LCN mineral powder brush

LCN for R385
Pure mineral powder for all skin types to the neutralization of redness
and corrective powder.” Perfect finish, which lets the skin breathe and
not clog the pores. LCN mineral powder is not skin irritant, works beautifully and naturally. Skin irregularities disappear without the skin pale and powdery effect. Oily and shiny parts are so perfectly controlled.
With the integrated brush a small amount of the powder in the brush is
pumped on Stitchbutton pressure and can be modeled directly from
there. Optimum opacity at 100% naturalness.

i have never heard of this brand and realised it was because they dont sell in any stores which is why i had never
seen it.I received the blue green shade and what this powder does is it acts as a concealer to reduce redness. i love this product the design is amazing with the brush and the product in 1 and after the product is finished you can use the brush as a normal nakeup brush also you can use it on the go really easily just remove the cap press the button and brush on areas where you see redness it is also mess free as you dont have to deal with powder flying everywhere. the brush is really soft on the skin. once i swept the powder onto my face i did notice the redness on my cheeks disappear
the powder is very light weight and doesnt feel like i have anything is long lasting and gives a naturtal finish. i also love the fact that it is mineral powder which means that it is natural and is also good for the skin not containing any harsh chemicals,dyes or preservatives. it is great for sensitive and acne prone skin which is exactly my skin type minimizing risk of irritation and break outs.

why are mineral powders better you many ask well the product contains: zinc oxide which helps to heal and titanium dioxide which is an inflamatory calming skin benefiting acne

X0X0 queen C

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