La prairie white caviar collection review

What if someone could wave a magic wand across your face and banish all dark spots and pigmentation patches, while firming up your skin, boosting hydration levels and taking care of wrinkles? Well, even though it comes in bottles and droppers, rather than the tip of an enchanted wand, La Prairie’s new White Caviar Illuminating Système is a potent alchemy of precious, multitasking ingredients that ushers in a new era of enlightenment in skincare.

At the heart of this complementary three-part system, which is comprised of a fast-penetrating cream and two highly concentrated serums, lies the brand’s most iconic hallmark – rare, royal caviar! This version was born in the Caspian Sea, a place of imperial pleasures in the glorious times of tsars and princes. It is spawned by a white sturgeon, so scarce and so desirable that it was once reserved only for royalty. Now, these golden pearls join space age bio-technology to create a trio of products that is like a feast for your skin:

la prairie white caviar from left to right moisturising cream, eye serum, illuminating serum la prairie white caviar (1)_mh1439301404571 la prairie 1

White Caviar Illuminating Serum: Diolic Acid, Vitamin C and Oligopeptide-34 target the full range of pigmentation problems, including age spots, melasma and dark patches. It also prevents the further development of age spots and discoloration by decreasing melanin production and lowering the transfer of melanin to the skin cells. Besides this, an anti-wrinkle peptide reduces the appearance of wrinkles caused by facial expressions; Resveratrol protects the skin against stress; and anti-oxidants nullify the effects of environmental damage and premature ageing. In the meantime, pearlescent pigments and liquid crystals give the skin a lit-from-within quality – almost like walking around with your own spotlight! The most potent product of the system.This has become one of my favorite serums! It is a beautiful pearlescent serum that melts into your skin that brightens up your entire complexion while reducing wrinkles caused my repeated facial expression! I always say invest your money in serums as they contain the most actives. I really love how clearly you can actually see the pearlescent pigments and I always love serums with a shimmer as it lifts the complexion and gives you a subtle glow which makes you look more awake.I love the pearlescent texture of serum. It literally looks like a melted pearl when you put this on your finger tip and it goes on smooth like velvet.

White Caviar Illuminating Cream: Going to the core of discoloration and age spots, it treats both the source of the problem and alleviates its signs. It also carries a hefty punch of Resveratrol, peptides and anti-oxidants along with a host of other space age ingredients that help maintain youthful firmness. And the effects are almost instantaneous – thanks to the water-in-oil powder emulsion. This is a unique texture, where the active ingredients are suspended in water, to be released when the cream is applied, together with emollients that protect and hydrate the skin. It also has an immediate beautifying effect, producing a thin layer of powder that gives a smooth, even appearance to your complexion.  I thought it would be a lot richer and creamier from the jar, but it’s actually a very light cream that absorbs very quickly into the skin and it kept my combination skin shine free in 90+ degree weather. Really love the scent of this cream once applied it left my skin feeling soft and velvery smooth and even though it was so hydrating it didn’t leave my skin looking like an oil slick when I woke up. This is the only product in the range though that doesn’t have any shimmer in it which I would have liked and it would have been perfect.

White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum: This calls on advanced technologies and active ingredients to zero in on dark circles, which are caused by a combination of excess pigmentation and deficient circulation. Here’s how it works: La Prairie’s Clarifying Whitening Complex and detoxifying Swiss Garden Cress Sprout Extract, together with Tragranate Licorice Extract, reduce excess under-eye pigmentation, stimulate circulation, and help prevent brown spots from forming. Golden Caviar Extracts and Anti-Wrinkle Peptides firm and nourish the skin. An eye zone-specific Crow’s Feet Plumper targets the radiating lines that form in the outer corner of the eyes by reducing the wrinkle network and increasing skin density and caffeine helps reduce the feeling of puffiness.This is the only Eye Serum I’ve used that have dramatically lighten my dark circles. I saw a difference over night. The serum itself looks pearlescent when you put it on your finger, you’d think it’ll make your eyes look glittery, but don’t worry, it disappears onto your skin. I think the pearlescent effect also helps to reflect the light under your eyes to make them look brighter.

My favourite part besides the radiance and banishment of dark spots? The charming packaging – a medley of frosted white bottles trimmed with silver pearls, which make them resemble pieces of jewellery. Magical, indeed!

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