Review: Elgydium tooth paste (whitening and sensitive)


Elgydium whitening tooth paste

I have always been quite self-conscious about my teeth they are quite stained as I drink a lot of coffee and tea and I have tried my fair share of whitening tooth pastes with little luck. So when this arrived on my doorstep I wasn’t expecting much really.

Just a bit about the brand as it is new to SA and I don’t think many people know about it. Elgydium is a brand originating from France which celebrities are actually known to buy by the case load in boutique French pharmacies.

The magic ingredient that sets Elgydium apart is “Micro-Pulverized Sodium Bicarbonate.” This is 5 times smaller than standard sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda), this soft crystalline substance dissolves readily into even the tiniest fissures of enamel. As the smaller-sized sodium bicarbonate particles infiltrate the crevices of each tooth, they break up stains from coffee, tea, and smoking. Not only does it gently polish teeth with mild abrasive potential, but it also kills on contact all motile microorganisms associated with periodontal infections. Additionally, sodium bicarbonate neutralizes and detoxifies the bacterial acids that form in plaques, or bacterial biofilms.

To be honest though I didn’t notice a dramatic whitening effect after using Elgydium day and night for 3 weeks, I did see a subtle difference upon first use actually, more than I have with the other whitening tooth pastes I have tried. The brightening and polishing powers are rather gentle. You may get Also with most tooth paste when you glide your tongue across your teeth you may get that gritty feeling of residual plaque this is not the case with this tooth paste.


Elgydium sensitive tooth paste

Elgydium Sensitive is specifically formulated to relieve pain associated with dental hypersensitivity. The patented active ingredient, Fluorinol (fluoride), adheres to the tooth 5 times faster than any other fluorides. It is extra-gentle to protect sensitive gums and teeth. It rapidly and firmly binds onto tooth enamel within the first minute of brushing offering effective protection. It closes the tubuli and stops nerve impulses that create discomfort. Elgydium Sensitive has a refreshing mint flavour. I don’t particularly have sensitive teeth but I did appreciate that it left my teeth feeling squeaky clean and fresh.

Both retail at R59.95 for 75ml