Quay 5 two oceans wine

Beautifully packaged quay 5 goodies

Beautifully packaged quay 5 goodies

Two Oceans Quay 5 is about “responsible summer fun in every colour under the sun”. The wine contains just 5,5% alcohol and, even better, has around half the calories of a regular wine. So less calories means less of the guilty feeling of gaining weight and who doesn’t love that.The range contains a red, a white and a rosé. I love all of them especially the rosé.

♥Quay 5 Rosé: Expertly blended for light, fruity and berry aromas and flavours of tangy,refreshing berries, Turkish Delight and candy floss. Just 5,5% alcohol and 63 calories per 120ml glass.

♥Quay 5 White: Light, fruity and floral aromas and a great taste of fresh,lively tropical fruit with a spark of citrus. Just 5,5% alcohol and 62 calories per 120ml glass.

♥Quay 5 Red: Expect lively, spicy berry aromas with traces of chocolate and spice. Just 5,5% alcohol and 64 calories per 120ml glass.

I also got the pretty scarf for summer

Quay 5 retails from R28(now that’s affordable!) a bottle from selected liquor outlets nationally. Check out the facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Quay5SA

xoxo queenC

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