Guest post: Achieve a Model’s Mindset: How to Feel Beautiful & Confident in Your Own Skin

A lot of people think that if they just looked better, were more successful, or were skinnier, they will feel more comfortable in their own skin. But experts say that being confident is not just about having a beautiful appearance.

Even model talent management agencies that handle the careers of the most classically beautiful faces in the world emphasize: no beauty tips will help you until you learn and understand what self-worth is. Instead of filling your mind with thoughts of the things you wish you had, you must find beauty in things you already have, whether this pertains to your appearance, personality, or your career.

If you want to become more confident in your own skin, here are six ways for you to do just that.

1. Build Your Self-Worth

Instead of validating your worth through other people’s opinions, you must find your self-worth to become confident in who you are. If you are a perfectionist or you live for other people’s validation, you are prohibiting yourself from becoming comfortable in your own skin because you are living based on other people’s standards.

If you live this way, building self-worth will take much more effort. You need to teach yourself how to overcome self-doubt, discomfort and insecurity. You need to develop your own realistic standards for yourself, and learn to quit living in the shadow of others.

2. Be More Self-Aware

Becoming self-aware does not happen overnight. However, taking baby steps to become more aware of yourself will help you grow more confident.

Be willing to see the good, ugly, bad, and exceptional things in yourself. When listing your strengths and weaknesses, do not judge yourself – all you have to do is to gather as much information as you can about who you are.

If there are things about your character or aspects of your life you feel need to change, work towards realizing them by making them part of your life goals.

3. Accept Your Weaknesses

While on your quest to develop self-awareness, you should also try to accept all your characteristics, or practice self-acceptance. Accept all the qualities you have discovered about yourself. Accept your weaknesses one at a time. Seasoned female models agree that in doing so, you will begin feeling more comfortable in your own skin, regardless of what other people say.

4. Surround Yourself with Positive Individuals

Nobody is perfect! But if you surround yourself with happy and positive people, you will most like become happy and contented with your life. It will also be a lot easier for you to foster self-acceptance because you often hear good comments, and feel encouraged.

5. Practice Gratitude

Avoid taking yourself for granted, even if you do not mean to. Always remember the great things you have contributed to the world no matter how small they may seem, and learn to be grateful for everything you have right now.

Be thankful for all the good things you have already done and can still do using your mind, your body, your spirit and your personality.

6. Practice Self-Care

Do not be harsh on yourself. Everybody makes mistakes so you should not punish yourself each time you commit one. Instead, learn from your mistakes and make it a point not to repeat them. Also, see if you can make fun of your mistakes whenever possible. Remember that the more easygoing you are, the better you will feel.

Practicing self-care means being kind and doing nice things for yourself. For instance, you can create a wellness routine that prioritizes your well-being. This can be a routine you always do first thing in the morning, or just before going to bed.

This can include meditating, going to your favorite beauty salon, taking vitamins, drinking your favorite nutritious smoothie, or reading for inspiration. Having a wellness routine will boost your confidence because you are putting your needs first. By properly taking care of yourself, you will feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Overcoming your insecurities in life may be difficult, but it is not impossible. As long as you strive to remain true to yourself, you will eventually become confident in your own skin.


Jessicka Bell co-founded the AgenC, one of the leading model/talent agencies in the Middle East, in 2014. After just three years in the market, the AgenC now works with most (if not all) of the heavy hitters in media and fashion, as well as represents over 1,000 talents ranging from international models through to cast, kids, creatives and photographers.

Labello vanilla buttercream lip balm

Labello Vanilla Buttercream:

– Immediately cares for your lips
– Delights with vanilla aroma (smells so yummy!)
– Leaves your lips deeply moisturised and smooth
– Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

-Contains Shea Butter and Natural Oil

-Does not leave any colour on your lips

These lip-balms retails for R24,99 from Dischem , Clicks and most leading retailers.


Review: Style secret root concealer



Our hair might look like we just got up from our colorists’ chairs, but in reality it’s been months since we’ve made a salon appointment. If we could, we would hit up our salon every four to eight weeks to get our roots done, but life happens and inevitably, so does unwanted regrowth.

Luckily, Style secret know our struggle, and have gifted us with a way to stretch out our salon appointments in the form of root concealers. Whether you want to hide those pesky grays, or you can’t squeeze in a color appointment in the foreseeable near future, this spray makes faking a fresh, glossy hair shade almost effortless.

Extend the life of your hair colour treatments with Style Secret – an innovative solution for grey root regrowth which occurs between salon visits. Dries within minutes and washes out easily.

Style Secret is an easy-to-use spray that effectively covers up regrowth, keeping your hair looking and feeling great. Simply spray along partings or areas where grey regrowth is obvious. Allow to dry and touch up when necessary. Great for travel.

Style Secret contains no chemicals or peroxides – so there is no damage to the hair as it contains silicone that coats the hair follicle with pigment which comes off when hair is washed.

Directions: Wash and style hair. Holding can 10 to 20cm away from the hair, apply to partings or other areas where root regrowth is obvious. Allow to dry for a few minutes.

Price: R290

Available in the following shades:

  • Light blond
  • Dark blond
  • Auburn
  • Light brown
  • Dark brown
  • Black

Available from selected salons and online from For further information Lisa on 083 415 6055 or Bronwyn 082 853 9490 or Heather on 082 925 1946 or

Review: Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct EDP


The background

First Instinct for Women is a playful and alluring combination of Sun-Kissed Magnolia, Wild Orange Flower and Warm Amber. It is captivating and distinctive, blended for the woman who follows her First Instinct.

The bottle

The bottle is quite an interesting one… developed by Fabrice Legros who wanted to combine masculinity with femininity.  The bottle is rectangular (masculine) in shape yet is then rounded off to give it a softer, more feminine feel.

The light pink juice inside the glass bottle combined with the metal cap. The Abercrombie & Fitch stamped metal plaque is probably my favorite feature of the perfume as it gives it a unique timeless elegance.


The scent

This is part of the Floriental Woody family. It smells very different from anything I have in my collection. It is a light and easy to wear everyday kind of fragrance.The fragrance greets you with a playful sophistication of sparking bright blend of magnolia, grapefruit zest and passion fruit. A hearty alluring femininie floralcy of the butterfly orchid fragrance blended with exotic water lily an wild orange flower. The warm sensual base of amber contrasted with creamy Tonka gives it an addictive musky odour. It smells sweet, captivating and feminine.

Review: Montblanc Lady Emblem L’Eau

The soft turquoise juice of Montblanc Lady Emblem L’Eau housed in the most beautiful star shaped crystal bottle was inspired by a summer garden, “an allegory of a poetic walk in the summertime through a garden of citrus trees and fresh roses,” confides Sonia Constant, who created the fragrance. This exquisite, meandering olfactory stroll begins with fruity accents: mandarin leaf, and the aquatic-sweet notes of white peach and exotic lychee. In the middle notes, a voluptuous bouquet of roses.

Fragrance Lady Emblem L’Eau Eau de Toilette for Women by Mont Blanc belongs to the floral fruity fragrance and supplementary to the lines Lady Emblem.

The family history of this scent stems from the original Lady Emblem which was created in 2015 and heralded as a sophisticated scent filled with notes of sweetened rose flower, raspberries, red currant and marmalade. A follow up edition, Lady Emblem Elixir, was a big, floral event. Now we are introduced to the sweet little sister, Lady Emblem L’Eau, a light, soft and sensual edition for Spring/Summer. Actually my favourite of the family.






Review: Mademoiselle Rochas…My Frenchic


Who is Mademoiselle Rochas? A bubbly young Parisian, active and cheerful, fresh and “typically French.” Inspired by two beautiful fragrances, Femme and Madame, Mademoiselle Rochas has her own personality. She retains their French elegance but is also able to make her own choices, totally living in the present.

Curious and bold, playful and optimistic, she loves the new hip places in the City of Lights. Shopping, popping into a gallery, sipping a coffee on a terrace or arranging a romantic dinner overlooking the roof-tops of Paris… A city girl through and through, she embodies fashion without realizing it. When she has a few hours’ spare, she treats herself to a walk in ballet pumps between Rue Saint-Honoré, Saint Germain des Prés or along the Canal Saint Martin, striding across the bridges and through the gardens of the capital. In the evening, she changes her flat shoes for stilettos, applies a nice bright red lipstick and delicately perfumes herself. Now she is ready for a drink with friends in a bar, trendy or not, she doesn’t care, as long as she is surrounded by friends. She radiates happiness and charms her audience with her spontaneity. She loves playing with the rules of seduction, what’s wrong with having fun?

Hedonistic, she fully enjoys these precious moments and is thankful for Instagram and Snapchat that allow her to share them. Cheerful and outgoing, she knows that it is essential to share her new discoveries and surround herself with laughter and friendship.

It’s for all these reasons that Mademoiselle Rochas has this natural Frenchic that others envy.


The Frenchic trail: 

Perfumer Anne Flipo, who created the Eau de Parfum Mademoiselle Rochas, wanted to reflect the playfulness and impertinence of today’s young Parisian woman. Drawing her inspiration from the exceptional materials emblematic of Maison Rochas, Anne Flipo has delicately composed, note by note, a seductive fragrance. Created for an energetic and liberated woman, in love with life and beauty.

Note wise we are looking at:

A fruity playful fresh start, the tangy sparkle of the red fruit accord (red and black currant, blackberry) awakens the senses as a reminder of a carefree childhood. The crisp ivy of a French garden enhances it while creating contrast. Both fruity green and slightly caramelized red, the toffee apple accord is terribly addictive.

At the heart of the fragrance, an explosion of flowers, handfuls of distilled rose petals from the exclusive Rochas fields, a profusion of wonderful Egyptian jasmine, a violet accord floating in the air… It is the essence of elegance, romance and femininity. The expression of magnetic seduction à la française.

The base notes highlight the character and stability of this subtle composition: creamy and chic sandalwood, soft and comfortable ambergris accord and wispy and white Chantilly musks evoke the sexy lace so dear to the heart of Monsieur Rochas. A fragrance like a second skin…

The spirit of style:

The bottle has been shaped into a simple and perfect circle of glass, evoking the roundness and softness of femininity. The slightly pink juice reflects the floral and gourmand character of the fragrance, giving you the irresistible need to try it.

With a definitive haute couture feel, the silk ribbon pinstripe motif, iconic of Rochas and a seal for connoisseurs (it is sewn into the lining of all Rochas coats), is beautifully reinterpreted here: around the edge of the bottle, on the neck of the silver cap and on the background of the label, but mostly thanks to the textured cloth which wraps and delicately decorates the neck of the silver cap.

The box is stylish with its embossed material, which gives it a textured finish. Its pastel pink recalls the colour of the juice. With a timeless and refined design, its black outline perfectly matches the precisely spaced capital letters of Mademoiselle Rochas.

The charm of the Parisian woman:

Actress Noémie Schmidt was chosen to embody Frenchic: she perfectly represents the freshness, spontaneity and elegance of Mademoiselle Rochas.

In the commercial, the young woman has a date with her lover on the terrace of a Parisian cafe. Mischievous and carefree, she takes her time and lingers in the bath, before realizing that she is late (Parisian women always are). She puts on her dress, takes her stilettos and runs barefoot along the banks of the Ile Saint Louis, crossing the street in front of an amazed car driver, to finally meet her lover with a natural and relaxed smile on her face.

Her lover then hands her a large box decorated with a ribbon bearing the Maison Rochas logo. What a lovely surprise: it’s an adorable puppy!

Taken from the commercial, the visual shows Noémie Schmidt sitting with her friends in a chic and casual outfit. Shown from behind, wearing a pretty white dress with spaghetti straps, her elegant bun showing off her neck, she turns towards us, looking happy and charming.

No doubt she has Frenchic!

Maison Rochas, a true French fragrance heritage:

Marcel Rochas created his fashion house back in 1925, at the age of 23. Whether it was tennis or black and white sheath dresses, Chantilly lace bodices or outfits with broad shoulders and narrow hips, women soon snapped up his Parisian creations, both feminine and incredibly modern.

In 1943, to pay tribute to his third wife — and new muse — Hélène, he asked master perfumer Edmond Roudnitska to compose a fragrance of absolute femininity: the floral-chypre Femme.

After the death of Marcel Rochas in 1955, Hélène teamed up with Guy Robert to create Madame Rochas. Launched in 1960, it represents the independent, modern woman through a composition based on captivating white flowers.

Then followed L’Eau de Rochas in 1970, a new fresh Eau de Cologne that soon became iconic too. Then came Eau de Rochas Homme in 1993, then a new women’s fragrance, Tocade in 1994, and Rochas Man in 1999.


Anything straight out of Paris (Parisian) is sure to impress. Definitely give this great summer scent a sniff!



Winter can be tough on your body and your mind.With low temperatures and a drop in humidity levels, the winter weather can strip your skin of essential moisture, leaving it feeling flaky and looking grey and dull. Your skin needs extra TLC after winter, most effectively in the form of intense moisturisation. That means it’s really important to layer up with essential ingredients to hydrate and restore your skin, so you can look and feel your best as you head into the warmer months.

With the VASELINE® Intensive Care™ Lotions and Creams range you can keep your healthy glow, all year round. Infused with micro-droplets of VASELINE® BLUESEAL petroleum jelly to penetrate deeply into your skin to smooth away roughness, while locking in much-needed moisture.


Start restoring your dry skin right from the first application with VASELINE® Intensive Care™ Dry Skin Repair. Clinically Proven to restore dry skin for 3X longer*, it’s the perfect moisturiser to lock in moisture and keep your skin soft and supple.* Than a leading competitor. Based on a 4 week treatment clinical study. © Unilever 2013. This is my fave out of the range and probably the most heavy duty out of the lot


Cocoa butter is known as a great emollient to soothe, soften and hydrate. VASELINE® Intensive Care™ Cocoa Glow contains 100% pure cocoa butter to help restore dry and dull-looking skin and reveal your skin’s natural glow. Smells delish.


Clinically proven to repair very dry skin in 5 days**, VASELINE® Advanced Repair contains a specially designed blend of glycerin, to draw moisture into all layers of the skin. It is available in lightly fragranced and fragrance free variants.

** Based on a 4-week treatment clinical study. © Unilever 2013.



Winter is over, so there’s less time for winter blues and more time for summer fun. If there’s one tip that will go a long way in ensuring healthy skin… moisture is it! The ingredients used in the range of VASELINE® Intensive Care™ Lotions and Creams both replenish and protect your skin, keeping it healthy, happy and hydrated all year round.


Speaking of moisture… water is the best way to ensure your body is healthy, both inside and out. It will hydrate your skin plus help your body to flush out nasty toxins. Not only will your skin look soft and supple, but will feel that way too. Shake things up a bit by adding cherries, strawberries, mint, lemon or orange slices to a jug of ice cold water for some delicious sipping and an added punch of Vitamin C.


If you want beautiful healthy skin and a positive mindset to curb the after-effect of winter, then exercise is the answer. Regular physical activity gets the heart pumping which releases happy hormones for our mood, and increases our blood circulation to help carry much-needed nutrients to the skin’s surface. The result… glowing skin and a happy you!


The pigments that protect your skin from UV light are less active after months of coverage during winter. So, take it easy and let your skin acclimatize to warmer weather conditions by wearing a powerful sunblock that protects against the harsh UV rays. A wide brim hat and polaroid sunglasses will help too.



The careful creamer…

You love the thick, rich feeling of a cream and will take your time to let it really sink into all the areas you know need extra attention. Your moisturising time is sacred and you love knowing you are giving your body the best care you can, no matter the season.

The lotion dabbler…

You love the different scents of VASELINE® Intensive Care™ lotions and like to change your variant with the seasons or depending on your skin care needs. You make time to moisturise because you know it is important and you love the fast-absorbing, non-greasy feel of VASELINE® lotions and the way they keep your skin feeling restored all day long.

The snappy sprayer…

VASELINE® Spray Moisturisers are the ideal solution for a woman like you, constantly on the move with little time to moisturise. You can’t get over how quick and easy it is to apply Vaseline Spray and how it moisturises in seconds, leaving your skin looking and feeling healthy straight away.



Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Lotions –

200 ml: R24,99

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All thing beauty…