Sally Hansen nails it with new wedding shades for every bride

sally hansen 5 sally hansen 3 sally hansen 10 sally hansen 4 sally hansen 9 sally hansen 8 sally hansen 6

Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure range has just launched the prettiest nail colours for brides. Besides charming colours, the range also includes seven benefits to ensure flawless nails on your big day. During your wedding day you want a nail colour that is pretty yet understated as to not tear too much attention away from your wedding dress and ring which is why this wedding collection from sally Hansen has just come in time for all the spring weddings. Majority of the colours are nudes and I’ve swatches them below.

sally hansen perfect pair and bridal bling on the ring finger
sally hansen perfect pair and bridal bling on the ring finger

sally hansen swatches at the altar, tie the knot and bride n' joy

  1. At the altar: this is my fave and is for the most romantic brides. It is a classic pale pink
  2. Tie the knot: a creamy caramel shade
  3. Bride n’ joy: A lightly pink tinted colour with a few specs of glitter, it not that visible on nails alone but offers an amazing shiny top coat  on top of any shade.
  4. Perfect pair: an ultra feminine choice  of a soft sheer pink with gold shimmers
  5. Bridal bling: probably the most eye catching of the lot but is such a beautiful shimmery Silvery gold made of fine shimmers works amazingly as an accent nail

sally hansen Sally hansen bridal nail polish
Sally hansen complete salon bridal collection sally hansen 2

For those of you which were wondering the reason why it is called complete salon manicure is because it is basically a manicure in a bottle it comprises of everything you found ever need  a base coat, strengthened, top coat  and growth treatment. Dries so quickly and the wide brush makes it so easy to glide the polish on with just 1 stroke.  Sally Hansen by far yo me has the longest wearing type normal nail polish I have ever tried it lasts around 11 days.

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