Review: REN wake wonderful night-time facial

REN wake wonderful night-time facial (2)Now as a beauty blogger I don’t often get blown away by skincare products as I’ve seen it all but REN is a brand that always manages to surprise me with all their innovations in skincare especially their masks which are my go to brand if I’m reaching for a mask. Previously their masks always served up a lot of power and worked almost instantly. I’m quite bad though when it comes to remembering or making the time to apply mask this is why I was so excited when I received the news about the all new mask innovation from REN the wake wonderful night-time facial.

This is basically a facial in a bottle so quick and easy you just pop this on in lieu of moisturiser before you go to bed 2-3 times a week and let the REN fairies work their magic, no need to rinse it off or anything, it seeps in really quickly because it is quite a runny texture. Upon first usage the next morning when I woke up my skin looked more radiant, softer and hydrated

IMG-20151021-01189 REN wake wonderful night-time facial

In summary how the product works in 3 phases containing many fancy ingredients that actually do work. Lactic and glycolic acids get to work to get rid of any dead skin you have, so you’ll feel some tingling as the exfoliation kicks in (on a side note if you have sensitive skin it is recommended you stay away from these type of chemical exfoliators as it may aggravate your skin) After that minerals including magnesium energise the skin, followed up by a healthy dose of hydration. Omega 3 soothes skin, cranberry seed oil helps reduce UV damage and sodium lactate moisturises and plumps

It retails at R620 for 40ml

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