Are you a Hoity Toity kind of girl?




Hoity Toity is fun and flirtatious perfume line from Lentheric, inspired by French girls of the 1920s. Mon cheris, say bonjour to Hoity Toity Lola Jour and Hoity Toity Lola Nuit (pronounced ‘nwee’): Hoity Toity’s brand new fragrances. Say bonjour mademoiselles to Lola she hails from the most fabulous fashion capital Paris, she is a fashionista. Lola is cheeky and playful.The Lola girl knows exactly what she wants and more importantly she knows how to get it. Femininity and charm are her weapons of choice. She is spontaneous, mysterious and oh so irresistible.


I’m definitely a Lola girl which is probably why I feel in love with these scents immediately. I love how the packaging is so chic and elegant. Both scents are very delicate and feminine. Jour (meaning day) is my favourites it’s very floral and light I pick a lot of rose notes. Also love nuit (meaning night) both described perfectly in the name. Nuit is more sensual with powdery floral notes, a perfect night scent as it is a bit more mysterious and strong.


The hoity toity brand is pretty affordable you can snatch these up for under R200 but the lasting power is not so impressive but not horrible either I can get about half days wear from it before it completely fades but that’s not really an issue because they are so compact that you can just carry it around and reapply during the day.


Meet Lola



2 thoughts on “Are you a Hoity Toity kind of girl?

  1. Hey, would you happen to know where I can buy the fragrances online? I tried looking everywhere but they don’t ship in Canada… any help or where you bout yours would be greatly appreciated. I love the way they smell.

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