March rubybox

This box was very autumn appropriate with many products catering for the season. So let’s get down to it.

March rubybox
March rubybox
Collage of content
Collage of content



1.     rubybox hair head bands-2xR29.95 each

Bring out the Queen B in everybody with these in trend studded head bands. Both functional and fashionable can be used keep your hair out your face or match an outfit. This is a great additional to my abundantly large head band collection.


2.     Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia-1.5ml(R789-50ml)

This scent to me is what autumn smells like an earthy with a hint of freshness scent. A mojito inspired blend of crushed mint leaves, brown sugar and Italian zest combined with feminine jasmine, peony, pink pepper, sensual cedar wood and labdanum. Very different scent with an interesting combination.


3.     Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio-1.5ml(R819-50ml)

This one is the male version of the above mentioned. This is the ultimate male fragrance and many women will agree. Inspired by the fresh sea, warm sun and richness of the earth absolutely stunning.


4.     Rimmel glam’eyes waterproof mascara-full size(R109.95)

I usually haven’t had much luck with the rimmel mascaras because they tend to run and flake and I end up with a black eye but since this one is waterproof it hardly budge. The formula is thick so it coats the lashes really well without clumping. I wouldn’t say it really curls, lengthens or creates volume but it is nice for a day out where you just want a natural clean look.


5.     Schwarzkopf gliss satin smooth shampoo-50ml(R59.99-250ml)

Much needed for autumn which is usually hello frizz for hair. This shampoo has the yummy scent of all the products in the range which is a taming and gloss inducing shampoo that won’t leave your hair looking dry or dehydrated. Upon the first wash I already noticed the shine my hair felt smoother, stronger and less frizzy. Absolutely amazing.


If you haven’t signed up for yours head over to to sign up, browse the store or get amazing beauty advice.



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