July glambox-Special edition woman’s day box

This month’s glambox was brought out just in time for woman’s day and was a special edition to mark the occasion. First thing that deserves a mention which I was trilled about was the beautiful powder pink box with silver engraving “limited edition” as opposed to the normal metallic black box. This month’s box was amazing as it was like no other box we have received from them as they were thinking outside the box so to speak (no pun intended lol). I saw many people complaining because glambox delayed the box in time for woman’s day and also boxes not arriving but I have never had any problems with regards to deliveries and service my box always gets delivered to me before I even expect it and the guys from fastways I have actually made good friends with them and we always end up having a big chat. I have been a subscriber ever since they launched with no problems J.Ok so let’s get down to the content:


1. Grazia Magazine (RSP R20)

More indulgence… 15mins to oneself browsing all the latest fashion, beauty and celeb news! Really enjoyed the read


2. 15ml Gatineau Melatogenine AOX Probiotics Cream (RSP R825-50ml)

Triple defence system containing patented Melatogenine molecule to help visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus powerful anti-oxidants to intensively moisturise and probiotics to help protect and balance skin. There was a wide choice of 4 products the ladies could receive being Gatineau or Elizabeth Arden skin care I was happy with mine as I have not yet tried gatineau face cream range so this should be interesting.


3. Full size Candy Girl Black Twist-Out Eyeliner Pencil (RSP R29.95)

This versatile beauty item can be used to recreate a multitude of looks from the smoky eye to high drama or just to subtly enhance the eye and make them look bigger or smaller. Endless possibilities! I can’t remember when I last picked up an eyeliner pencil as I have become so use to my liquid and gel liner but this will work great for if I want to do a smoky eye as it smudges very easily but has good staying power.


4. 15ml Ultrasun Medium 20 Sensitive Glimmer Formula (RSP R109.98-100ml)

The waterproof sun-glare liposome-gel consists of SOD for a rapid recovery of the skin. It is a white emulsion and consists of reflecting pigments, which makes the skin glitter. The sun-glare is greaseproof, non-perfumed and has no emulators. Great for something to have in my handbag and also great timing since I have just run out of sunscreen.


5. A Selection of Two Beauty Tools

A mix of 2 essential beauty tools to help with the application of lipstick, eye shadow, blush or to shape eyebrows. This was my absolute favourite in the box as a girl can’t have too many makeup brushes. They are I’m assuming glambox brushes since they have no name and I have never seen them before. They are the cutest brushes I have ever seen I got the blush and eyeshadow one and they have cow spotted handles and are so soft. I want to get my hands on the full set because they are just that great J


6. 87g huge slab of Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly (RSP 10)

We know this isn’t strictly a beauty product but its Woman’s month so who needs an excuse for chocolate? You glamgirls are the very first to try this as it’s only hitting stores next week. I felt really privileged to be one of the first to try this chocolate plus it paired really well with the grazia


7. A voucher for a PhytomerSea Water Pearl Facial

Pay just R350 for a 60min facial (Save R200)!


8. A 20% discount on NBAT cosmetics

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