Sweet! A perfume inspired by the sweetest game ever! The Candy crush EDP has arrived!

candy crush 2 candy crush 17 candy crush edp_mh1439305991831

91 Million daily players with 76 million Facebook Fans…. That’s a whole lot of sweetness going on.

I don’t know about you but I am totally addicted to this game. You get a lovely surprise when you open the carton it will tell you its name….. Swwweet

candy crush 16 candy crush 15 candy crush 14 candy crush 13 candy crush 12

A blend of candied fruit and sweet orange blossom gives way to the warm feminine floral heart of this fun yet luxurious perfume experience. Full of personality, the Sweet! Eau de Parfum opens with a sparkly and spontaneous fruity burst of toffee apple and juicy plum evolving into a shimmering vibrant floral bouquet of intense sugared rose petals.  Finally, the fragrance culminates in soft, warm Vanilla base notes which wrap all the sweet notes together creating a modern fragrance with an elegant fruity-floral composition.

Fruity (Apple, Orange Blossom and Plum).

Floral (Rose, Lily and Muguet).

Vanilla (Vanilla, Sandalwood and Teak).

I really love how they didn’t just make the scent smell sweet like candy like I would have expected which makes it a very practical scent to wear. It’s quite light and fresh smelling and more floral than fruity smelling. I haven’t seen many scents that contain apple note besides the DKNY range so it’s very refreshing to see they aren’t going the traditional fruity route.The flacon of the new perfume Sweet! Is made of glass, with fun details and a matte golden cap. It is decorated with a pendant shaped like a plate with name Candy Crush. The fragrance is available as 75 ml EDP. Exclusive to Foschini Stores Nationwide, retails for R595. 

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