Feed a child while running your butt off with Kiehl’s

On Saturday 23 November 2013, from 09:00 – 11:00, Kiehl’s and Virgin  Active SA will host its second “TreadMeal” event, at Eastgate Mall.

“Kiehl’s is always looking for alternative ways of giving our patrons the opportunity to get involved in charitable causes – so many people  want to give back, but don’t know where to start”, says Azhar Moosa,  Kiehl’s Business Unit Head. “This is a fun way for people to use their  daily exercise to help feed children in need and build the future of  South Africa”
“Earlier this year we asked the question: ‘Does being active make you happy?’ – and South Africa answered and said YES. We believe that an  active nation is a happy nation and what better way than to get involved with the Kiehl’s “TreadMeal” project. The concept fits well with our  motto to get South Africa moving. By getting our staff and our members  involved in doing what they love, we are able to assist Kiehl’s in  making a difference.” Says Chantel Rall, Sponsorship Manager for Virgin  Active SA.
During “TreadMeal” events, Kiehl’s patrons and Virgin Active members  are invited to run on the treadmills and for every minute run completed  on one of the treadmills, (with a maximum of 15 minutes per person), ten meals will be donated to Stop Hunger Now South Africa. At the end of  the two-hour long event, Kiehl’s will top up all meals ‘donated’ by the  runners, with the target being to get to a total of 5,000 meals in 2  hours.
Get them sneaks on and join the “TreadMeal” event this Saturday, 23  November 2013 at the Kiehl’s Court, outside Edgars, Lower Level,  Eastgate Mall, JHB. The event will, ahem, run from 09:00 – 11:00.
This is such a worthy cause and is why Kiehl’s is one of my favourite brands. So put on your running shoes and help feed a child while getting healthy (it’s a win win). Hope to see all of you there!

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