Just Gumtree it!

Isn’t this badge just the cutest?!

If you haven’t noticed the world is moving online be it updating your facebook status or online shopping everybody is connected in some or other way. Today I will be chatting about the great invention of Gumtree basically this is an online classified which brings buyers and sellers together. This is a great way to sell all your unwanted goods and convert them into cash or buy that designer item you have always wanted at a fraction of the price. For bargain hunters this is a dream come true yes the stuff is mostly second hand but give it a good polish and they look brand new. Most people are very happy with the outcome of their deal. Just simply type in the search box what your heart desires and like magic it may appear. I’ve browsed it quite a few times and have found many designer brands that aren’t even sold in SA so I would have to jet off to Paris to purchase them which would cost me an arm and a leg in the process. It’s pretty safe if you stick to some ground rules like always know the price of what you are buying this way you know if you are getting a bargain, transact in a public area and bring a friend (preferably a buff friend. Just kidding 😉 ) It can be really fun if you follow those simple ground rules. So if you haven’t checked it out yet start browsing at gumtree.co.za it doesn’t hurt to browse and who knows you many find something that tickles your fancy.

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