Lux Sheer twilight body wash: up to 8 hours of bold intense fragrance


Shower and bath times are all about unwinding and relaxing and Lux have always made it easy with their amazingly scented luxurious body wash range. Once you use it fills the whole bathroom with this scent making for a really relaxing atmosphere.

This latest editions called Sheer twilight is all about boldness and intensity. The scent comprises Black orchid, juniper oil, amber and vanilla that lasts up to 8 hours. This in the fragrance industry is what is classified as a dark floral scent.

What I tend to look for in a body wash is one that cleans but still provides a moisturising factor I always try to shorten my beauty routine and nobody likes to be applying freezing cold body lotion on in winter (it’s not fun!) This one from actually doesn’t provide as much moisturization as the others but I could already see that as the liquid is less creamy (it’s a gel body wash) than the others in the range so maybe is more suitable for summer months when skin is more hydrated.

Did you know that Lux has been around since 1925 and was known as the beauty secret of some of the most glamorous stars– from Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe to Shu Qi and Aishwarya Rai.

The scent for me only lasted 1 hour on my skin but I don’t mind as I prefer touching up with my own choice in fragrances.

Lux recommends the following 8 steps to being bold:

Step 1:

As LUX Ladies, we’re all about making impressions. To start our 8 hours off on a high note, we like to step into our world of bold with a killer pair of heels. Heels add grace, elegance and confidence to any outfit.

Step 2:                                        

We all have our favourite features, use this favourite feature to carefully select that show stopping dress. Think length, think fabric and how it will flatter those features you wish to accentuate.

Step 3:

Every bold number deserves a bold accessory! Be sure to compliment your bold outfit with a statement necklace, some arm candy or even a pair of ornate earrings.

Step 4:

Before dressing to the nines, select your ideal spa treatment and indulge in a little pampering before taking on the world! Try out that Mud Spa treatment you have been eyeing out, drift away with a Hot Stone massage, or treat your feet to the ever spoken about Fish Spa Therapy.

Step 5:

When it comes to choosing your bold look, is it about your hair, nails, or make-up?

Be inspired by LUX Sheer Twilight, get a professional’s advice, make your BOLD choice and try that look you have always wanted!

Step 6:

Every LUX Lady has a bold experience that they have been waiting for ‘the right moment’ to do. So why not do it? Take to  the sky for a different perspective in a hot air balloon, be a little wild and race go-carts with your friends, or be a daredevil and show that zip line you are BOLD and ready!

Step 7:

With bold choices come bold challenges! Get that edge you have always wanted; learn to mix some chic cocktails for your next party, wow people on the dance floor with a little something you learnt at salsa class, or tantalise taste buds with some flash cuisine that you’ve picked up at a cooking class!

Step 8:

Wrap it all up by ending your day on a bold note! Whether your perfect night out involves letting your hair down and dancing the night away at a club with your girls, indulging in a private cinema experience with those closest to you complete with all the trimmings or spoiling yourself and your loved one with a 5 star dinner, it’s sure to be a night you’ll never forget.

Lux® Sheer Twilight body wash is available at all leading retail outlets around the country.

Recommended Retail Prices:

Lux Body Wash 200 ml – R24.99

Lux Body Wash 400 ml – R36.99

Lux Body Wash 750 ml – R58.99



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