{Bloggers series} What’s in my handbag

The first from my series is the lovely Chantelle from http://cocktailsandorgies.blogspot.com

A bit about her: I began blogging on 9 May 2006 as a digital alternative to the journals I had kept since 1993. I decided to start a new blog anonymously – so that I did not have to censor my feelings any more and on 16 November 2009; Cocktails & Orgies was born. This was my first post. Reading over that post – I can feel how much I have changed today as I write this. Today my blog name has changed to Cocktails & Memories, but it is still an honest account of my life. I blog about whatever I want to talk about on any given day.



I had to take 2 photos of my handbag contents because I have that many things! A girl never knows what she may need in an emergency. I reckon if  ever were deserted on an island, I would survive for a long time. Who knew I was this organised!?


HB 1:

  1. Vogue Spectacles (I am supposed to wear glasses full time – needless to say, I don’t)
  2. Little Bag of everything (contents listed below)
  3. Office Keys
  4. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick-Pink Sizzle
  5. Physicians Formula Plump Potion
  6. Tampons/Pads
  7. Hairclip
  8. Pens and Pencil Set
  9. Mini LED Torch
  10. Spoon
  11. 4 x Memory Sticks!
  12. Pepper Spray
  13. Purse – no money, lots of cards!
  14. ID Book
  15. Notepad
  16. Cellphone (My best friend)


HB2: Little Bag of everything

  1. Foldable Hairbrush with mirror
  2. Face Powder
  3. Pill box with Anti Histamines
  4. MAC lipstick – Marvellous
  5. Avon lipstick – Cozy Mauve
  6. Tiger Balm
  7. Grey eyeshadow
  8. Prada Candy Perfume
  9. Hand Cream
  10. Mints
  11. Optive Lubricating Eye Drops
  12. Skin Toner
  13. Mascara
  14. Eyeliner
  15. Sunscreen
  16. MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner Virtuous Violet
  17. Cotton Pad for use with toner
  18. Waterless Hand Sanitiser
  19. Toothbrush
  20. Muscle Relaxer
  21. Nurofen
  22. Hairband and Hairclip
  23. Floss
  24. Satin Floss

Thanks once again to the lovely Chantelle for being part of my series. I really enjoyed peaking into your handbag and boy do you carry a lot of stuff!

2 thoughts on “{Bloggers series} What’s in my handbag

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