Review: Ponds pimple clear face wash and leave-on expert clearing gel





Pond’s has just launched the Pimple Clear range consisting of a face wash and clearing gel. Each product contains a ‘Thymo-T Essence’ which essentially consists of a blend of thyme and pine extract which targets a pimple causing germs and helps clear it away in just 3 days and salicylic acid which is also a great zit busting ingredient. Basically what makes this different is that it penetrates deep inside bacteria cells to clear pimples from the root and preventing it from coming back.


Packaging wise: Pond’s Pimple Clear face wash comes in a white squeezey tube packaging with a flip open cap. The flat tube packaging is very sturdy, hygienic and travel-friendly.

Price wise: Pond’s products are always on the affordable side. The pimple clear face wash is R52,99 and the leave-on expert clearing gel is R34,99. It is also easily to find as it will be in most stores and supermarkets.

My Experience: I have always been a fan of their predecessor Pond’s spot clear even tone multi action facial foam + scrub so I was quite excited to try this one. Pond’s face washes are a little harsher than most cleanser so not ideal for sensitive skin but great for oily skin. You only need less than a pea size and it forms rich lather and removes every trace of dirt and oil from the face. My skin feels squeaky clean and deeply cleansed.My skin does feel tight or dried after I wash it. And I don’t get breakouts when I use this. The leave-on expert clearing is great for using as a spot treatment to get rid of those pesky buggers.

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