Review: Avon October 2015 favourites

Avon is always famous for bringing out so many new products each month so below I chat through my favourites.

Avon october favs

  1. Avon ultra colour lip crayon-raspberry rush (R129,95)

I’ve used these before they have just brought out a new shades. The shade raspberry red is a cross between plum and red. The pen format allows for easy control and can also be used as a lip liner and doesn’t require any sharpening I find these the easiest and most convenient to use. It is very pigmented and glides on smoothly. Smells good enough to eat like lollipops. The formula is creamy but feels a bit heavy on the lips. It is also very hydrating and not drying at all however it can easily transfer and is not long lasting at all but that is expected with the playoff between lasting power and hydration.

avon swatch ultra colour lip crayon raspberry rush

  1. Avon super extend precise liquid liner (R119,95)

Now liquid liners especially pen formats still make me nervy one wrong move and you have a big mess. You really need to know what you are doing and have a steady hand however this can be perfected with practise over time. If you know what you are doing pens are your best friend they are quick and convenient. Packaging wise the pen is very thin and has a grip to make it easy to control and hold I would have however liked the lid to click shut as it feels a bit loose to me so thing may dry quicker but I’ve been using it for about a month and it hasn’t dried yet. The point is very sharp but fortunately it is very soft and bends as you apply. The tip is really thin so you can draw really thin lines for a natural look or build a thick line. The pen glides on really smoothly, doesn’t tug or pull the eye lid, is highly pigmented and dries instantly. I don’t really know why it is called superextend since it is not water proof one drop of water and a gentle rub and it disappears however if you don’t come into contact with water it does stay put the whole day.

  1. Avon 3D plumping lipgloss-mauve (R109,95)

Packaging wise I love the new brush they use  lip brush format instead of a sponge tip. I didn’t notice a massive pluming effect but generally anything glossy or shimmery gives you a 3D effect. It smells strongly of peppermint which is the ingredient that gives you the plumping effect. The peppermint is always what gives you that tingling refreshing feeling when you apply it. Not sticky, is hydrating and moisturises the lip but again not long lasting.

Swatch of superextend eyeliner pen on the left and 3D pluming lipgloss on the right
Swatch of superextend eyeliner pen on the left and 3D pluming lipgloss on the right
  1. Avon glow bronzing pearls-deepest bronze (R159,95)

Now these have been around for ages they have just brought out new shades. This is nice to dust over as a setting powder which matiffies the skin, which warms up the complexion and you a nice healthy sun kissed glow. Or it can be used as a blush if lightly applied over cheeks. I would recommend it for contouring though as it is a bit too orange and shimmery. Lasting power is pretty good as it is still visible by the end of the day. The packaging reminds me of Guerlain meteorites pearls but the balls sometimes get stuck in my brush and it can get messy. The shade deepest bronze is a metallic light copper shade. You need to be quite light handed with this as it is quite pigmented and too much makes you look unnatural like one of those disaster fake tans. The scent bothers me a bit it has a strong “old lady” scent to it but once applied on the face I don’t really notice it.

avon swatch of avon glow bronzing pearls deepest bronze with and without flash

  1. Avon big & false lash volume mascara (R139,95)

Packaging wise I really like the big tube it makes it easy to hold also the lid clicks shut sealing it airtight. The brush is a bit big for my liking as I battled to reach the smaller lashes in the corners and the bottom lashes. The formula is quite dry which makes it dry quickly. I don’t notice a false lash effect however it gives great volume but doesn’t do much on the length side. Quite buildable I applied 3 coats in the photo and it got a little more dramatic after each coat and didn’t clump as the brush separated the lashes nicely. It s great for sensitive eyes as it didn’t irritate my eyes. The formula is quite impressive as it held the curl but retained elasticity and by the end of the day it didn’t crumble and I didn’t notice anything underneath my eye. It was easily removed with my normal cleanser I didn’t need an eye makeup remover.

avon big and dari

  1. Avon colortrend nail enamel-hot (R39,95)

The colour hot can be described as Christmas in a bottle. It’s a nice small bottle so you don’t have to commit to the same colour and it is actually possible to finish the it as I don’t know about you but I have never managed to finish a nail polish. It dries really quickly but the formula is quite thin and the lasting power is not great it chips really quickly but for this price one would expect that.

  1. Avon nail art press-on nails (R119,95)

These remind me a lot of the broadway nails impress but slightly cheaper with better designs. There are 24 in a pack so you will definitely find your size. Love these they really make manis so quick and easy you just peel off the adhesive tab, press and go. So much cheaper and easier they booking a mani at the salon or even painting you nails yourself. There is no drying time or UV lamps required and these don’t damage your nail either. They last really long I got over a weeks wear. Removal is also painless you can just peel them off or use nail polish remover and they come right off. The design stays glossy and remains the same throughout your wear.

avon nail art press-on nails

Review: Make a statement with the all new Hello pretty collection for summer 2015 from Morgan Taylor

Morgan taylor hello pretty 1

It always amazes me how many shades of nail polish a brand can actually come up with and Morgan Taylor is one of those that really impress the collections and new colours just keep on coming.Even though I probably have roughly over 400 bottles of nail polish as I always get sent so many I hardly ever come across the same shade of nail polishes.

This time around Morgan Taylor’s latest collection which can be found in stores as you read this at either Dis-chem or Sorbet salons for R123 is called “Hello pretty” and I have to say hello pretty indeed! It is inspired by Japanese street style (home of hello kitty) which is very bright, eccentric and eye catching. Absolutely perfect for summer where nail polish trends are more bright and bold.

morgan taylor hello pretty 3 Morgan taylor hello pretty 4 Morgan taylor hello pretty last

Packaging wise these remind me of OPI. The formula is thin but not runny. There are 6 shades in the collection but I was sent 2 shades which I will be discussing below. I haven’t tried the other shades in the collection but both of the ones I tried dried to a matte finish. You have to be quite careful with matte polishes as they have both pros and cons. Pros are they dry quicker almost instantly and they are great as a fashion statement. Cons are they don’t last as long (so capping the nail here is vitally important) because they basically leave out the top coat part of the formula. That’s why in theory some polishes claim that you don’t need to actually apply a top coat after their nail polishes but I still like to do it since it just adds that extra seal over the nail instead of being mixed inside. If you worry about ruining the matte look with the top coat you can buy a matte top coat and then basically turn any normal polish matte.

So let’s get on with the swatches

Pop-arazzi pose is a shocking bright neon pink. Really pigmented with 2 coats and applies really smoothly

 Pop-arazzi pose
Pop-arazzi pose

Do you Harajuku? Is a lime green with slight blue shimmer. The blue shimmer is not that noticeable on the nail. This one was quite sheer and it took about 4 coats(even with a white base which is used to help emphasize neon and pastels) to get an even colour on the nail but a really pretty colour still.

Do you harajuku?
Do you harajuku?

Definitely pop in store and give these a try and let me know what you think

Yardley London gel lac nails gets a bottle makeover

yardley gel lac group 1 yardley gel lac group 2 yardley gel lac nails group 3 yardley gel lac nails

Now this range has been around for quite a while now but has recently been given a bottle revamp it actually looks very similar to Nails Inc bottles. The formula is exactly the same.

What Yardley says about it: “This easy to apply nail polish will give you fabulous shine and volume-perfect gel-look without the fuss. With its ultra brilliant intense colour, outstanding one coat application and fantastic gloss and  volume your nails are sure to say Va-va voom! “Just apply one coat with the flat brush and wait to dry no need for UV lights. To remove simply use some nail polish remover. For added gloss and volume add a second coat.

Now I’ve had my fair share of gelish manicures but not everybody has the time or money to buy the kits or go into the salon so the thought of having a gelish manicure in a bottle is something of a dream and many brands have been trying to come out with nail polishes that come close but haven’t yet truly nailed it but I believe we can get there. Nail polishes are vitally important they just add an instant fashion accessory to your outfit and the possibilities, colours and nail art can just be endless.

The brush on these babies I must first mention are the best I have ever used it’s a flat wide brush with a rounded tip and the exact right length it just makes applying it so simple, quick and mess free. The rounded tip makes it easy to just swipe the polish on without getting it on the cuticles. With a straight tip brush you have to manoeuvre the brush around the cuticle area with can be messy. The fact that it is a flat brush means the full brush will be as close to the nail bed as possible, most brands tend to use round brushes. The wide brush helps to pick up enough polish and cover the entire nail in one swipe as opposed to 3 swipes.


The polish itself is thicker than a normal nail polish which makes for quicker, easier gel like application. These dry incredibly quickly. They are more pigmented than normal nail polishes. I applied 2 coats with a base coat(to prevent staining) and no top coat and my nails did look glossy like if I were to apply a top coat usually and it lasted a little over a week. My nails look glossy and feel smooth but the glossiness does wear off a bit as the days go by.

There is a massive variety of shades and the great thing is the names are really what the colours are so no confusion there.

I was sent 5 to show you below:

The first shade is scarlet red

yardley gel lac nails scarlet red

My favourite from the range applied this as soon as I saw it. This is the perfect classic red. I love red nails it is the LBD (little black dress) of nail polishes basically, it’s just such a timeless classical colour that just goes with every colour outfit and just something every woman if they don’t already have it needs. You can wear it during any season. This one you can get away with one coat of this.


yardley gel lac nails plum

A beautiful dark purple very great winter colour. You will need 2 coats of this as it contains less white pigment so it can be a bit sheer with 1 coat.

Nothing but nude

yardley gel lac nails nothing but nude

This is a gorgeous nude shade very understated and toned down for somebody who doesn’t want to make a statement but still wants a my nails but better look. One coat is enough.


yardley gel lac nails fuschia

A bright bold pink. More of a summer shade. Quite sheer so you will need to apply 2 coats.

Firey tangerine

yardley gel lac nails firey tangerine

Very bright bold orange for the more daring. One coat looks great

These are definitely worth a look at next time you are at the Yardley stand.