McNab’s new SuperCharge energy drink

mcnab's energy drink 2mcnab's energy drink

McNab’s has become my go to for my energy needs and I am super excited that they have released an energy drink which is the first natural energy drink produced I South Africa which is taurine-free, vegan and halaal. I use to live on energy drinks in my university day to the point where they stopped working on me but recent studies showing all the random energy drink brands that have been coming out that are actually damaging to the health which is really shocking but luckily Mcnab’s has released an all natural version so you can be sure this won’t be harmful at all.

are pretty affordable too at R19,95 per can. It comes in raspberry flavour not sweet at all since it contains 25% less kilojoules then your average energy drink.

Just to give you a bit of insight into the ingredients used in the energy drink:

  • Guarana berries are what gives the caffeine and has been used as an energy restorative for centuries.
  • Panax ginseng is used in traditional Chinese meds for stress and ill health.
  • Green tea obviously the most popular and well known ingredient containing many antioxidants and caffeine.
  • Green coffee beans which are basically unroasted coffee beans which contains more nutrients then roasted beans.
  • Beetroot juice which is actually really good for you it improves the delivery of oxygen to the brain and muscles improving mental and physical performance. So definitely get your beetroot on!

mcnab's energy drink 3 ingredients

Competition: Recharge with your life with McNab’s and giveaway!

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I must confess I am a coffeeholic I just love the taste and the energy it gives me however with caffeine from energy drinks or coffee comes the mid afternoon crash when the energy leaves your system. Life is busy and we tend to neglect our bodies. Well I have an answer for you and a chance to win yourself a hamper too. McNab’s is basically a brand who’s products recharge and rejuvenate with natural products packed with multivitamins, minerals and nutrients. Mcnab’s is all natural and contains no artificial colorants, flavours or sweetness (sometimes referred to as “nasties” and is made that finest natural African ingredients.
I was given some products from their range to test out and here are my thoughts:
Mcnab’s SuperCharge energy tabs
Probably the most popular product I’ve seen this floating around for quite a while now and if I am not mistaken this was the first product that came from the brand. This is caffeine free and contains Siberian ginseng, gingko biloba, folic acid and omega oils which is great for combatting stress and tiredness giving you all day energy. Basically it is a combination of multivitamins. I don’t believe in vitamins as good nutrition will automatically derive those specific vitamins but the right combination of vitamins which has been researched and packaged together can really make a difference.
• McNab’s SuperCharge hi energy bar
This is my favourite out of the range. It tastes delicious like peanut butter and chocolate! It contains roasted peanuts and whey protein and is dipped in Belgian chocolate. Such a convenient snack and is pretty filling too.
• McNab’s SuperCharge liquid energy
These are 15ml sachet that contain natural plant derived caffeine found in gaurana, green coffee bean extract and green tea. Very affordable at R4,95 and nice and handy to keep in your purse. However I didn’t like the taste it tasted super sweet with a hint of bitterness.
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