Payot Hydra24 Crème

Beauty care and well-being for women seeking comfort and softness for their skin, this rich, generous cream melts delightfully on the skin for intense hydration and long-lasting comfort.The innovative hydro-dermo-regulating complex provides continuous hydration with its hydro-diffusing drip system that helps the skin preserve and maintain its natural moisture level while reinforcing its defences against the first  signs of ageing.

Results: From the first application your skin feels like it is brimming with  moisture, ideally hydrated and instantly refreshed. It looks younger, healthier  and glowing with vitality

The verdict:I am generally very sceptical about deviating from my face cream brand as i have super sensitive skin and when i put on many well known brands my skin instantly flairs up and starts to burn also brands who offer hydra power tend to leave my skin greasy and shiny. But not this product it comes in an amazing glass bottle and a really nice box so when you look at the packaging you know it is high end. it smells amazing. and it works well for my sensitive skin it definitely does hydrate my skin upon first application and actually leaves my skin soft and smooth and not oily feeling. i would definitely recommend this product!

Get down to your nearest dischem to buy 1 as i believe they are currently having a launch special.

Here are some links if you wish to find out more info about the product and the company who provides it

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