Yardley London gel lac nails gets a bottle makeover

yardley gel lac group 1 yardley gel lac group 2 yardley gel lac nails group 3 yardley gel lac nails

Now this range has been around for quite a while now but has recently been given a bottle revamp it actually looks very similar to Nails Inc bottles. The formula is exactly the same.

What Yardley says about it: “This easy to apply nail polish will give you fabulous shine and volume-perfect gel-look without the fuss. With its ultra brilliant intense colour, outstanding one coat application and fantastic gloss and  volume your nails are sure to say Va-va voom! “Just apply one coat with the flat brush and wait to dry no need for UV lights. To remove simply use some nail polish remover. For added gloss and volume add a second coat.

Now I’ve had my fair share of gelish manicures but not everybody has the time or money to buy the kits or go into the salon so the thought of having a gelish manicure in a bottle is something of a dream and many brands have been trying to come out with nail polishes that come close but haven’t yet truly nailed it but I believe we can get there. Nail polishes are vitally important they just add an instant fashion accessory to your outfit and the possibilities, colours and nail art can just be endless.

The brush on these babies I must first mention are the best I have ever used it’s a flat wide brush with a rounded tip and the exact right length it just makes applying it so simple, quick and mess free. The rounded tip makes it easy to just swipe the polish on without getting it on the cuticles. With a straight tip brush you have to manoeuvre the brush around the cuticle area with can be messy. The fact that it is a flat brush means the full brush will be as close to the nail bed as possible, most brands tend to use round brushes. The wide brush helps to pick up enough polish and cover the entire nail in one swipe as opposed to 3 swipes.


The polish itself is thicker than a normal nail polish which makes for quicker, easier gel like application. These dry incredibly quickly. They are more pigmented than normal nail polishes. I applied 2 coats with a base coat(to prevent staining) and no top coat and my nails did look glossy like if I were to apply a top coat usually and it lasted a little over a week. My nails look glossy and feel smooth but the glossiness does wear off a bit as the days go by.

There is a massive variety of shades and the great thing is the names are really what the colours are so no confusion there.

I was sent 5 to show you below:

The first shade is scarlet red

yardley gel lac nails scarlet red

My favourite from the range applied this as soon as I saw it. This is the perfect classic red. I love red nails it is the LBD (little black dress) of nail polishes basically, it’s just such a timeless classical colour that just goes with every colour outfit and just something every woman if they don’t already have it needs. You can wear it during any season. This one you can get away with one coat of this.


yardley gel lac nails plum

A beautiful dark purple very great winter colour. You will need 2 coats of this as it contains less white pigment so it can be a bit sheer with 1 coat.

Nothing but nude

yardley gel lac nails nothing but nude

This is a gorgeous nude shade very understated and toned down for somebody who doesn’t want to make a statement but still wants a my nails but better look. One coat is enough.


yardley gel lac nails fuschia

A bright bold pink. More of a summer shade. Quite sheer so you will need to apply 2 coats.

Firey tangerine

yardley gel lac nails firey tangerine

Very bright bold orange for the more daring. One coat looks great

These are definitely worth a look at next time you are at the Yardley stand.

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