Ignite the spark with Lux soft touch

Lux is a brand that everybody know about I literally grew up using their bars of soap in my household! I mean when somebody says soap Lux immediately pops into my mind. I also don’t think there is anything more calming and soothing than taking a nice long bath after a long day via candle light. Lux has recognised this and have put together a new range called Soft Touch which is a collection of soap bars and body washes. Always being the best lux actually collaborated with Callice Becker (a perfumer that has the “best nose” in the industry and has been the nose behind the likes of J’adore, Lola, Tommy girl) to create an alluring scent.

lux soft touch 1lux soft touch 2lux soft touch 3Lux soft touch 4Lux soft touch 5

Scent wise French roses take centre stage in a seductive floral bouquet layered with notes of freesia, jasmine and mimosa. Roses are my favourite flower and Callice noted that roses have the ability to harmonise with hundreds of different ingredients and possess a timeless allure. Lux describes soft touch as feminine, floral and romantic, it delivers a sensuous fine fragrance shower experience like no other, designed to bring out a woman’s most beautiful, irresistible and confident self, and the perfect inspiration to ignite the spark within her, for each Lux shower to a delight to the senses, making women feel fabulously feminine, every day because Lux knows when a women feels this way they get more out of life.


Callice Becker
Callice Becker

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They foam up nicely while the scent lingers but disappears by morning which is great for me since I like to wear my own perfume. The soap itself has beautiful embossed rose detail. After you use it you can immediately feel the skin feels moisturised soft and silky. The silky feeling is actually trademarked by Lux as Silk essence formulation which from the ingredients is probably linked to the sericin. I initially didn’t know what sericin is but upon research it turns out it is a moisturising protein made by silk worms.

lux soft touch soap 1lux soft touch soap 2lux soft touch soap 3

Recommended selling prices are:

Lux body wash– R21.99 for 200ml, R34.99 for 400ml and R49.95 for 750ml

Lux bar soap– R5.99 for 100g (that’s pretty cheap! I when last could you find something for 6 bucks) and R11.99 for 175g.


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