Review: Eau De Rochas Perfume


Eau De Rochas Perfume by Rochas, Eau de rochas is a fresh and citrusy fragrance made for women . This perfume opens with a variety of crisp, citrusy notes. These include lemon, lime, bergamot, grapefruit, verbena and mandarin orange. The lemon, lime and verbena give this perfume its exuberance, generating freshness and zest. The bergamot and grapefruit combine with these notes, adding a tangy, clean and fruity aroma. The mandarin orange provides a sweet juiciness. Also at the top of this fragrance the scent of basil can be found, providing a spicy, green aroma. Notes of wild rose, coriander, narcissus, carnation, jasmine and patchouli form the heart of this perfume. The jasmine and wild rose create a sweet, floral aroma, while the carnation provides a more spicy and lively scent. The narcissus and patchouli provide greenness and sweetness, while the coriander creates a spicy, woodiness. This perfume contains base notes of oak moss, vetiver, sandalwood, musk and amber. The base exudes warmth, along with an earthy, woody essence. In 1970, rochas launched eau de rochas. The perfumer behind this scent is nicolas mamounas. Rochas is a french fashion house that was founded in 1925. In 1934, the company began to sell fragrances. While the fashion division has been closed and relaunched several times, fragrances remain the prominent product of the brand. Heighten your experience of this perfume by applying it directly to your pulse points and enjoy its aromatic and citrusy scent.
Rochas Eau de Rochas is a sensual and timeless fragrance. It is for women who like being mysterious and hard to approach, yet want to make a big impression and captivate those around them. Eau de Rochas symbolizes charm, elegance and luxury.
In the beginning, Eau Rochas refreshes you with crystal clear essences of fresh lime, mandarin and lemon. Delicate basil mingles with charismatic bergamot and grapefruit. Heart notes feature intoxicating jasmine, tender carnation, daffodil, aromatic coriander, exotic patchouli and subtle rose petals. The unique dry down of the fragrance is formed by amber in the whirl of the dance, smooth moss, sensual musk and warm sandalwood. This feminine perfume by Rochas is an excellent companion for the whole day.Eau de Rochas makes you self-confident and attracts attention of those around you!



Top notes:
Lemon, Basil, Lime, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Bergamot
Middle notes:
Daffodil, Carnation, Jasmine, Patchouli, Coriander, Rose
Base notes:
Sandalwood, Amber, Moss, Musk

This reminds me of scents like Ô Lancôme, Eau d’Hermès and Eau de Guerlain. RSP R1395 for 100 ml and R1095 for 50ml. Exclusive to Dis-Chem.


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