Review: Lipidol sunscreen/suntan oil

sunscreen_oil-2x-53018e9d8ddd21f6bafde128a09498b6With summer slowly approaching beauty bloggers have to brace themselves for an on slaughter of sunscreen press drops and press releases warning of the dangers of skin cancer, skin damage and premature aging that can be caused by stepping foot outside without any form of protection. The first to jump on the wagon is Lipidol. Just to emphasis though you need to wear sunscreen in both summer and winter, also whether it is cloudy or sunny.

Just a bit about the Lipidol sunscreen oil. On the bottle it says suntan oil but in the press release it says sunscreen oil but I guess it can serve both function due to only having a low SPF Factor of 20. It is made up of cypress and basil. Cypress controls excessive water loss and Basil has a refreshing energizing action. And if you were thinking “Whaaaat oil and sun isn’t that the equivalent of fried flesh?????” Not really, it is a myth that oil attracts sun, oil based sun care is a great form of sun protection. Oils are the future! There are so many miracle oils that have been discovered.

I prefer this over a normal sunscreen (aka a physical sunscreen in beauty speak) This is a chemical sunscreen which I prefer as it absorbs quicker and easier into the skin, hydrates the skin and doesn’t leave that dreaded white cast look. Even Masego “Maps” Maponyane agreed and said that he loves this product.

I don’t feel any sticky or greasiness on my skin once applied, it gives a nice sheen and hydration to the skin all day that doesn’t disappear so you know it is doing it stays put all day. The oil actually supplements the skins natural oily layer stripped away by sun, wind and water. The oil is all natural so it has a blue tinge to it but that will not show up on the skin. It has a very strong herbal smell but after an hour the scent fades and it is very light weight I hardly notice I have it on. If you are planning to be in the sun the entire day you will need a higher SPF of at least 50 as I don’t feel it will be enough protection but this is great for your everyday running errands with limited exposure time.

You can find this at Clicks stores for R79.95

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