Pout it out with your bestie and win great prizes with Lip Ice


Ah Lip Ice when I hear the word memories just flood back of my primary school days where my obsession with lippies first began. The bubble gum and musk were my absolute addiction always had one on hand reapplying a few times a day. Lip Ice has probaby been around since the dark ages as I don’t even know when they first started since they’ve literally been around all my life. Since that time they’ll obviously evolved with a few tweaks to the packaging and many new additions to the range but they are definitely here to stay.

My fave out of the lot has to be the Lip Ice Cherry provides you with the hydrating properties of
Shea butter, the natural antioxidant benefits of Vitamin E and
the soothing elements of silicone and SPF 15 to naturally protect your lips
for a softer, suppler and hydrated feel. Combined with a delicious cherry fragrance and a touch of red colour. Surprisingly enough the red tint is quite visible on the lips so it offers nice functionality. This one is the only stick balm from the range that offers a bit of colour but they do have a seductions and candy gloss range which I mentioned in previous posts before.

They have an amazing new campaign where I have seen people walk away with amazing prizes such as MAC and Zandos vouchers. It’s quite simple all you need to do a snap a pout pic with your bestie holding a Lip Ice product ( full details of hash tags etc. Below)


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