Review: Guess Double Dare EDT and Beyonce Heat Kissed EDP

Guess double dare EDT

guess double dare 1 r[1]guess double dare 2[1]guess double dare 3 r[1]guess double dare 4 r[1]

This is the latest addition to the Guess perfume family. This Marilyn Monroe’s American glamour of the 1940s. The Guess Double Dare woman is provocative, daring and confident. While I’m not a Guess clothing kind of girl since I’m not a casual jeans and t-shirt kind of girl I do love their fragrances and jewellery ranges. I actually get the indication that this is a pretty great seller as while I was shopping in Clicks the other day I noticed the tester for this scent was empty and it hasn’t been in stores all that long. The bottle is a feminine hour glass shape in gold donning a gold chain with a plate engraved with the words Guess and cap embossed with the iconic guess triangle logo gives it that touch of elegance in the little details. Lasting power of this fragrance is actually on the average side lasting about 6-7 hours.

Note wise you are looking at:

Top: tangelo, wild strawberry and lychee

Heart: Jasmine, Muguet and violet leaf

Base: Vetiver, amber and vanilla

This is in the oriental floral family or as others like to refer to as a floriental. To be honest initially looking at the notes I didn’t have high expectations from this but when I spritzed it on I actually really liked the scent and how all the notes just came together so beautifully. To me it smells strong (from the amber) but still feminine (from the jasmine and vanilla). The opening is a fruity mix of lychee and tangerine and later dries down to a sweet creamy jasmine, vanilla and amber base. The opening is a bit too fruity for my liking but give it time and it dries really nicely.

You can find this at selected Clicks, Foschini, Edgars and Dischem stores for R450-30ml and R550-50ml.

guess double dare 8 r[1]guess double dare 5[1]guess double dare 6 r[1]guess double dare 7[1]guess double dare 8[1]

Beyonce Heat Kissed EDP

beyonce heat kissed 1[1]beyonce heat kissed 2 r[1]

Beyonce has released a new fragrance called heat kissed a sequel to heat original. Beyonce tried to capture the moment of attraction between two people. The bottle keeps to the original shape but is a darker crimson shade which evokes a bit of mystery. The neck of the bottle is wrapped by a gold band engraved with the words heat and Beyonce. The box actually has a blazing red lip on it which I didn’t actually notice until I read the press release.

Notes on this are:

Top: dragon fruit, lychee and ripe mango

Heart: blazing red fury orchid, jasmine sambac and Moroccan rose oil

Base: African sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli

It smells sweet, warm, woody and fruity. Lasting power is not great on this one. I like that this fragrance contains a unique note of dragon fruit and my beloved Moroccan rose oil but I feel that the sandalwood was just too overpowering to work with the other notes. Fragrances composition is actually a tricky skill because you have to select notes that compliment and work together not just throw in all you favourite scents and hope for the best. Opening I smell a lot of mango then later this merges with jasmine, Moroccan rose and vanilla. About 2 hours later all I smell is vanilla. You can find this at selected Clicks, Foschini, Edgars and Dischem stores for R425-30ml and R495-50ml.

Get picture perfect skin with Rimmel match perfection foundation and Rimmel fix & protect makeup primer plus I discuss the benefits of a primer.

rimmel match perfection foundation 4Now there are a lot of arguments about primers but it is more a case of once you try it you can’t really live without it. Sure it seems like an extra expense that you could probably think you could do without and if these are your thoughts you’ve probably never tried it before. I’m quite glad Rimmel has brought out a drug store price primer as a lot of drugstore brands don’t even produce these and they are only then reserved for the high end names. I love primers but I don’t wear it every single time I use foundation I like to wear it underneath my foundation when I require a full days makeup wear but there are many other benefits which I will list below:

1. Seals pores: Even if you don’t have large pores foundation can sink into them and emphasis pores.
2. Baby soft skin: It make you skin feel like a baby’s bottom which is mainly due to the silicone found in it.
3. Smoother makeup:
it creates a smooth canvas with some “slippey” to make everything apply smoother.
4. Non-comedogenic: Meaning it won’t clog your pores, which would irritate your skin and cause breakouts.
5. Makes your skin look younger:
The primer will sink into your wrinkles and kind of act like a filler.
6. Makeup stays on longer: The main reason for primers, it helps keep oil at bay which could melt off makeup.
<em>7. Keeps oil at bay: this nifty tool actually creates a layer over the skin and seals oil in so it doesn’t surface which is perfects for all the oily skinned gals.
8. Hides imperfections: Some brands now have a rainbow of coloured primers which help to combat certain skin imperfection.

The Rimmel fix & protect primer (R99,95) is a very different formula for a primer that I have come across it is a metallic pearl colour (not clear) and contains a SPF 25. The white shimmer gives a nice illuminating glow. Rimmel says you can wear it alone too but I would only recommend that if you have flawless skin since shimmers will highlight imperfections. This is my new fave primer it is affordable, prolongs my makeup, brightens my complexion and makes my makeup slide on easily. The added SPF provides a barrier to protect against sun, pollution and stress. This primer is light weight and actually somewhat seeps into the skin instead of sitting on the surface like others this is likely due to the runnier formula. While some foundations and BB cream claim to have added primer properties in the product, this basically means they have added the primer inside instead of you having to apply a separate layer I find this a complete nightmare as the foundation is then so slippery that everything just slides off so it is best to apply a primer and foundation separately.


rimmel fix & protect makeup primer

rimmel fix & protect swatch 2

Now let’s chat about the Rimmel match perfection foundation (R149.95)

rimmel match perfection foundation 1

rimmel match perfection foundation 3

rimmel match perfection foundation 10

rimmel match perfection foundation

These have been around for a while so this is just some shade changes and a bottle revamp basically. The name basically says it all it is match perfection i.e. it has skin adapting technology that adapts to the shade of your skin giving invisible coverage. I did notice a slight blending and adapting effect but this wasn’t drastic I think the adapting portion is mainly due to the fact that most of the product gets absorbed into the skin.

My match is Ivory 100 which is the lightest neutral tone in the collection of 8. It comes in a nice sleek pump bottle which makes it look pretty high end but heavier to travel with. I find it best suited to be applied with a foundation brush, I feel it gives more of an even coverage than when I apply it with my fingers since it sets very quickly so it won’t budge after I place it on my face. Dries to a semi matte (aka satin) finish. As I said it sets really quickly and well I don’t get any transfer on my clothes or even when I touch my face so you won’t need to set this with a powder or spray however for the oil skinned girls by midday this does leave your skin looking a bit on the oily shiny side but this can easily be fixed with some blotting paper or some powder.

rimmel match perfection foundation swatch 1

rimmel match perfection foundation swatches 3

Initially when I saw light reflecting I was concerned since I loathe foundation with shimmers in it as the disco ball look is not attractive at all but bi am glad to report that I didn’t detect any shimmer or metallic particles. Coverage wise I found it pretty light but buildable up to a medium coverage so you will still need to reach for concealer. Rimmel match perfection is quite hydrating doesn’t dry out the skin. It also doesn’t cake, move or emphasise dry patches. The product is said to be weighless which I don’t agree with it is not heavy but I can still feel it is there this is also mostly due to the strong scent which doesn’t fade so if you are sensitive to scents you won’t like this one. This reminds me of the infamous Bourjois healthy mix serum gel foundation actually.

rimmel match perfection foundation 8

rimmel match perfection foundation 7

rimmel match perfection foundation 6

Turn the ageing clock back with Yardley’s defy time foundations



A foundation specially targeted for anti-aging wow probably the first of it’s kind I’ve ever come across. The foundation is enriched with an ideal lift and helps fight signs of aging that have firming and moisturising properties leaving you with a younger, radiant appearance. Available in 6 shades at selected Clicks, Foschini, Edgars, Dis-Chem and leading pharmacies nationwide for R159.95


And I know that I previously mentioned that foundations have died and been replaced by bb creams but with the mass amount of foundations that have landed on my beauty desk with new innovations they have managed to restore my love and faith for foundation. Thing is lately my skin has been misbehaving a bit so I’ve been needing more coverage than what a tinted moisturiser or bb cream can offer me. The Yardley defy time foundation really fascinated me as this is the first one that actually claims to help with anti-ageing when I look at the ingredients I do see grape seed oil which is an ingredient used in anti-aging products but I wouldn’t classify this as the strongest anti-ageing ingredient they could have used but something is better than nothing but don’t expect this to be your fountain of youth which Yardley never actually claimed it to be, so no disappearing wrinkles so to speak.

Packaging wise it comes in a glass bottle which makes me think of high end brands like Bobbi Brown type packaging. So you will need to be careful when handling the bottle. The pump helps to control the amount of product you dispense.

The scent and coverage actually remind me of my beloved Yardley oat meal tinted moisturiser which I lived on by the bottle all throughout high school just with a thicker consistency. My perfect shade is medium beige and I can use true beige if I get a bit more tanned or caramel as a contouring shade. A tip on how to find your perfect shade is actually to swatch it on your jaw line and the shade that disappears is your perfect match. It is a good idea to keep different shades on hand as our skin tone can change when we get more tanned or paler from sun and season changes however you do want to apply a foundation that blends in flawlessly with your skin otherwise it looks very unnatural, a shade too light will make you look like a ghost and a shade to dark will make you look muddy, personally one of my pet peeves but I know many people get this wrong.

I enjoyed this foundation. It provides light coverage but is buildable. Is suited for all skin types. The foundation lasts the whole day you don’t even need a primer or setting powder. It applies smoothly leaving a satin finish and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It Is really moisturising but doesn’t leave my combination skin feeling and looking like an oil slick or dry out and turn my face into fish scales or cake I actually think they found the exact balance between matt and luminous glow. The colour does not oxidise, adds radiance and gives a fresh luminous dewy complexion which is what you want in a foundation if you want your skin to look younger you want hydrating formulas which make your skin look dewy and glowing.


From left to right medium beige, true beige and caramel

Christmas gift ideas

Wow can you believe it is nearly Christmas an the end of 2015 I don’t know about you but I feel like this year flew by so quickly. Christmas shopping can be so stressful and I always find it is better to get these things done as soon as possible to ease the stress. I’ve put together a few Christmas gift ideas. Christmas is actually the time especially for beauty where you can get amazing sets with limited edition gift additions at bargains which you can either take apart and keep for yourself or if you really love them then the whole set.

MontBlanc Lady Emblem Set


MB012C02Consists of: 50ml EDP& 100ml Body Lotion

Available at: Foschini, Truworths & Stuttafords


Repetto Gift Set

Consists of: 50ml EDT & 100ml Body Lotion
Available at: Truworths & Stuttafords

Lanvin Gift Set

Consists of: 50ml EDP & 100ml Body Lotion R795
Available at: Stuttafords

Oscar de la Renta Gift Set

Extraordinary Holiday Gift Set
Consists of: 100ml EDP, 100ml Body Lotion & Rollerball R1295
Available at: Truworths & Stuttafords

My experience at Urban escape spa and all you need to know about gelish

urban escape logoDSC02442DSC02443DSC02450

I love visiting spas it’s always such a treat to be pampered. Last week I was invited by Sonette to come in and visit the Urban escape spa situated in Hobart grove shopping centre in Bryanston. Whenever I attend a spa I love getting gelish done on my hands and feet and a facial or massage. At urban escape I opted for a gelish mani and pedi and a dermalogica facial.

a lot of dermalogica
a lot of dermalogica
The entrance
The entrance


pedi and mani lounge
pedi and mani lounge


the gorgeous view
the gorgeous view


The facial room
The facial room

Here is some info about urban escape which I got off the website Check out the website for all the prices and treatments.
URBAN ECAPE owners Ilana and Jean have used their diverse knowledge of different industries to create a novel experience for their guests. Ilana’s long-standing track record in the beauty industry and Jean’s interior-design and hospitality skills, all play an active role in bringing the unique, distinctly Urban elements of the salon to life!Whether you are looking to improve your skin through targeted treatments, to find the perfect gift, or to celebrate aspecial occasion with friends in our pedi lounge; our stylish, vibrant spa will lift your spirits and feed your soul”
The staff were really friendly and the view was gorgeous whilst I had my mani and pedi in the lounge. Tanya took care of me during my visit and she did an amazing job.

I chose gossip girl and waterfield as an accent nail
I chose gossip girl and waterfield as an accent
what i would do for a nail polish displayer like this
what i would do for a nail polish displayer like this
all the gelish colours you can choose from
all the gelish colours you can choose from

Now let me chat about gelish as many of you are still pretty uncertain. Gelish is basically what you can call a permanent nail polish, it goes on just like a normal polish would by being painted on with polishes. Trust me if you go gelish you will never be able to look at a normal nail polish the same way ever again! I’ve been using gelish for 3 years now and it’s so much better than normal nail polishes because I am really bad at waiting for nail polishes to dry and gelish dries instantly since you pop it under a UV or LED lamp. It does not damage the nail at all and actually strengthens it since it makes the nails super hard. I get high gloss nails that don’t chip since gelish doesn’t budge it only grows out with your nail, I can wear it for a month before I remove it. Removal is really easy too you just need to buff the shiny part of your nail and the soak a cotton ball in acetone, place it on your finger and wrap in tin foil, within minutes it will melt off. If you don’t want to go into the salon to have it done Nailene sells a gelish kit where you can do it yourself and for colours a helpful hint is that you can actually just use normal nail polish so you don’t have to invest in specific gelish polishes, the only thing that is important really is the gelish base and top coat.

Review: Avon October 2015 favourites

Avon is always famous for bringing out so many new products each month so below I chat through my favourites.

Avon october favs

  1. Avon ultra colour lip crayon-raspberry rush (R129,95)

I’ve used these before they have just brought out a new shades. The shade raspberry red is a cross between plum and red. The pen format allows for easy control and can also be used as a lip liner and doesn’t require any sharpening I find these the easiest and most convenient to use. It is very pigmented and glides on smoothly. Smells good enough to eat like lollipops. The formula is creamy but feels a bit heavy on the lips. It is also very hydrating and not drying at all however it can easily transfer and is not long lasting at all but that is expected with the playoff between lasting power and hydration.

avon swatch ultra colour lip crayon raspberry rush

  1. Avon super extend precise liquid liner (R119,95)

Now liquid liners especially pen formats still make me nervy one wrong move and you have a big mess. You really need to know what you are doing and have a steady hand however this can be perfected with practise over time. If you know what you are doing pens are your best friend they are quick and convenient. Packaging wise the pen is very thin and has a grip to make it easy to control and hold I would have however liked the lid to click shut as it feels a bit loose to me so thing may dry quicker but I’ve been using it for about a month and it hasn’t dried yet. The point is very sharp but fortunately it is very soft and bends as you apply. The tip is really thin so you can draw really thin lines for a natural look or build a thick line. The pen glides on really smoothly, doesn’t tug or pull the eye lid, is highly pigmented and dries instantly. I don’t really know why it is called superextend since it is not water proof one drop of water and a gentle rub and it disappears however if you don’t come into contact with water it does stay put the whole day.

  1. Avon 3D plumping lipgloss-mauve (R109,95)

Packaging wise I love the new brush they use  lip brush format instead of a sponge tip. I didn’t notice a massive pluming effect but generally anything glossy or shimmery gives you a 3D effect. It smells strongly of peppermint which is the ingredient that gives you the plumping effect. The peppermint is always what gives you that tingling refreshing feeling when you apply it. Not sticky, is hydrating and moisturises the lip but again not long lasting.

Swatch of superextend eyeliner pen on the left and 3D pluming lipgloss on the right
Swatch of superextend eyeliner pen on the left and 3D pluming lipgloss on the right
  1. Avon glow bronzing pearls-deepest bronze (R159,95)

Now these have been around for ages they have just brought out new shades. This is nice to dust over as a setting powder which matiffies the skin, which warms up the complexion and you a nice healthy sun kissed glow. Or it can be used as a blush if lightly applied over cheeks. I would recommend it for contouring though as it is a bit too orange and shimmery. Lasting power is pretty good as it is still visible by the end of the day. The packaging reminds me of Guerlain meteorites pearls but the balls sometimes get stuck in my brush and it can get messy. The shade deepest bronze is a metallic light copper shade. You need to be quite light handed with this as it is quite pigmented and too much makes you look unnatural like one of those disaster fake tans. The scent bothers me a bit it has a strong “old lady” scent to it but once applied on the face I don’t really notice it.

avon swatch of avon glow bronzing pearls deepest bronze with and without flash

  1. Avon big & false lash volume mascara (R139,95)

Packaging wise I really like the big tube it makes it easy to hold also the lid clicks shut sealing it airtight. The brush is a bit big for my liking as I battled to reach the smaller lashes in the corners and the bottom lashes. The formula is quite dry which makes it dry quickly. I don’t notice a false lash effect however it gives great volume but doesn’t do much on the length side. Quite buildable I applied 3 coats in the photo and it got a little more dramatic after each coat and didn’t clump as the brush separated the lashes nicely. It s great for sensitive eyes as it didn’t irritate my eyes. The formula is quite impressive as it held the curl but retained elasticity and by the end of the day it didn’t crumble and I didn’t notice anything underneath my eye. It was easily removed with my normal cleanser I didn’t need an eye makeup remover.

avon big and dari

  1. Avon colortrend nail enamel-hot (R39,95)

The colour hot can be described as Christmas in a bottle. It’s a nice small bottle so you don’t have to commit to the same colour and it is actually possible to finish the it as I don’t know about you but I have never managed to finish a nail polish. It dries really quickly but the formula is quite thin and the lasting power is not great it chips really quickly but for this price one would expect that.

  1. Avon nail art press-on nails (R119,95)

These remind me a lot of the broadway nails impress but slightly cheaper with better designs. There are 24 in a pack so you will definitely find your size. Love these they really make manis so quick and easy you just peel off the adhesive tab, press and go. So much cheaper and easier they booking a mani at the salon or even painting you nails yourself. There is no drying time or UV lamps required and these don’t damage your nail either. They last really long I got over a weeks wear. Removal is also painless you can just peel them off or use nail polish remover and they come right off. The design stays glossy and remains the same throughout your wear.

avon nail art press-on nails

Review: Throw away your eyelash curlers as Rimmel 24 hr supercurler volume & curl mascara has arrived

rimmel supercurler mascara 2

Rimmel mascaras such a nostalgic memory I have of their mascaras. I was about 11 and I was wondering around Clicks beauty section looking for my first ever mascara as I had just learnt that I really need a mascara for my non-existent lashes I was immediately drawn to the Rimmel glam’ eyes mascara the packaging was just so eye catching and was my fave colour pink. What was inside was just as amazing and was the only mascara that I have ever finished.

Rimmel supercurler mascara 1 rimmel supercurler mascara 3 rimmel supercurler mascara 3 (2) rimmel super curler mascara 4 rimmel supercurler mascara 8 rimmel supercurler mascara 7 rimmel supercurler mascara 6

Now I typical asian lashes they are very short and lie quite flat so I have to be really fussy when it comes to the type of mascaras that will actually work on my lashes so there aren’t many mascaras that land on my beauty desk that really wow me and I’ve tossed many alike. If you were wondering for asian eyes you need a wand that is not too big, a formula which is not too wet and a lengthening mascara. Which is why this mascara is not particularly suited for my lashes specifically suited for my lashes but may be for yours.

The Rimmel 24 HR supercurler mascara basically offers is a volumising  mascara with a 24 hr curling power so you can use it without an eyelash curler.  This is a really great idea since eyelash curlers can be quite a torture instrument as clipping your eyelid is extremely painful but I have to curl my lashes otherwise the mascara won’t make any difference to my lashes.

Rimmel supercurler mascara before and after

Now for what I thought:

Packaging wise I always love rimmel mascaras they make the most beautiful eye catching tubes, this one is a beautiful metallic purple rocket shape, the large rocket shape makes it easy to hold and find in your makeup bag.

The brush is very large and curved to shape the contours of your eye. Personally because my lashes are short I find the smaller the brush the better it works for my lashes. The curve on the brush is the main feature for the curling effect as it actually scoops the lashes upwards.

The formula is rather dry but I prefer this over really wet formula that take longer to dry so when I blink I end of with a hot mess. The colour is a really intense black. The brush doesn’t pick up much product so you can go from natural and build it up to how dramatic you want  it. It doesn’t offer much length but does wrap the lashes nicely without clumping to offer volume. For my lashes it did hold up the lashes for the whole day however it wasn’t as dramatic as if I used a lash curler since my lashes literally lie down so curling it is a real mission. There is also minimal flaking and fallout at the end of the day under the eye.

You can find this mascara at all major retailers like Clicks, Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Foschini, Edgars, The Hub, Pick n Pay and pharmacies for R119.95