August 2013 rubybox

This month the rubies were spoilt with the new rubybox packaging and a box full of amazingly scented treats. Most of the products I haven’t tried before which is why rubybox is such a great concept.




1. Bramley Magnolia Body Butter-16g (R24.99-250g)

A lovely smelling soft buttery formula enriched with vitamin E and Bio-pharm oil sinks in really quickly into the skin and is very moisturising. This is such a cute little sample and is perfect for keeping in my handbag. Such a great addition for the winter months.

2. Nutriwomen Oxygenating Papaya Masque-15ml (R129-125ml)
When I opened the box this is the amazing scent I was greeted with. This masque uses natural papaya enzymes to remove dead skin cell build-up while stimulating cell growth. After this mask my skin felt so pampered and smooth.

3. Rubybox Tools Concealer Brush (R119.95)

Always excited to see another addition to the rubybox tools collection. This little made of synthetic fibres ensures that the brush does not absorb all your product, can be used to blend and apply any type of concealer. The fibres of tightly packed to give a more natural even coverage. The tapered tip allows for precise application. This brush is such a great investment.

4. TLC Acne Wash Cleansing Facial Wipes-full size (R29.99-25 sheets)

A handy re-sealable pack is great for those late nights when you just want to pass out. I have used many types of cleansing wipes before and was quite surprised by the fact that one wipe can cleanse, tone and moisturise whilst blitzing blemishes. While I wouldn’t use this daily because I have a really tedious skin routine with serums and many more serums I think this would come in handy if I am just too tired to wash my face properly. Quite moisturising and didn’t dry out my skin like many items that contain salicylic acid.

5. Deep Heat Bath Tonic-50ml (R31.95-250ml)

The ultimate treatment for aches and pains. This liquid foams up very nicely and contains juniper, eucalyptus, patchouli and thyme which has a very calm and relaxing effect. I must admit that I have steered clear of any type of deep heat products since I can’t stand the medicine type scent but to my surprise this one is somewhat bearable.

So what’s in store for next month?
September marks the start of spring and -more importantly- our 2nd birthday! Join in the celebrations and you’ll get an elegant birthday present in your September rubybox, PLUS your choice of an extra 3 free samples! Simply add a rubybox subscription to your cart, and you will automatically be redirected to select your 3 favourite samples before you check out. When it comes to September’s monthly beauty surprises, join rubybox on a celebratory trip around the world… In America we pick up a signature scent from a young star, before we cross the Atlantic. In London town we’ll be Freida of our fine hair woes, and then meet up with a crabby lady of luxury. Crossing the channel we’ll hit the continent – and the catwalks too! Top European designers have bottled their style in the form of lavish beauty products, and we suspect you’ll love their skincare as much as you love their shoes.

So if you haven’t signed up head over to if not just for the box but also for the great brands that they have made available to SA and also the amazing specials from the boutique.

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