get the job done. It really cleans the hair well. Really recommend this to anybody who has dry,frizzy or rough hair

Overall rating 5.0
Price 5.0
Quality 5.0
Effectiveness 5.0
This looks like a tooth paste due to it being a 2in1 and the colour nicely explained on the top of the product. The gold ribbon being the treatment and the white being the conditioner. You apply this product from the ear down to the tip as this is the driest part of the hair it says to leave on for 1 minute but I like to leave it on for longer while in the shower so the heat will open the hair follicles for better absorption and also giving it more time to really work into the hair. This product is great because it works really quickly and it is also a 2 in 1 so you don’t need to go out and buy a separate treatment and conditioner. The packaging is a lovely gold and usual dove white. The information on the packaging is to the point and informative. My hair is oily at the roots and dry at the tip and is frizzy and has a lot of volume. after I washed my hair it felt silky and smooth and smelt amazing. Also it was great as it did not make my hair oily as I thought it would. I didn’t like the fact that it gave my hair so much volume as my hair is fluffy on its on so I want something that would weigh down my hair. The range contains very nice natural oils of almond an coconut as stated in their ingredients. I also noticed my hair being less fizzy as what it claimed to do. It’s affordable and really does what it claims to do. Really recommend this to anybody who has dry,frizzy or rough hair.

The October rubybox

This month as we are all aware of is breast cancer awareness month so rubybox very kindly included instructions for a self examination test which I thought was very thoughtful of them to do.

This month the beauty treats were such a spoil so let’s get down to it.

October rubybox

1.      African extract rooibos anti-ageing hand and nail cream-full size(R29.99-50 ml)

This ultra-nourishing hand cream contains keratin and vitamin C to strengthen and condition nails. It is rich in vitamins A and E and the powerful anti-oxidant properties of rooibos extract, which help to protect the skin from damage and diminish visible signs of ageing. This product is paraben free and not tested on animals. This is a local product if the word rooibos did not give it away already which is great. I am a huge fan a hand creams as I have 1 everywhere because I really do dread the day my hand become all wrinkly as the under eye area and the hands are the first to show signs of ageing and I really do believe prevention is better than cure. Plus I am a hygiene freak so I have a tendency of washing my hands all the time and will never go anywhere without my hand sanitizer which also has a major effect of drying out my hands. My usual routine on my hands and nails before bedtime takes me at least 15 minutes as I first massage cuticle oil into each of my nails then proceed by applying a hand cream this product actually saves me a bit of time as it treats both hands and nails at the same time so I can skip the cuticle oil. I have been using it for a week now in the morning and before bed and I really have noticed my hands stay soft and my nails are stronger and even look whiter. It is nice and thick but absorbs really quickly into the hands with a lovely scent of lilies. Will definitely be purchasing some other products in their range.


2.      Gatineau melatogenine AOX probiotics-15 ml(R825-50ml)

Triple defence system containing patented Melatogenine molecule to help visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus powerful anti-oxidants to intensively moisturise and probiotics to help protect and balance skin. Fabulous cream that smells amazing and can be used as a day and a night cream but just remember if you use it in the day to follow with an SPF as it does not contain any in the cream. I may not be the right person to comment on whether I saw a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines as this is targeted for more mature skin but it has hopefully slow down the process of ageing for me


3.      3 sachets of perfumes from kenzo-0.7ml each

Perfect little one time use perfumes with a nice selection so you will at least find one you like and even one for a special man in your life to try too. I love all kenzo perfumes as they all have a strong scent with a blend of fruity meets floral. And they last all day

  • Kenzo Madly (R745-50 ml): Think sparkling litchi, juicy pear, luminous jasmine, heliotrope flower and sensual notes of cedar and musk. This is the latest addition to the Kenzo family which only arrived in stores early last month.
  • Kenzo flower (R745-50ml): this soft scent is a powdery blend of violet, vanilla, jasmine, rose and violets. Fusing natural and urban worlds together. This is probably my earliest memory of kenzo this perfume being around since 2009. I always remembered seeing it being advertised in Cosmo with its uniquely designed bottle.
  • Kenzo home sport (R835-100ml): A little something for the sport-obsessed man in your life. This fresh aromatic combines mint, ginger and cedar wood.

 4. (New) rubybox tools eye lash curler-full size (R80)

This is a tool that the rubybox beauty editor (Margaux) will not be caught without and I couldn’t agree more! It is designed by rubybox part of the rubybox tools line joining the angled blush brush they came out with a few months ago. Love this tool it is an absolute essential for me as eyelashes really frame the eyes. This tool gives a nice upward curl to the lashes and paired with a coat of mascara gives a more wide eyed look really making the eye pop. Mascara is just not enough as it just coats the lashes making them look thicker or longer. You really will notice the difference. I have really sort and very few lashes so I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be able to achieve betty boop lashes no matter which mascara I use (and believe me I have tried thousands) but an eye lash curler before I apply my mascara really makes a difference. For an extra dramatic curl I like to heat up my lash curlers with a hair dryer just be careful not to burn yourself though as it can get pretty hot. Plus it comes with 2 extra clamp pads which will really come in handy. I am excited to see if there will be any additional tools that will be coming up in the collection. So ladies if you stay long enough with rubybox you could be getting yourself a full makeup tools collection of good quality items.


5. (New) Zehra age beautifully-2xsachets (R500-30 sachets)

Zehra with Peptan™ Collagen is an expertly-formulated collagen supplement for the woman who knows what she wants when it comes to maintaining her youthful complexion. Added antioxidants Vitamin C (needed for collagen formation) and Co-Enzyme Q10, make Zehra a unique skin-support women’s health supplement that helps prevent deep wrinkle formation, boosts moisture and smoothness, and keeps skin supple. Research shows that supplementing daily with hydrolysed collagen stimulates collagen production, improves skin moisture levels, and re-densifies the dermis. Within 12 weeks of daily collagen supplementation, visibly younger-looking skin was evident. You can put the finishing touch to your beauty routine and rejuvenate your skin from within. A new product on the market which I have never heard of and I image the first of its kind. It’s really great that this product works from within as we are all so use to applying products on the outside. After one use I noticed a slight improvement in the moisture of my skin as I do suffer from dry skin. It’s also a pleasure to drink with the vanilla scent.


6. Information leaflet on Quay 5

This is a new addition from Two oceans which is a light wine containing 5.5% alcohol and obviously a lower alcohol content means lower calories as it contains half the calories of regular wine. Also details of a nice competition they are running.

So if you wish to subscribe click on the rubybox logo I have on the left hand bar and don’t miss out. Also catch the co-founder, beauty editor and content director Margaux every Wednesday at around 12:30 on 2ovfm as she gives beauty advice and trends. It’s really worth a listen as I have never missed a week and have really learnt so much from her she’s just amazing! She has been in the beauty industry for many years and knows everything and all those goodies you find in the rubybox are hand picked by this darling 🙂


A new manbox is on
sale now and ladies with Christmas around the corner this would make a great
gift for any man or any men no harm in spoiling yourself too 😉

Rubybox boutique

For those of you who regularly follow my blog  you will know publish a blog on my rubybox every month so you ladies can get a rough idea of whats in the boxes and hopefully help you decide whether you would like to also be a ruby. But what some of you may not know is they also have a online boutique where you can order many luxurious branded products. The prices of the products are pretty much the same as what you would pay at the store and delivery is R50 standard but if your order is over R300 or if you are an existing subscriber they offer delivery absolutely FREE. And online shopping is the new fad with the petrol price increases every week(welcome to SA ppl). So why not hop over to and see what catches your eye. They add new items every week and sell out pretty fast.

Just last week they added Stila products to the boutique which is an international brand that has just arrived in SA and has probably not even been stocked yet at retail stores! For those of you who haven’t heard of Stila cosmetics to give you a bit of background it was first created in Los Angeles Stila cosmetics have spread its wings  worldwide from America to London and now to South Africa. Derived from the  Italian word “stilare” which means “to pen”, the name Stila was so chosen to  embrace their vision that every woman’s makeup should be as individual  as her own signature.

Below I have compiled just a little collage of the many items you can find at the rubybox boutique.


Just some of the many amazing products

REN tonic moisture mist

A cooling and hydrating facial spray that revives and tones the complexion.This is the perfect little guy to keep in your hand bag to help combat the effects of in-air flight/air-conditioned dryness and fatigue.


•Skin feels fresher, more awake
•Skin looks more toned, radiant and smoother
•Improves hydration
•Combats the effects of in-flight/air-conditioned dryness and fatigue

How to use:

Spray over the face, neck and décolleté to revive the complexion. Can be used over make up.

I was rather fascinated as i havent had much rest during the week and just coming out of cold winter months my skin was left rather dry and dull looking so i sprayed it on my face and it felt amazing.This mist comes in a nice glass bottle which is a perfect size although for portability sake to carry around in my handbag i would have prefered it to be made out of plastic so as not i run the risk of it cracking even though i find plastic packaging cheap looking.I find that the misting part sprays just a tad bit too much being more of a squirt than a mist which covers the whole face in one spray so i end up having to spread the product with my hand. I use it when i need a refresh before make up or after make up or before serum as a prep.Spraying my face before make up helps to prepare the surface for make up. Spraying my face after using powdered foundation helps to set it, and keep it looking fresh and radiant throughout the day. It’s also very refreshing. It has a light rosy scent which i love and is pretty prominent throughout the day.

Fig extract cools and refreshes the skin, ginseng root boosts energy and decongest, while wonder ingredient hyaluronic acid binds water to the skin, boosting hydration and plumpness. This last ingredient is essential in a hydration spray.

i use to just spray water on my face but i found that when you spray water on your face it dries, or evaporates, effectively taking your skin’s own moisture with it. It feels like an additional moisture barrier has been formed on the skin which also makes the skin look perfectly radiant. i really recommend this product to anybody this is great for summer when the skin can easily feel dehydrated from the heat. It’s suitable for all skin types so no need to worry whether it is right for your skin too. my skin is super sensitive so i have to be cautious about the products i use and i have had no problem with it.

September rubybox

This box was really exciting as it was the first box with the now merged glambox and rubybox and it was fabulous I started jumping up and down as soon as I opened it. And it is also rubybox’s birthday this month so a very happy birthday to the rubies and here’s to many many more years.

Because this was my first rubybox I was really surprised at how such an eco-friendly packaging could look so glamorous and chic. The cardboard is really thin making it easily recyclable with these glamorous metallic rubybox logo on a matt black box(giving a new meaning to little black box lol)also when you open the box you are greeted by the cutest pink tissue paper and card.

From the contents of the box you definitely can see the rubybox and glambox element if you look at the brands. All products were of great quality and contained a few luxury brands. So let’s get down to the contents.

1. Camilla nail polish- full size (R25.99-10 ml)

There were a variety of colour choices selected by the rubies I was thrilled at the shade I received as I don’t yet have this and was actually hunting it down as it looks exactly like tip top’s watermelon jello (which has now been discontinued from the brand). When I saw this I immediately painted my nails. It goes on really smoothly is very glossy, sheer on 1 coat but after a second coat it looked pigmented, dried really quickly and I am on my 5th day and it still hasn’t chipped yet and the brush is really easy to hold making using it a great pleasure

2. Givenchy very irresistible l’intense-1ml (R945-50ml)

This is edgier than the original with notes of purple plum, Turkish rose, patchouli and white musk. This fragrance is intense and I pick up the white musk and floralness. It lasted me the whole day. I absolutely love changing my perfume all the time and the perfume samples have seemed to become a staple in the monthly boxes which I fabulous because then I get a different perfume to use each month.

3. Jean d’Aveze white lotus cream-15ml (R560-50 ml)

It is packed with white lotus extracts and plumping hyaluronic acid which helps to eliminate dark spots and imperfections for an even tone and glowy, healthy looking skin. This is a very high end product which comes from France. This product smells amazing and is really easily absorbed into the skin. I get rashes from quite a lot of products because I have sensitive skin but this product is suitable for sensitive skin and I have not had any reaction to it.

4. Palmolive Thermal spa Turkish bath-full size (R34.99-250ml)

This is a shower/bath gel which contains a combination of stress-relieving eucalyptus and circulation-boosting steam to recharge both body and mind. Perfect for a long day and to feel pampered like you are at a spa.

5. (New) Piz Buin tan & protect SPF15 lotion-15ml (R190-150ml)

A super moisturising lotion which is non-sticky and sweat-and water-resistant and helps to helps to prevent peeling and to be protected whilst still getting a tan. A lotion with a SPF is so important due to harmful rays of the sun causing premature aging and skin cancer so I never go anywhere without applying some form of SPF. This is great as it protects from both UVA and UVB rays. It smells amazing and is easily absorbed into the skin without the annoying sticky feeling or the fear of it coming off after I have had a swim.

Rubybox is so amazing and I really couldn’t imagine my life without it now. Am officially hooked it makes you feel like it’s your birthday each month. Really is such a spoil for yourself so if you haven’t signed up yet I really think you should(. For more info and to sign up head over to

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