The October rubybox

This month as we are all aware of is breast cancer awareness month so rubybox very kindly included instructions for a self examination test which I thought was very thoughtful of them to do.

This month the beauty treats were such a spoil so let’s get down to it.

October rubybox

1.      African extract rooibos anti-ageing hand and nail cream-full size(R29.99-50 ml)

This ultra-nourishing hand cream contains keratin and vitamin C to strengthen and condition nails. It is rich in vitamins A and E and the powerful anti-oxidant properties of rooibos extract, which help to protect the skin from damage and diminish visible signs of ageing. This product is paraben free and not tested on animals. This is a local product if the word rooibos did not give it away already which is great. I am a huge fan a hand creams as I have 1 everywhere because I really do dread the day my hand become all wrinkly as the under eye area and the hands are the first to show signs of ageing and I really do believe prevention is better than cure. Plus I am a hygiene freak so I have a tendency of washing my hands all the time and will never go anywhere without my hand sanitizer which also has a major effect of drying out my hands. My usual routine on my hands and nails before bedtime takes me at least 15 minutes as I first massage cuticle oil into each of my nails then proceed by applying a hand cream this product actually saves me a bit of time as it treats both hands and nails at the same time so I can skip the cuticle oil. I have been using it for a week now in the morning and before bed and I really have noticed my hands stay soft and my nails are stronger and even look whiter. It is nice and thick but absorbs really quickly into the hands with a lovely scent of lilies. Will definitely be purchasing some other products in their range.


2.      Gatineau melatogenine AOX probiotics-15 ml(R825-50ml)

Triple defence system containing patented Melatogenine molecule to help visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus powerful anti-oxidants to intensively moisturise and probiotics to help protect and balance skin. Fabulous cream that smells amazing and can be used as a day and a night cream but just remember if you use it in the day to follow with an SPF as it does not contain any in the cream. I may not be the right person to comment on whether I saw a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines as this is targeted for more mature skin but it has hopefully slow down the process of ageing for me


3.      3 sachets of perfumes from kenzo-0.7ml each

Perfect little one time use perfumes with a nice selection so you will at least find one you like and even one for a special man in your life to try too. I love all kenzo perfumes as they all have a strong scent with a blend of fruity meets floral. And they last all day

  • Kenzo Madly (R745-50 ml): Think sparkling litchi, juicy pear, luminous jasmine, heliotrope flower and sensual notes of cedar and musk. This is the latest addition to the Kenzo family which only arrived in stores early last month.
  • Kenzo flower (R745-50ml): this soft scent is a powdery blend of violet, vanilla, jasmine, rose and violets. Fusing natural and urban worlds together. This is probably my earliest memory of kenzo this perfume being around since 2009. I always remembered seeing it being advertised in Cosmo with its uniquely designed bottle.
  • Kenzo home sport (R835-100ml): A little something for the sport-obsessed man in your life. This fresh aromatic combines mint, ginger and cedar wood.

 4. (New) rubybox tools eye lash curler-full size (R80)

This is a tool that the rubybox beauty editor (Margaux) will not be caught without and I couldn’t agree more! It is designed by rubybox part of the rubybox tools line joining the angled blush brush they came out with a few months ago. Love this tool it is an absolute essential for me as eyelashes really frame the eyes. This tool gives a nice upward curl to the lashes and paired with a coat of mascara gives a more wide eyed look really making the eye pop. Mascara is just not enough as it just coats the lashes making them look thicker or longer. You really will notice the difference. I have really sort and very few lashes so I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be able to achieve betty boop lashes no matter which mascara I use (and believe me I have tried thousands) but an eye lash curler before I apply my mascara really makes a difference. For an extra dramatic curl I like to heat up my lash curlers with a hair dryer just be careful not to burn yourself though as it can get pretty hot. Plus it comes with 2 extra clamp pads which will really come in handy. I am excited to see if there will be any additional tools that will be coming up in the collection. So ladies if you stay long enough with rubybox you could be getting yourself a full makeup tools collection of good quality items.


5. (New) Zehra age beautifully-2xsachets (R500-30 sachets)

Zehra with Peptan™ Collagen is an expertly-formulated collagen supplement for the woman who knows what she wants when it comes to maintaining her youthful complexion. Added antioxidants Vitamin C (needed for collagen formation) and Co-Enzyme Q10, make Zehra a unique skin-support women’s health supplement that helps prevent deep wrinkle formation, boosts moisture and smoothness, and keeps skin supple. Research shows that supplementing daily with hydrolysed collagen stimulates collagen production, improves skin moisture levels, and re-densifies the dermis. Within 12 weeks of daily collagen supplementation, visibly younger-looking skin was evident. You can put the finishing touch to your beauty routine and rejuvenate your skin from within. A new product on the market which I have never heard of and I image the first of its kind. It’s really great that this product works from within as we are all so use to applying products on the outside. After one use I noticed a slight improvement in the moisture of my skin as I do suffer from dry skin. It’s also a pleasure to drink with the vanilla scent.


6. Information leaflet on Quay 5

This is a new addition from Two oceans which is a light wine containing 5.5% alcohol and obviously a lower alcohol content means lower calories as it contains half the calories of regular wine. Also details of a nice competition they are running.

So if you wish to subscribe click on the rubybox logo I have on the left hand bar and don’t miss out. Also catch the co-founder, beauty editor and content director Margaux every Wednesday at around 12:30 on 2ovfm as she gives beauty advice and trends. It’s really worth a listen as I have never missed a week and have really learnt so much from her she’s just amazing! She has been in the beauty industry for many years and knows everything and all those goodies you find in the rubybox are hand picked by this darling 🙂


A new manbox is on
sale now and ladies with Christmas around the corner this would make a great
gift for any man or any men no harm in spoiling yourself too 😉

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