Review: Guess Double Dare EDT and Beyonce Heat Kissed EDP

Guess double dare EDT

guess double dare 1 r[1]guess double dare 2[1]guess double dare 3 r[1]guess double dare 4 r[1]

This is the latest addition to the Guess perfume family. This Marilyn Monroe’s American glamour of the 1940s. The Guess Double Dare woman is provocative, daring and confident. While I’m not a Guess clothing kind of girl since I’m not a casual jeans and t-shirt kind of girl I do love their fragrances and jewellery ranges. I actually get the indication that this is a pretty great seller as while I was shopping in Clicks the other day I noticed the tester for this scent was empty and it hasn’t been in stores all that long. The bottle is a feminine hour glass shape in gold donning a gold chain with a plate engraved with the words Guess and cap embossed with the iconic guess triangle logo gives it that touch of elegance in the little details. Lasting power of this fragrance is actually on the average side lasting about 6-7 hours.

Note wise you are looking at:

Top: tangelo, wild strawberry and lychee

Heart: Jasmine, Muguet and violet leaf

Base: Vetiver, amber and vanilla

This is in the oriental floral family or as others like to refer to as a floriental. To be honest initially looking at the notes I didn’t have high expectations from this but when I spritzed it on I actually really liked the scent and how all the notes just came together so beautifully. To me it smells strong (from the amber) but still feminine (from the jasmine and vanilla). The opening is a fruity mix of lychee and tangerine and later dries down to a sweet creamy jasmine, vanilla and amber base. The opening is a bit too fruity for my liking but give it time and it dries really nicely.

You can find this at selected Clicks, Foschini, Edgars and Dischem stores for R450-30ml and R550-50ml.

guess double dare 8 r[1]guess double dare 5[1]guess double dare 6 r[1]guess double dare 7[1]guess double dare 8[1]

Beyonce Heat Kissed EDP

beyonce heat kissed 1[1]beyonce heat kissed 2 r[1]

Beyonce has released a new fragrance called heat kissed a sequel to heat original. Beyonce tried to capture the moment of attraction between two people. The bottle keeps to the original shape but is a darker crimson shade which evokes a bit of mystery. The neck of the bottle is wrapped by a gold band engraved with the words heat and Beyonce. The box actually has a blazing red lip on it which I didn’t actually notice until I read the press release.

Notes on this are:

Top: dragon fruit, lychee and ripe mango

Heart: blazing red fury orchid, jasmine sambac and Moroccan rose oil

Base: African sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli

It smells sweet, warm, woody and fruity. Lasting power is not great on this one. I like that this fragrance contains a unique note of dragon fruit and my beloved Moroccan rose oil but I feel that the sandalwood was just too overpowering to work with the other notes. Fragrances composition is actually a tricky skill because you have to select notes that compliment and work together not just throw in all you favourite scents and hope for the best. Opening I smell a lot of mango then later this merges with jasmine, Moroccan rose and vanilla. About 2 hours later all I smell is vanilla. You can find this at selected Clicks, Foschini, Edgars and Dischem stores for R425-30ml and R495-50ml.

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