Review: Garnier Probiotic Fractions repairing sheet mask for face and eyes

Sheet mask are the ultimate pamper essential and Garnier have an entire range of them for all skin concerns their latest being the probiotic Fractions repairing sheet mask.

The info:

Our probiotic mask contains 2 Million Probiotic Fractions and an eye mask containing ½ million probiotic fractions known for their repairing properties. Supercharged with probiotic fractions, after 4 weeks, skin feels repaired and looks healthier, with a radiant glow. On the surface, it boosts skin’s reparative function and helps to strengthen your skin’s delicate barrier. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. Don’t bin your mask, compost it! Because we are committed to the environment, we made our sheet mask compostable in home-compost conditions. If you don’t own a home-compost, please discard your mask with the pack in the general waste bin. Vegan Formula: No animal derived ingredients or by-products. All Garnier products globally are officially approved by Cruelty Free International under the Leaping Bunny Programme, the leading organisation working to end animal testing worldwide, and the recognised Cruelty Free Gold Standard.

The product:

This mask really packs a punch with noticeable difference directly after usage already, my skin felt pampered, hydrated, plump and glowing.

I like to put mine in the fridge for a few hours to give an extra cooling effect. What I love about sheet masks is that they lock the formula onto your face so you can go about your evening without any transfer. I sometimes sleep with them on too. You can leave it on for as little as 15 minutes but to reap even more benefits I left mine on till it was fully dried so I knew that my skin had soaked up all the goodness which took about an hour.

The mask is fully itself is fully compostable. When I took it out the packaging the mask was fully saturated and there was no excess in the packet. The mask fit really well on my small face and did not fall off as there are cuts around the mask where you can secure the sides. The serum itself also helped the face adhere to the mask.

Highly recommend. They can be found at most pharmacies and stores at a steal of RRP of €4.99 but I have currently seen it at boots for half price.

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Disclosure: Garnier PR sent me this product. All opinions in this blog post are 100% my own and honest.

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