Stuttafords brings theBalm cosmetics to South Africa




Imagine my excitement when I received the news in my inbox. theBalm is the best makeup brand ever it has the cutest, quirkiest, fun and most compact travel friendly packaging and packed with high quality and multifunctional makeup products that last all day. Prior to this I had to order my beloved Mary-lou manizer from retailbox but nothing beats being able to physically hold and test the product out before committing to a purchase. So let’s chat about some of my faves…

  • theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer illuminizer (R369.95)
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Probably the most popular and raved about product from the brand. I imagine this is the best seller and is probably what put theBalm on the map as this is the only product I think of when I hear theBalm. This is definitely worth the hype! I have tried every highlighter that exists and this is definitely my all-time favourite. No words can express how much I love this product. You can also use it to turn any matte shade into a shimmery one. Just one sweep on the high point of your face natural healthy glow. The compact is perfect for travel since it is light and securely clicks shut and has a handy mirror. It is a honey gold champagne colour which is suitable for any skin tone. Highly pigmented. Buttery soft finely milled powder with no sparkly particles. Stays on all day. You can apply it with a finger or brush. I even like to just use it as a eyeshadow for a natural look. If you buy just one product I highly recommend buying this one.

  • theBalm Bahama Mama bronzer (R299.95)


This although the name suggest is not really a bronzer it is more of a perfect contouring shade very often people use the standard orange toned bronzers to contour with which in theory is not correct since it looks unnatural and bronzer are actually meant to be used on you face to make you look more tanned which is a common mistake since there aren’t many grey toned bronzing powders out there. theBalm however have made the perfect contouring powder it is matte with grey undertones which create the perfect shadows to awaken your inner cheek bones and look like a sculpted goddess. I never knew about this initially but when I first saw it I fell in love. It is highly pigmented and so soft. This is again really travel friendly, light and sealed shut with a magnet. This is currently my favourite bronzer of all time.

  • theBalm Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette (R549.95)

A play on Bon Jovi and the rocker age. This is probably the best all in one palette I have seen around if you need to travel you can literally just pack this and you are sorted. The gorgeous array of 12 soft pigmented eyeshadows that range from dramatics to neutrals letting you create any eye looks and it contains 2 lip colours which can double as cheek tints. Another nice peachy pink powder blush and a highlighter that is similar to to the Mary-Lou manizer just a touch golder. It comes with a beautiful heart shaped mirror. The palette even suggest makeup look combinations. Love the design of the palette as the lip products sit at the bottom with a separate magnetic flap to shield it from fallout of the powders.

  • theBalm Nude dude eyeshadow palette Volume 2 (R549.95)



When I opened this I was really amused there were literally half naked “dudes” on the inside. There is a nice massive mirror and a nice double sided eyeshadows that you can actually use and those rubbish sponge things that belong in a bin somewhere. Everybody need that nude eyeshadow palette and theBalm has just made it so convenient. This palette contains every neutral matte and shimmery you can think of (golds, taupes and browns). I am a real fan of neutral eyeshadows as I don’t like to play with colour on my eyes I prefer having a neutral eye and a statement lip. Again the shadows a pigmented, easily blendable and soft and last the whole day.

  • theBalm meet matt(e) trimony matte eyeshadow palette

This has a great selection of just matte high quality eyeshadows.

  • theBalm Balm Girls lipstick in the shade Mia Moore (R249.95)


A play on James Bond this red lippie is a blue based red so you teeth appear pearly white my favourite shade of red. The lipstick comes in a silver bullet packaging that reminds me of MAC. It is highly pigmented even more pigmented then MAC lipsticks. It is a cream finish and has a nice glide but is a bit on the drier side. Lasting power is pretty great and leaves a stain on your lips it is just that because the formula is not as hydrating it leaves the lips quite dry after a while but this can be controlled by lipbalm.

  • theBalm Cheater! Mascara (R299.95)

It has a normal old fashioned applicator but don’t let that deceive you it creates length and volume on the lashes a really great mascara. The formula is lightweight and doesn’t flake or crumble. It holds curled lashes very well. The boys Vince Volume, Donnie Dark-coat, Thomas Thick and Lance Long-lash definitely lived up to their last names.

  • theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes long-lasting liquid lipstick in sentimental (R259.95)


Meet Matt we have been going steady for a while now he doesn’t mind dry lips and is always in the mood to make out. He is oh so sentimental and commits and sticks around the entire day. Give him a kiss if you dare he is a really attention seeker.

You can find all these and more at Stuttafords Sandton, Eastgate, Canal Walk, Pavillion & Gateway.

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