My experience at Urban escape spa and all you need to know about gelish

urban escape logoDSC02442DSC02443DSC02450

I love visiting spas it’s always such a treat to be pampered. Last week I was invited by Sonette to come in and visit the Urban escape spa situated in Hobart grove shopping centre in Bryanston. Whenever I attend a spa I love getting gelish done on my hands and feet and a facial or massage. At urban escape I opted for a gelish mani and pedi and a dermalogica facial.

a lot of dermalogica
a lot of dermalogica
The entrance
The entrance


pedi and mani lounge
pedi and mani lounge


the gorgeous view
the gorgeous view


The facial room
The facial room

Here is some info about urban escape which I got off the website Check out the website for all the prices and treatments.
URBAN ECAPE owners Ilana and Jean have used their diverse knowledge of different industries to create a novel experience for their guests. Ilana’s long-standing track record in the beauty industry and Jean’s interior-design and hospitality skills, all play an active role in bringing the unique, distinctly Urban elements of the salon to life!Whether you are looking to improve your skin through targeted treatments, to find the perfect gift, or to celebrate aspecial occasion with friends in our pedi lounge; our stylish, vibrant spa will lift your spirits and feed your soul”
The staff were really friendly and the view was gorgeous whilst I had my mani and pedi in the lounge. Tanya took care of me during my visit and she did an amazing job.

I chose gossip girl and waterfield as an accent nail
I chose gossip girl and waterfield as an accent
what i would do for a nail polish displayer like this
what i would do for a nail polish displayer like this
all the gelish colours you can choose from
all the gelish colours you can choose from

Now let me chat about gelish as many of you are still pretty uncertain. Gelish is basically what you can call a permanent nail polish, it goes on just like a normal polish would by being painted on with polishes. Trust me if you go gelish you will never be able to look at a normal nail polish the same way ever again! I’ve been using gelish for 3 years now and it’s so much better than normal nail polishes because I am really bad at waiting for nail polishes to dry and gelish dries instantly since you pop it under a UV or LED lamp. It does not damage the nail at all and actually strengthens it since it makes the nails super hard. I get high gloss nails that don’t chip since gelish doesn’t budge it only grows out with your nail, I can wear it for a month before I remove it. Removal is really easy too you just need to buff the shiny part of your nail and the soak a cotton ball in acetone, place it on your finger and wrap in tin foil, within minutes it will melt off. If you don’t want to go into the salon to have it done Nailene sells a gelish kit where you can do it yourself and for colours a helpful hint is that you can actually just use normal nail polish so you don’t have to invest in specific gelish polishes, the only thing that is important really is the gelish base and top coat.

Review: Throw away your eyelash curlers as Rimmel 24 hr supercurler volume & curl mascara has arrived

rimmel supercurler mascara 2

Rimmel mascaras such a nostalgic memory I have of their mascaras. I was about 11 and I was wondering around Clicks beauty section looking for my first ever mascara as I had just learnt that I really need a mascara for my non-existent lashes I was immediately drawn to the Rimmel glam’ eyes mascara the packaging was just so eye catching and was my fave colour pink. What was inside was just as amazing and was the only mascara that I have ever finished.

Rimmel supercurler mascara 1 rimmel supercurler mascara 3 rimmel supercurler mascara 3 (2) rimmel super curler mascara 4 rimmel supercurler mascara 8 rimmel supercurler mascara 7 rimmel supercurler mascara 6

Now I typical asian lashes they are very short and lie quite flat so I have to be really fussy when it comes to the type of mascaras that will actually work on my lashes so there aren’t many mascaras that land on my beauty desk that really wow me and I’ve tossed many alike. If you were wondering for asian eyes you need a wand that is not too big, a formula which is not too wet and a lengthening mascara. Which is why this mascara is not particularly suited for my lashes specifically suited for my lashes but may be for yours.

The Rimmel 24 HR supercurler mascara basically offers is a volumising  mascara with a 24 hr curling power so you can use it without an eyelash curler.  This is a really great idea since eyelash curlers can be quite a torture instrument as clipping your eyelid is extremely painful but I have to curl my lashes otherwise the mascara won’t make any difference to my lashes.

Rimmel supercurler mascara before and after

Now for what I thought:

Packaging wise I always love rimmel mascaras they make the most beautiful eye catching tubes, this one is a beautiful metallic purple rocket shape, the large rocket shape makes it easy to hold and find in your makeup bag.

The brush is very large and curved to shape the contours of your eye. Personally because my lashes are short I find the smaller the brush the better it works for my lashes. The curve on the brush is the main feature for the curling effect as it actually scoops the lashes upwards.

The formula is rather dry but I prefer this over really wet formula that take longer to dry so when I blink I end of with a hot mess. The colour is a really intense black. The brush doesn’t pick up much product so you can go from natural and build it up to how dramatic you want  it. It doesn’t offer much length but does wrap the lashes nicely without clumping to offer volume. For my lashes it did hold up the lashes for the whole day however it wasn’t as dramatic as if I used a lash curler since my lashes literally lie down so curling it is a real mission. There is also minimal flaking and fallout at the end of the day under the eye.

You can find this mascara at all major retailers like Clicks, Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Foschini, Edgars, The Hub, Pick n Pay and pharmacies for R119.95

Review: Karl Lagerfeld Private Klub EDP

karl lagerfeld private klub 6 karl lagerfeld private klub 1 Karl lagerfeld private klub

Karl Lagerfeld has launched Private Klub, a new intense fragrance celebrating youth, life, confidence and a VIP guest list. Private Klub is a fragrance for women, inspired by the fleeting nightlife of a sexy woman who goes from club to club and a trail of scent left behind there.

Karl lagerfeld private club 3 karl lagerfeld private klub 2 karl lagerfeld private klub 7

Private Klub bottles are coated with a gold ombré lacquer for the women’s version and silver for the men’s and feature clean lines that evoke Karl Lagerfeld’s ready-to-wear collections. The box and the bottles have identical designs to the first fragrance (Karl Lagerfeld) just the colour scheme is different. Really love the shape of these bottles with the buffed corners they ooze elegance and sophistication. The vial could have been very nice but the gold overspray gives it a cheap look.

Fragrance notes are as follows:
Top notes: Bergamot, Citrus, Peppercorns
Middle notes: Magnolia, Rose, Violet
Base notes: Almond, Musk, Cashmeran *
* Is a synthetic fragrance (not obtained from nature), but is based on musk / amber -> the sense of cashmere .. which can be found as a signature note in the Thierry Mugler fragrances.
This is classified in the floriental (floral oriental) family.

karl lagerfeld private klub 4

karl lagerfeld private klub 5

Even thought note wise some of the notes are the same as the original it smells really different in comparison, the original which I prefer is more light and floral very suitable for day time and private club is more warm and strong smelling more of an evening scent. The fragrance releases an ultra-feminine signature full of vitality, modernity and contemporary glamour. It’s a very unique perfume. It lingers very long. Peppercorns as a top note is something you smell immediately which is what makes it a very alluring perfume. This scent is sweet and very similar to Dolce & Gabbana the one desire.
Retail price: R995 (85ml) | R695 (45ml) | R495 (25ml)

Review: Jimmy choo blossom EDP


Jimmy choo blossom

jimmy choo blossom ad

“Every time I slip on my Jimmy Choo heels or pick up my Jimmy Choo handbag, I feel like a different person. When I was asked to work on Jimmy Choo Blossom, I immediately imagined a joyful fragrance that lifts your spirits, gives you great confidence and makes you feel beautiful and alluring. I tried to find the right balance between happy, uplifting and luxurious citrus and red fruits and very feminine ingredients such as beautiful addictive florals, sandalwood and a deeply sensual musk. I wanted to produce the sensation of an endless shower of petals that swirl around you forever.”

Louise Turner, Perfumer

jimmy choo blossom 11 (2) jimmy choo blossom 11 jimmy choo blossom 13

Described as – It is perfect for bold & bright young party girls. It this elements of sparkles and vivacious imagine the sip of a first cocktail, the clinking of glasses with the girls, the sexy soundtrack on the dance floor. The box speaks for it self, sparkling glitter pink box that wows my heart instantly. The bottle itself looks with fuschia ombré emphasizes the multi-faceted glass with a diamond cap. Looks like the flash range bottles. Jimmy choo really know how to make beautiful bottles just like their shoes. Probably the most beautiful in my book since it’s pink and I love all thing pink and glittery.

Top Notes: Sweet Pea, Rose

Heart Notes: Berries, Citrus

Base Notes: White Musk, Sandalwood

If you look at the notes per level you’ll notice they didn’t use many notes as a standard fragrance will usually consist of at least 3 but this makes the fragrance more pure as there is not too much going on.It smells sort of sweet and sour at the same time with a hint of flowers.

Initially as the name suggested I expected more of a floral scent but it is actually a fruity floral and because the florals are up top the fruit is actually more prominent. It’s a modern, feminine and delicate scent. This is a slightly sweet, girly and fruity fragrance that pairs great with hot weather. It is more light and sweeter compared to all the other Jimmy Choos which I find slightly overpowering and heavy. Jimmy Choo blossom is a perfect spring-summer fragrance. Lasting power is amazing it will last you the entire day.

Retail price: R1050 (100ml EDP) | R795 (60ml EDP) | R595 (40ml EDP)

Available at selected EdgarsRed SquareFoschiniTruworths,Stuttafords  stores.

jimmy choo blossom 3 jimmy choo blossom 4 jimmy choo blossom 5 jimmy choo blossom 6 jimmy choo blossom 8 jimmy choo blossom 12 jimmy chooo blossom 7

Sweet! A perfume inspired by the sweetest game ever! The Candy crush EDP has arrived!

candy crush 2 candy crush 17 candy crush edp_mh1439305991831

91 Million daily players with 76 million Facebook Fans…. That’s a whole lot of sweetness going on.

I don’t know about you but I am totally addicted to this game. You get a lovely surprise when you open the carton it will tell you its name….. Swwweet

candy crush 16 candy crush 15 candy crush 14 candy crush 13 candy crush 12

A blend of candied fruit and sweet orange blossom gives way to the warm feminine floral heart of this fun yet luxurious perfume experience. Full of personality, the Sweet! Eau de Parfum opens with a sparkly and spontaneous fruity burst of toffee apple and juicy plum evolving into a shimmering vibrant floral bouquet of intense sugared rose petals.  Finally, the fragrance culminates in soft, warm Vanilla base notes which wrap all the sweet notes together creating a modern fragrance with an elegant fruity-floral composition.

Fruity (Apple, Orange Blossom and Plum).

Floral (Rose, Lily and Muguet).

Vanilla (Vanilla, Sandalwood and Teak).

I really love how they didn’t just make the scent smell sweet like candy like I would have expected which makes it a very practical scent to wear. It’s quite light and fresh smelling and more floral than fruity smelling. I haven’t seen many scents that contain apple note besides the DKNY range so it’s very refreshing to see they aren’t going the traditional fruity route.The flacon of the new perfume Sweet! Is made of glass, with fun details and a matte golden cap. It is decorated with a pendant shaped like a plate with name Candy Crush. The fragrance is available as 75 ml EDP. Exclusive to Foschini Stores Nationwide, retails for R595. 

candy crush 11 candy crush 10 (2) candy crush 10 candy crush 9 candy crush 8 candy crush 7 candy crush 6 candy crush 3 candy crush 5

3 new fragrances from the oh so sexy Agent Provocateur

For those who are unfamiliar with Agent Provocateur, it is a luxury London originated lingerie brand with designs that are not only elegant and sexy, but playful and empowering. Who wouldn’t feel good knowing you have that kind of sex appeal underneath all those layers! Although we don’t get them here in SA we now have access to their fragrances. It’s basically the equivalent to a victoria’s secret.

Agent provocateur group Agent provocateur group2


agent provocateur signiture Agent provocateur signiture1 Agent provocateur signiture2

This is the first scent. Encased in a wonderfully pink ostrich egg shaped bottle in a frame type box.

Note wise we have:

Top: Indian Saffron, Russian Coriander

Mid: Moroccan Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, French Magnolia, Ylang,

White Gardenia

Base: Haitian Vetiver, Amber, Musk

The scent defiately oozes seduction, pleasure and the provocation of the senses. I would classify this as an oriental. Heavy, boozy, strong and spicy almost masculine and I definitely a man could get away with wearing this. Use sparingly as it is very strong and lasts the whole day the scent won’t change much during the day. Deep, edgy, dark and alluring more suited as an evening scent not something I would wear during the day… Not for the faint hearted I see more for attention seeking, adventurous dare devils wearing this. This is a really dark, floral-spicy and complex scent, and needs to be experienced. There’s nothing girlish or sweet or coquettish about it – it’s bold and aggressively sensual and a bit filthy. I think this one has the makings of a very long term “scarlet-woman” classic, and it’s in mighty fine company. Paper-y woody note of amber and vetiver combined with warm musks, but it is the saffron along with the upbeat coriander that bring a rather animalic and weirdly “dirty” quality to the fragrance making it the olfactory equivalent of an aged Hollywood star the morning after she has had a rampant night out. I would describe the heart as a smoky, resinous, floral, amber with a touch of powder. As befits a lingerie manufacturer this is a scent with a distinct tang of the boudoir. To best describe it is powdery and spicy at the same time kind of like incense most likely from saffron. This is more aimed at more mature woman the reason I say this is because they haven’t incorporated any fruity notes in it which is associate with playfulness. You can see that they were trying to make a classical timeless scent like a YSL opium or Chanel no. 5 and when I smell it kind of smells like a combination of the 2.

Available at selected Stuttafords Retail price: R1095 (100ml) | R795 (50ml) |R545 (30ml)


Agent provocateur fatale 1 agent provocateur fatale group 1 Agent provocateur fatale group agent provocateur fatale

The fatale collection definitely seems to be more youthful and more like your usual scents on the markets the box kind of reminds me of a leather like feel. The bottle is quite pretty too reminds me of a crystal. A sleek, multi- faceted bottle with a fishnet pattern on the cap and the famous logo.

The fragrance gains inspiration from the 1940’s Hollywood femme fatale – an incredibly mysterious, seductive, and charming woman with an aura that can’t help but draw you in. It speaks to the modern day woman who goes to work during the day time, but still has the time and energy to be free whether it’s going out with friends, on a date, or heading home and taking care of a family.

Note wise we have:

TOP: Pink Pepper, Mango, Blackcurrant

MID: Gardenia, Orris, and Patchouli

BASE: Musk, Vanilla Orchid, Chocolate, Labdanum

Mango- juicy and ripe, in a bed of vanilla, and chocolate, hinting at seduction but not as sultry and distinctive as expected. Pink pepper fizzes with the mango. Blackcurrant, tart with a dollop of cream. Patchouli? I’d say a touch candy floss in there too. Musk and orris come out to play after 30 minutes or so.

Referred to as a “floriental” or ‘Fruitchouli’ (known in the fragrance world as a spicy floral that transitions to a heavier base), Fatale, is just the right amount of sweet and spicy! Fatale is sweet and floral at first, but as time passes and the scent settles into your skin, you can begin to smell the mid and base notes that are heavier and muskier. Lasting power of 4 hours.

It’s fun, I suppose it’s sexy, but not in the way Agent Provocateur’s first fragrances were- they were naughty and daring. Agent Provocateur has stepped into mainstream terrain. Within an hour I am reminded of Coco Mademoiselle somehow it nods in that direction… fresh, fruit and sweet. Fatale is seductive, sweet, addictive, and charming. It is fun and playful that I can wear it any time of the day.

Available at selected Stuttafords Retail price: R1095 (100ml) | R795 (50ml) | R545 (30ml)


Agent provocateur fatale pink 1 Agent provocateur fatale pink 2 Agent provocateur fatale pink last

Sexy sexy!
Sexy sexy!

Note wise:

Top: Tangerine, pear blossom, yuzu, whipped cream

Heart: Datura flower, white camellia, pink lotus

Base: Bamboo, musk, black saffron

This fragrance was released for the Asian market which is why they most likely chose these notes Pear blossom, yuzu, camellia, lotus and bamboo are all notes which are popularly found in Asia.

I would wear this on a hot humid day, it’s watery and light. The most prominent notes are the pear and the musky. The other notes give a pretty, white cream floral and fresh blur. Tangerine gives soft citrus. Hours later there is a surprising sudden floral peak. There is a “thinness”- I think pink lotus has that effect, but with cream, and interesting sounding notes like saffron and datura I would expect a denser scent. Enigmatic and glamorous could describe this, but seductive? Introverted, innocent seduction- a hugely new direction for this usually racy brand.

Available at selected Stuttafords Retail price: R1095 (100ml) | R795 (50ml) | R545 (30ml)

How to beat dry lips and memories of lip-ice original


IMG-20150701-00692 IMG-20150701-00694Lips are the focal point of you face and we use them for so many things so we always want them to look polished and in prim condition. And let’s face it is rather embarrassing to have scaly bleeding lips (way to kill the mood right?!) I’ve suffered from dry lips all my childhood but since I’ve started blogging I’ve learnt many things to keep it at bay. Let me emphasise that there is no instant solution to cracked/dry lips this takes constant maintenance so no magic cure product here unfortunately. Dry lips can be very annoying especially during winter. Here’s a list of beauty tips for dry lips that will help you sail through any time of the year with beautiful and moisturized lips. You may think of chapped lips as something that only happens in the winter. But the truth is, unless you take special care, your lips can get dry, sore, and scaly any time of year. If you do these things, you could be your own worst enemy when it comes to healthy lips. You Go Commando Your lips don’t have oil glands, and they’re almost always exposed to the elements. So if you don’t take care of them, you’ll pay the price. What can you do to keep them safe?

  1. Lip balms – a must for dry lips: Lips balms act as a protection from the sun. A thin coat is good enough to keep it greasy and it also helps lips from getting chapped. Use the right lip Balm Peppermint enriched lip balms soothe the chapped lips. A good balm can buffer your delicate lip skin from the elements. Choose one high in emollients. Check the ingredient list for petrolatum, which locks in moisture, and dimethicone which seals off cracks and splits in drying lips. Apply early and often. Whatever type of product you choose, apply it before you put on lipstick or lip gloss, not after. To keep your lips protected, reapply frequently, apply first thing in the morning, last thing at night your cleanser may actually be drying out your lips —both salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide disrupt your pH balance and can cause chipping and every couple of hours during the day. To make this easier, stash a tube in your purse, one in the car, a third your desk, and another near the bed. I recommend the Original Lip-Ice has been here since the beginning since 1965 to be exact; it is the original source of lip care and has been looking after South African lips since before you can remember. Comes in a variety of flavours(cherry, spearmint, musk, bubble gum, peach-apricot, orange, cocoa butter and original) and are really affordable(R19,95). It’s back to basics and simple and using these again has just reminded me how much I love them especially the cherry variant. It is nice and thick so it forms a good protective moisture barrier.
  2. Protect your lips when you’re outside choose a lip balm with sun protection year-round.
  3. Drink up. Not enough water factors inside and outside your body can dry out your lips. You know it has tons of benefits for your body. One of those is to fight the dehydration that leads to chapped lips. On one hand we spoke of moisture being lost from your lips, now let’s talk about how you can regain it. The obvious answer is to drink lots of water to keep the level of moisture balanced. It also helps to clean up your system for an overall healthy body. Hydrating from the inside will help keep your lips from getting dry.
  4. Use a humidifier indoors. These devices provide the moisture your lips and skin crave. It’s great to have one at work as well as at home, especially in the winter. Turn it on at night to replenish your skin while you sleep.
  5. Don’t lick your lips. While it might seem like a good idea at the time, running your tongue over your lips is the worst thing you can do for them. As your saliva dries, it takes more moisture from your skin. Reach for your lip balm instead. Licking your lips when they are dry is a common habit that all of us have. But it is not a good idea if you’re looking to treat dry lips. It is a vicious circle, you lick, it dries and you lick again. Biting doesn’t help either (yes I am talking to you Anastasia from fifty shades of grey). It makes the lips dry and sometimes bleed too. Don’t lick your lips. We lick our dry lips to add some moisture, but it actually dries them out even more. Your saliva contains acids that break down food, but they also irritate your lips. Plus, continuously licking will remove any natural oils you have on your lips.
  6. Avoid irritants that get in touch with your Lips. Ingredients in toothpastes for example are proven to cause irritation on dry lips. Obviously you can’t stop brushing your teeth but just be extra cautious not to let it linger on your lips for too long
  7. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate Yes, don’t look so shocked but you do have lip scrubs to exfoliate your lips. It is obviously to help you get rid of the dead skin and make your lips soft and supple, ready to be kissed! Use a lip exfoliator or make an at-home paste with sugar and honey. For very sensitive lips, use a clean, soft toothbrush and brush it back and forth.
  8. For chapped and sore lips, slice up a cucumber into thin pieces and leave them over lips for five minutes (try it while you’re watching TV). It helps rehydrates your lips, and feels fantastic.
  9. Stick to lipsticks with conditioners like vitamin E, macadamia oil, and shea butter. Take a pass on matte lip colours in favour of moisturizing lipsticks. If you must go matte (hey, it’s a hot trend this season!), apply a lip conditioner before.
  10. If your lips are chapped, take a pass on drinking orange juice, eating grapefruit, and putting any other citrus fruits near your lips—they can cause more dryness.
  11. Say goodbye to those hot wings for a while, because yes, spicy foods can dry out your lips.
  12. Suffering from really bad chapping? Look for a treatment with ceramides, which help to restore the skin barrier.

Slim Sonic A Toothbrush That’s A Fashion Accessory!

Pretty pretty
Pretty pretty

Ever hated hauling around your electric tooth brush while travelling worrying about how to store it keeping it clean and it being quite heavy. Well that’s where the awesome peeps at VIOlife came up with a solution for us this brush is pretty awesome it comes in 19 trendy designs is light weight and super compact at first glance you wouldn’t even think it was a tooth brush it kind of reminds me of a tube of mascara really. The cap clicks shut tightly so you know it is properly sealed and the cap won’t come off randomly in your bag which also happens to nicely cover the button so you won’t have to worry about it turning on. The 3 ventilation holes at the top keep the brush hygienic and clean as we wouldn’t want any fungi or germs forming. It operates at a powerful 22000 strokes per minute so don’t underestimate the power of this little gadget. It operates on a AAA battery which I recommend you take out if you plan on not using it for an extended amount of time. The battery and additional brush head are included in the pack. To summarise this can be categorised as a hybrid between a normal tooth brush and an electric tooth brush.


You can purchase yours at for R299