AXE daily fragrances


Axe has brought out 3 very not so typical men’s deodorants. Now when I say that I mean very specialized and similar to colognes to scents. Smelling this with your naked nose you get the impression it could be a Montblanc or Giorgio Armani

AXE Pump Spray Signature – R89.95 – 100ml – Available at Clicks

You know about style and don’t just dress for now, you dress for where you want to be. Your look is a reflection of your ambition and you’ll stop at nothing until you get what you want. The world is watching and you show that you’re ready by looking the part and putting your best foot forward.

For the man who knows about style. Oud Wood with a hint of vanilla, layered with juicy mandarin and spicy black pepper. A subtle, irresistably smooth scent.

Axe Pump Spray Urban – R89.95 – 100ml – Available at Clicks

To make a bold statement you have to be a bold man. The urban jungle is your playground where you set the scene and turn heads. You aren’t bound by four walls but rather the limitless sky. Prepare to be imitated but know you can never be replicated.

Warm tobacco and amber refreshed with lemon and lime. This smokey, sweet scent will give your style an edge. It’s a hell of a fragrance.

Axe Pump Spray Adrenalin – R89.95 – 100ml – Available at Clicks

You’re a man who knows what you want and you never take your finger off the pulse. After all, when you rest, you rust. Adventure fuels your passion to conquer each and every day so you dive in head first, never waiting for life to pass you by.

For the man always on the go. Iced musk with a hint of spicy ginger powered up with red pepper and juicy fig. This sharp, fresh scent will energize your style. Keep going, all day.

AXE always makes the best ads. See my fave below:

Scent are all very long lasting and so affordable. There is great variety so there is definitely be one for the man in your life! Also did you know there is a subscription box for men as well called

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