Cettua “Before Having Date” face mask

The pack contains 2 sachets with masks in it, so you have a back-up too. This specific one is to minimise fine lines and wrinkles by pumping collagen into your skin just before a big
night out.

Other masks you can try out is:
After Night Fever Mask – Revitalises and nourishes your skin
Pore Control Essence Face Mask – Cleans and refines the pores on your skin
Trouble Clear Essence Face Mask – Controls oily skin while it soothes and clears spots
My Bright Face Mate Under Eye Patches – For minimising dark under eye circles, puffiness and those nasty fine lines.

Cettua is a hypo-allergenic and dermatologist
tested skin care range and is designed
especially for younger skins in terms of price,convenience and packaging. All of them retail at R49,99 and you can find them at Clicks stores.
An interesting point about the masks – the masks are made from cotton. Why? These cotton sheets are very effective at delivering nutrients into the skin and it maintains a tight seal on the skin also. They also prevent bacteria
from your fingers from being passed onto the skin. Lastly they make sure the products and ingredients are evenly distributed over your face.

It was my first time trying a sheet mask like this as I think this is the only 1 available in SA. And I must say it was great much better then the normal cream or gel masks. It fits perfectly onto the skin and what I love especially is you can feel that the formula has entirely absorbed into the skin because the mask will feel dry it takes 2hrs to fully absorb into the face but the instructions recommend to leave it on for 30 mins but I like to leave masks on for longer if I don’t feel any irritation on my hyper sensitive skin. So these products work great if you have sensitive skin like me. Once I took the mask off my skin felt really soft but a bit sticky but the stickiness went away in the morning so that was great my skin also felt much more silky and soft the next morning so I was very pleased with that

The verdict: I would definitely recommend this product it is great. You really have to try them and see for yourself 🙂

X0X0 queen C

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