A box for everyone

If you have been following my blog you will notice i always go on about Glambox. well if you don’t know already it is not just the one box they have many variations so their is something for everybody although they do not come out on a monthly basis like the original glambox you can be assured that every box then is amazing packed with lovely goodies. So here are the various alternatives.

The box for men

Yes guys even men can groom and look after themselves so why not get a box filled with amazing goodies especially for you. It’s not only woman who deseve to be spoilt you know 😉

go to http://theboxformen.co.za/ for more info and to order

Bambino box

This is for all those mothers to be or new mothers filled with goodies for both baby and mom. What better way to indulge as we all know pregnancy during and after is not an easy thing

Go to http://www.glambox.co.za/product-287.aspx to order and for more info

Teen glambox

This is for the younger people out their and with the amzing products inside it is all you need for a matric dance or any other special occasion.

For more info and to order go to |http://www.glambox.co.za/product-310.aspx

What more could you ask for something for everyone. So what are you waiting for order yours 🙂


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