My adventure day with VÖOST


The view from the top
The view from the top

I had the amazing opportunity of being offered an adventure day by Jonathan the PR of VÖOST it was a full day of adventure as it was described now I would not necessarily describe myself as the adventurous type but I thought why not push myself out of my comfort zone for this amazing opportunity and I don’t regret it one bit.

Before we delve into how the day went let me just start by introducing VÖOST by Vital Health

Foods. VÖOST is a new international brand that is passionate about all things effervescent. Along with scientific and development teams in Europe, Vital Health Foods is proud to present the new VÖOST range to South Africa.

This product offering is convenient, of high quality and is priced to be easy on the pocket. Taking a VÖOST effervescent is one of the simplest and tastiest ways to get your dose of vitamins and minerals.DSC02421

VÖOST is available in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Calcium + D, Magnesium and a Multivitamin, along with a cool loyalty programme only applicable to those who are part of VÖOST crew. VÖOST allows people to enjoy a healthy and fun lifestyle. The tubes are really tiny and only come in 10 tablets so perfect to keep in your bag plus the fact that they dissolve in water makes it easier and quicker for the body to absorb these. They RSP R42,95 and come in delicious flavours. I’m most fond of the multi vitamin since it has all the vitamins that you need packed into it.

What a view of the Magaliesburg mountain
What a view of the Magaliesburg mountain

The day started nice and early to Hartbeespoort dam. First stop was the elephant sanctuary this place does keep the elephants caged up or circus animals as they are all rescued from some place and looked after by caring knowledgeable staff members. I really enjoyed as I have only seen elephants from a distance or on a cage we were guided by Eddy who gave us a lot of useful information as we went along. We got to touch, feed, walk and ride elephants. The ride was probably the scariest of the day since it was so high up and I’d never ridden on an animal before. All elephants are named and trained to do acts on command like trumpet (please watch my YouTube video for the acts performed) I was so surprised at how obedient and well trained they can become.

DSC02289 DSC02293

Feeding amarula
Feeding amarula

DSC02306 DSC02325_mr1434113531418

Elephant riding
Elephant riding

Some fun facts I did learn about elephants is that:

*naturally they are grey but because they bathe in mud to keep themselves cool they look brown.

*they have a 22 month pregnancy period which makes our 9 months not seem as bad.

*they can hold up to 18 litres in their trunk which is the nose and the hand. They use the trunk to place food and squirt water into its mouth. Trunk can lift up to 300kg so it is very strong.

*hearing is brilliant can pick up a whisper over 50 metres

*they don’t sweat they flap their ears to reduce heat.

*elephants as heavy as they are don’t actually make a sound when they walk they have cushioning under their feet.

Next stop was to the monkey sanctuary which I was excited about as monkeys are such clever and adorable animals most of them were previously pets. We were guided Chaus where we walked through 7 hectare indigenous natural forest on elevated wooden walkways which is home to many types of exotic monkeys in an exquisite natural environment. They are not scared of humans and are really naughty and like to steal visitor’s belongings and can even pick pocket and open zips with their tiny hands. Monkeys are so clever they crush millipede worms and smear them on their body to act as a mosquito replant. This place is definitely worth a visit.


Capuchin monkey like the one they use in the hangover movie


So adorable doesn't that face just scream take me home?
So adorable doesn’t that face just scream take me home?
The bridge of courage
The bridge of courage
Spider monkey
Squirel monkey
This ring tale lemur is King Julian from penguins of Madagascar movie. (Oh the fluffy tale!)

Next up we went to the aerial Cableway a breath-taking ride in a cable car overlooking the hartbeespoort dam and Magaliesburg Mountains.

DSC02384 DSC02389 DSC02393 DSC02395

Breath taking view from the top
Breath taking view from the top


Final stop was Hero’s grill house and pizzeria which had an amazing view of the hartbeespoort dam while you dine in style with amazing service and great food.

Steak. creme brulee and calamari. A+ for presentation

Thanks to vital and VÖOST for the amazing #voostexperience.

Here is the video for the day:

You can give them some love by following their social media pages:

Vöost Facebook page: VÖOST South Africa

Vöost  Twitter handle: Voost_ZA

Vöost Instagram: Voost_ZA

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