Revlon just bitten lip stain and balm

Lipstain with a balm in the shade passion. Because just bitten lips want a
kiss of soft balm.
•Kiss-proof color with soft shine
• Nourishing balm for supreme comfort
• Lipstain and balm in one convenient, dual-ended package
• Lipstain marker provides precise application
• Color does not smudge or streak
• Contains vitamin C for for anti-oxidant protection
• Creamy, lightweight balm perfectly melts on lips for smooth, glide-on
• Translucent balm provides instant moisture and soft shine
• Available in 10 lightweight shades

Where to Buy:
clicks and dischem for R105

I have wanted this product ever since it came out
as an alternative to lip stick or lip gloss that would
actually stay on my lips and not transfer
anywhere during the day.I love this product! it
really does everything it claims to do! it is really
pigmented and easy to apply with the pen type
design and it lasted me for 8 hours with
inbetween eating and drinking. The balm creates
an extra shine to the colour and also adds a little
extra moisture. It is scentless once applied to the
tips and it is so feather light you actually forget it
is there! when i drink it doesnt transfer which is
amazing. what i would have liked with the balm
though is for them to have a screw mechanism to
turn the balm up and down instead of having it
just stitting up like it does so just a tip when you
pull off the cap off the balm side be very careful
also when applying the balm afterwards do not
press hard as the balm is very soft and it will
break off. another tip ensure you expoliate your
lips before applying otherwise the dead skin on
the lips will make your lips have dark and light
patches all over which is not sexy lol but all in all
you will need to try this product! i will definately
be going out and buying more colours

X0X0 queen C

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