Rubybox boutique

For those of you who regularly follow my blog  you will know publish a blog on my rubybox every month so you ladies can get a rough idea of whats in the boxes and hopefully help you decide whether you would like to also be a ruby. But what some of you may not know is they also have a online boutique where you can order many luxurious branded products. The prices of the products are pretty much the same as what you would pay at the store and delivery is R50 standard but if your order is over R300 or if you are an existing subscriber they offer delivery absolutely FREE. And online shopping is the new fad with the petrol price increases every week(welcome to SA ppl). So why not hop over to and see what catches your eye. They add new items every week and sell out pretty fast.

Just last week they added Stila products to the boutique which is an international brand that has just arrived in SA and has probably not even been stocked yet at retail stores! For those of you who haven’t heard of Stila cosmetics to give you a bit of background it was first created in Los Angeles Stila cosmetics have spread its wings  worldwide from America to London and now to South Africa. Derived from the  Italian word “stilare” which means “to pen”, the name Stila was so chosen to  embrace their vision that every woman’s makeup should be as individual  as her own signature.

Below I have compiled just a little collage of the many items you can find at the rubybox boutique.


Just some of the many amazing products

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