Balmain Extatic EDT

Balmain the famous fashion house has released a new fragrance called Extatic Eau de Toillette. Described as a crystalline refined and elegant EDT which is luminous and sophisticated. Described as a day fragrance whereas the EDP version is described as the night version and I can totally understand why the EDT is more fresh whereas the EDP is more sweet and strong.

Balmain EDT
Balmain EDT

The fragrance comes packaged in a gorgeous soft metallic pink box that has the print of a shimmery sheet of metal circles. Described as rock and sophisticated with it’s bright and mat contrast. I like how femininity meets strongness, just what Balmain is all about. The box of a product is usually designed to satisfy the first impression of consumers, luring them to pick them up at first sight. And I have to say that, the shiny ‘metal’ has definitely caught my eye.

The bottle is really beautiful described as architectural, graphic and modern with a mix of silver and white contrasts confers it a luminous and chic style. The bottle design is really different usually fragrances have a space or border around the edge of the bottle but this one the liquid seems like it meets the edge of the bottle creating a very seamless look. Curves of the bottle meets straight lines of the cover. The play around of such contrast is exactly what Balmain is all about.

Approaching the most important part of a fragrance, the scent is basically the essence of what consumers are purchasing for. We all want to smell good. And we certainly do not want to spend good money on just a beautiful bottle but do nothing scent wise. But good news! The scent of Balmain Extatic is one of the more amazing ones that I have ever come across.A mixture of floral, fruity and woody notes. The fragrance smells like a fruity version of Issey miyake’s l’eau d’issey florale. Fragrance was made for the elegant, self confident and sophisticated Balmain woman in mind and I definitely feel that this has been encapsulated in the fragrance.

Balmain EDT

When you take the 1st whiff hello fruits!, the top notes explodes into your senses. A combination of lychee, blackcurrent and green mandarin. After 20 minutes (perhaps longer or shorter for others, depending on individuals and other surrounding factors), the top notes subsides a little and the middle notes emerges.

The middle notes are towards the floral side.Jasmine, magnolia and turkey rose fills in the middle notes space and diffuses a beautiful feminine scent.

Ammbroxan, musk and cedarwood linger on skin for hours and emits the strong side of this amazing perfume. Arousing the senses, you could be sure that it balances out the femininity of the top and middles notes of lighter scents to create the perfect balance within a bottle. In order to balance a fruity or floral scent and prevent it from being over floral or fruity it is always a good idea to include a strong base.

Avaliable at Stuttafords and Truworths.




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