Great affordable male scents from Jacques Bogart

PARFUMS JACQUES BOGART was founded in 1975 by a man fascinated by the films noirs of the 40’s.

Since then, adopting the slogan “I only create for man”, and living by the values of simplicity and elegance, JACQUES BOGART has offered masculine, modern and refined fragrances, premium quality products at highly competitive prices. The Jacques Bogart brand is all about creating modern and timeless, premium quality fragrances at affordable prices.

They owe their reputation to:

– their high-quality, powerful and long lasting fragrances

– the coherence between packaging / fragrance

– their highly affordable price.

Jacques Bogart has established himself firmly when it comes to men’s premium brands, his latest fragrances, Silver Scent, has had amazing feedback amongst men who want quality, simplicity and the very best in ingredients. These fragrances have a high impact and that paired with their affordable prices make them extremely popular. The original Silver Scent and Silver Scent Intense have become known for their exceptional staying power and magnificent packaging.

The latest addition is called Silver Scent Deep, but here’s a look at all three:


All do not have caps so it’s quicker to use without worrying about losing caps. The dispensers have a nice spritz and not that nasty squirt which other fragrances deliver. Also the simple rectangular shape allows for easy and compact storage. Also these scents smell like dupes of many well-known scents on the market just at a snip of the price at R495 for 100ml bottle while other scents can go over R1000 is really great value! Oud Wood is a very expensive raw material to acquire, so at this price point SILVER SCENT and SILVER SCENT INTENSE is totally worth every penny


SILVER SCENT ORIGINAL: The first Jacques Bogart SILVER SCENT, launched in 2005.The inspiration is focussed on the 40th black and white movies with Mr Humphrey Bogart as the main attraction. A fragrance with top notes of Orange Blossom, Frosted Lemon and Bigarde Orange. Heart Notes of Coriander, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Lavender, Geranium and Rosemary. And base notes of Vetiver, Tonka bean, Oud Wood, Lichen and Teak. Smells like a typical vintage male fragrance.If your tastes lean toward ambery fragrances, like that of Diesel Only the Brave or Chanel Allure Homme, Jacques Bogart Silver Scent ORIGINAL will be more up your alley.


SILVER SCENT INTENSE launched in 2009 and has much the same ingredients as Original with just a variation in the quantities of the raw materials. I get a stronger burst of citrus on the top note, heavier middle notes and warmer woody base. More sensuous, intense and powerful. If you’re into woody scents like Paco Rabanne One Million or GUCCI by Gucci, then you’ll probably like Jacques Bogart Silver Scent INTENSE.


SILVER SCENT DEEP: As the newest addition it comes in the same packaging, only the black on the bottle is matte. Top notes of Bigarade Orange, Orange Blossom and Grapefruit Wood. Heart Notes of Clary Sage, Nutmeg and Geranium and base notes of Vanilla Bean, Hazel Wood and Tonka Bean. It is the pure amplification of the two first versions. This fragrance is more vibrant and more energetic than the other two, deep and aromatic It’s for you if you like interesting, oriental notes like that of Dolce&Gabbana The One or Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male, then try out Jacques Bogart Silver Scent DEEP.

At R495 for a 100ml Silver Scent is most certainly available to all fragrance lovers. Available from Foschini, Truworths and Edgars stores.


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