Scents from Ducati and Ferarri

What man doesn’t like fast cars and speed well instead of buying him that car or motor bike why not stick to a more affordable alternative

Ducati is a dream born in Bologna in 1926 from the business initiative of three brothers. Today this intuition has become the leading European manufacturer and distributor of high performance motorcycles with a sporty character. The distinctive products, the racing pedigree and the iconic image of “cool”, confirm Ducati as the most prestigious brand within the global motorcycle scenario. Competition, technology, style, design. From these rare pearls genuine “jewels of mechanics” are born. Distinctive creations dedicated to real connoisseurs gifted with aesthetic sense and technical competence, who are able to love and appreciate every single detail of a unique and inimitable motorbike.


Ducati_fight for Me Extreme


Fight For Me Extreme, it’s him. It’s all about him. His strength, his charm, his sensuality. With him, she would go anywhere. Right to the end, right to the limit and beyond, leading them ever further into their game of seduction, in a continuing crescendo. The rules have not changed. As the fragrance, they are just intensified. Like a motorcycle thrusting full throttle into the fresh air of the night, the first contact of fresh bergamot and green apple is intense, total. In a continuous build-up of speed, the heart note radiates strength and energy, geranium essence riding on the spicy warmth of cinnamon and cloves in an intoxicating sensation of power. The point of no return. The dry-down unfolds in a warm base of sandalwood and vanilla boosted by a note of amber, leaving in its wake a refined, sensual, definitively masculine echo.

a seducer in essence



“Fight For Me”. A name that rejects all constraints. More than a name, it’s a shout, an attitude, a challenge… If you want me, prove it! Fight for me! But who’s fighting who? She is. Of course. To have him, for her very own… She knows he’ll never truly belong to anyone but himself. If she wants to be with him, she must fight to be like him. Free. A winner. That’s why he wears “Fight For Me”. It’s the fragrance that echoes him, speaks for him, better than anyone. With its striking contrast of sparkling vivacity and sensual male strength, it’s a devastating cocktail with maximum seduction potential. A real magnet. And tough. Like his bike… The start-up is a kick of energy from Calabrian bergamot, a sharp citrus note, crackling, immediate, incisive as the shout of tyres biting the asphalt, mingled with the crisp notes of red apple and the smooth freshness of Violet leaves. Here the fragrance takes to winding lanes, full of the floral, sun-filled charms of Mediterranean lavender and the subtle harmonies of silver-leaved geranium, pointed by a deep amber note with vibrant accents of male sensuality.


well hello. transform my man
well hello. transform my man


In the wakes of Fight for Me and Fight for Me Extreme, DUCATI combines creative freedom and inborn elegance in a new version of its inimitable style. Introducing TRACE ME, another tool of masculine seduction for a man who relies only on himself and his faithful Ducati. Perfectly self-confident, nonchalantly leaning on his iconic Scrambler, they both radiate power and attraction. Is he waiting for anyone? His look leaves no doubts: he’s looking at her. Straight in her eyes. Can she hold his gaze? Will she follow him? Does she dare to? For the moment, he’s here… TRACE ME…definitely my fave out of the range.



Ferrari has launched Red Power Intense, a new fragrance for men. Red Power Intense is a flanker to 2012’s Red Power. Be part of a dream that only the lucky few dare imagine…RED POWER is dedicated to the natural charmer, breathing power, independence and strength. A powerful personality who elegantly conveys the thrilling world of Ferrari. Driven by passion, and now taking it to the next level with RED POWER INTENSE. Notes for the woody amber fragrance include nutmeg, red peppercorns, violet,leaves, lavender, orris, patchouli,frankincense, amber and oud.

So take your pick there is a fragrance for every type of man.

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