My December rubybox

This month’s box featured some really nice treats perfect for summer and to use as everybody prepares to take some time off. So let’s get down to it


Collage of contents
Collage of contents
  1. rubybox tools Foundation Brush-full size (R149.95)

Brushes are probably my favourite way of applying makeup especially when it comes to foundation. Using fingers gets messy and it does not provide even and thin application and sponges just waste because it ends up sucking up all your precious foundation. You actually end up using less product with brushes.I even like to use my foundation brushes to apply face masks if they are runny.The brush is so soft and because it is synthetic fibres you won’t have to worry about it absorbing any of the product.

  1. Decléor Experience de l’Age Eye and Lip Cream -2.5ml (R574.95)

Wheat Proteins and Bio-Active Plant Patch firms and smoothes the skin, whilst sweet clover reduces puffiness and dark circles. The skin’s natural moisture is preserved while it’s toned and hydrated. With regular use the skin around the eyes becomes smoother and the skin around the lips is redefined.I can’t live without eye cream I really feel it refreshes and wakes up the eye banishing dark circle and puffy eyes keeping fine lines and wrinkles away and my normal face cream never touches that area because the skin around the eye is much more thinner and more sensitive so it requires more hydration and something that is absorbed quicker. Nice little applicator tube sample.This cream has a really nice powdery scent has a slight shimmer to it that is probably there to lift the colour of the under eye area to make dark circles less visable. Is quickly absorbed and can be used on the lip area which most eye creams are so you can multi task with it by replacing it with your lip balm.

  1. Beauty insider magazine

Nice informative magazine created by the rubies with great tips and how to get a certain look and many more a great read that I read from cover to cover as soon as I opened the box

  1. Garnier bb cream-6×1.5ml(R79.99-50 ml)

Garnier’s BB Cream formula was developed based on Garnier’s skin care philosophy of providing exceptional sensorial quality in richness, pleasurable application, sensations of comfort, fragrance and nourishment. In addition to these qualities, Garnier addressed needs associated with complexion products, namely providing a homogeneous finish and easily spreadable formula that does not sit in facial lines. It covers imperfection but allows your natural skin tone to show through.

BB contains naturally derived ingredients which instantly spreads evenly for a flawless finish.

Vitamin C boosts skin glow and enhances brightness and anti-free radicals action.

Caffeine has proven to have draining and deflating properties. It soothes irritations and attenuates redness for a healthy looking, comfortable skin.

Mineral Pigments Unifies and brightens skin without making it dull. For a natural translucent coverage.

If you are looking for a skin care that immediately and effectively fulfils all your skin expectations. Hydration, comfort, anti-UV protection(spf15), correction and signs of fatigue, dullness, lines, imperfection and spots. Save time with this skin care in just one application, moisture, unify and brighten your skin. I cannot live without bb cream since it became a phenomenon a 2 year ago overseas I have been having to importing it from overseas and when garnier released an affordable bb cream in September last year I quickly ran out to buy it and have been using it ever since. Different BB creams contain different ingredients so you can find one to suit your skin concerns but these ingredients suit my skin perfectly. This cream smells amazing and offers a light coverage which is perfect for me. A little goes a long way and it is very hydrating which is great for me since I have very dry skin and gives off a nice radiant glow which I love because it makes the skin look more healthy but if you like the matt look or have oily skin you can always dust a bit of powder over it. My skin has really improved over the time I have used it as I don’t get occasional breakouts anymore so I really recommend you give this one a shot if you haven’t.


  1. Red Door Aura Eau de Toilette-1.2ml(30 ml-R255-00)


Vbrant new floral fragrance inspired by the luxurious classic Red Door. It takes a master perfumer to create a fragrance this luminous and sparkling while maintaining the elegant sensuality of the famous Red Door scent.  Red Door Aura opens with a sparkling introduction of Luscious Raspberry and Italian Bergamot. A contemporary sensual quality is added with woody notes and addictive creaminess. Perfect scent for summer it’s a nice floral which makes the original red door scent more floral and I can definitely pick up the scent of the original classic fragrance in this one.


  1. Issey miyake l’eau d’issey pour homme   sport-one time applicator


Nice one time applicator for any lucky man in your life

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