Optiphi Body Curve Body Lotion review


Optiphi is not a very well known brand mainly due to the fact that it is only available at a few selected salons. But the quality of their products is salon quality. I was given the body curve lotion to try out basically it restores total skin hydration, it promises to not only
instantly hydrate the skin, but to keep it hydrated all day long. This is thanks to a gradual moisture delivery system. This system means that the lotion can help the skin retain moisture at a cellular level, assist the skin in optimizing its natural moisturising process and promotes elasticity by replenishing your skin’s moisture reservoir. It basically has an instant hydrating effect with long-term benefits. It claims to offer 24 hour hydration.Gradual
moisture delivery to the skin.

Okay, so body moisturisers are all fine and good, but for how long do you really feel the effects? Sadly, most of them don’t actually last past lunchtime – that’s why your skin feel
perpetually dry, even though you apply cream regularly. This is one of the many reason why I don’t bother using them and since I’ve switched to a shower cream my skin always feels hydrated and never feel dry. Another reason is I don’t like the wet, cold and sticky feeling they leave behind only to leave my skin in the same dry condition it was an hour later.

It is thicker than a normal lotion but thinner than a body butter. Light lotion that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, fast absorbing of which can feel the hydrating effect Smells fresh and natural but quite strong, leaves your skin feeling silky, smooth and soft Soothes dry skin with a long term benefits. It is supposed to be a daily lotion but at price point of R360 I would only use this weekly at most.

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